Harleysville Insurance

Harleysville Insurance


  • Customizable auto insurance plans
  • Optional Starpack plan gives policyholders one occurrence deductible under bundled insurances


  • Limited availability of auto insurance across the U.S. 
  • Mixed reviews on submitting claims through Harleysville
  • Higher than average car insurance premiums

Higher than Average Premium Costs

In a survey of sample auto insurance quotes in New Jersey, premiums from Harleysville Auto Insurance ranked among the sixth most expensive insurer. Harleysville's average cost of insurance was $2,760 across the sample demographic profiles - this equates to an excess of $650, or 31% over the state average. Among single young males, Harleysville was the second most expensive insurer, with rates that were 58% or $1,299 higher than the state average. With just a simple quote comparison, drivers could save hundreds - even a thousand, on their car insurance.

Harleysville Sample Premiums

Take a look at sample insurance quotes from Harleysville and see how they stack up against their competitors:

Driver Profile Harleysville Allstate GEICO State Average
Male, single, age 23 $3,553 $2,667 $1,895 $2,254
Female, single, age 23  $903 $1,571 $1,684 $889
Married Couple $3,149 $2,112 $3,043 $2,387

Customizeable Coverage and Flexible Payments

A nice selling point of Harleysville Auto Insurance is that they understand people's car insurance needs can be different. To that end, there are a number of features and options that the company offers to fit consumers' needs. There are unique protections that customers can add to their coverage, such as car phones and TVs permanently installed in the car. This is a great option for people who customize or add specialized equipment to their vehicles. Even tapes, CDs, and records are covered under this protection.

One thoughtful feature of Harleysville is their Starpak portfolio. With Starpak, policyholders can consolidate their insurance products in beneficial ways. For example, if a hurricane occurs and damages both the policyholder's house and vehicle, most insurers will treat this as two separate deductibles. With the one occurrence deductible under Starpak, the accident only counts towards the higher deductible resulting in savings for the policyholder. Starpak also takes the hassle out having multiple policies by consolidating payment, and using the same effective and renewal dates.

Unfortunately, Harleysville only operates and underwrites insurance in 32 states in America.

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Currently Insured?

Uneven Reviews for Claims Settlement

Harleysville has 24/7 claims service, and insureds can report accidents through the phone or via an online form. Settling claims appears to be a mixed bag, however. Customers report sub-optimal experiences from the first notice of loss through the adjustment and appraisal process. Communication of the status of a claim, or valuations of vehicles can be irregular, with some follow-up required. Other customers have said their experiences were fine, and got fair resolution and settlement of claims. 

Insurer Ratings

Metric Rating
AM Best Financial Rating A+
Complaint Ratio per Vehicle (NJ, 2012) N/A

Insurance Policy & Discounts


Harleysville specializes in business (commercial) insurance. Amongst their most popular products is their Home Business Solutions policy. This coverage is intended for in-home businesses and can optionally be added as a rider to your existing homeowners insurance policy. Home Business Solutions provides coverage against damage or theft on any items (office, equipment, furniture, other liabilities) that are instrumental to running your business. Amongst its benefits are: up to $300,000 in general liability, $100,000 in coverage for business income, and $20,000 for equipment/supplies. Harleysville even offers more specific plans for specific subsets of professionals.


Harleysville's most popular personal insurance option is their StarPak plan. It offers a wide breadth of coverage, everything from auto insurance to home insurance, in one convenient package. StarPak also touts the benefit of consolidating all your payments into one billing program as opposed to managing several individual policies.

Auto policyholders will also find that Harleysville has a number of ways to save money on your premiums. Below are a select few examples - be sure to check with your Harleysville agent to see which are applicable in your state and situation.

Discount Type Discount Amount
Accident-Free Credits Depends on state and duration
Multi-Car Discount Up to 25% on each car
Companion Credit (bundling) 10%
Anti-Theft Device Up to 15% on Comprehensive Coverage
Passive Restraints Up to 30%
Anti-Lock Brake System 5% on Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
Driver Improvement Up to 5% with certified training course

Source: Harleysville website as of Aug 2013 

How to File a Claim

You can report a claim with Harleysville with a representative on the phone, or via an online form. Agents are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week on the line.

Phone Number: 800-892-8977

  • Press 3 to report a new auto claim

You can also file a claim by filling out this form online.

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-338-8301

  • Press 1 for 'personal insurance'
  • Press 2 to speak to a Customer Service representative

About Harleysville Auto Insurance

Founded in 1912 by Alvin C. Alderfer, Harleysville Group was originally created as a way of insuring against automobile theft. Today, Harleysville focuses mainly on commercial insurance products, which make up around 80% of their premium volume each year. Harleysville underwrites insurance under several legal entities: Harleysville Insurance Company of New Jersey, Harleysville Insurance Company of New York, Harleysville Insurance Company, Harleysville Lake States Insurance Company, Harleysville Pennland Insurance Company, Harleysville Preferred Insurance Company, and Harleysville Worcester Insurance Company.

Harleysville also operates under the Nationwide family of companies as a result of a merger that was completed in May of 2012. Prior to being merged with Nationwide, Harleysville had a long history of acquiring other insurance companies. Amongst them were:

  • McAlear Associates
  • Huron Insurance Company
  • The Worcester Insurance Company
  • Atlantic Insurance Company of Savannah
  • Connecticut Union Insurance Company
  • New York Casualty Insurance Company
  • Lake States Insurance Company
  • Minnesota Fire & Casualty Company

Information and data as of Aug 2013

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