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The Best and Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Hawaii

The Best and Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Hawaii

The cheapest home insurance company in Hawaii is DB Insurance, offering coverage at an average of $548 per year.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Companies in Hawaii

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Best cheap home insurance in Hawaii

Cheapest home insurance in Hawaii

DB Insurance has the cheapest home insurance rates in Hawaii, at $548 per year on average.

Home insurance in Hawaii costs an average $987 per year, which is 35% lower than the national average of $1,516 per year. But price is only one of the many factors that should go into choosing the best home insurance for you. We collected hundreds of quotes across dozens of ZIP codes from Hawaii's top insurance companies to help you compare the best home insurance by cost, customer service and benefits.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Companies in Hawaii

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Cheap annual home insurance in Hawaii

Annual rate
DB Insurance logo
DB Insurance$548
Allstate logo
Island Insurance logo
Island Insurance$917
RLI logo
First Insurance Company of Hawaii logo
First Insurance Company of Hawaii$1,129
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Best for most people in Hawaii: Allstate

  • Editor rating

  • Annual rate

    $566 ?

Pros and cons

  • Affordable rates
  • Convenient online experience
  • Poor customer service

The best homeowners insurance company for most people in Hawaii is Allstate, which offers affordable and customizable policies.

Allstate's homeowners insurance costs $566 per year on average in Hawaii, which is the second cheapest among top home insurance companies in the state. You can save even more by qualifying for one of Allstate's many standard discounts, as well as savings for being retired or having storm shutters.

Allstate's standard homeowners insurance includes basic coverage against perils such as fire, theft and falling objects. You could purchase additional coverage to your homeowners insurance policy if you want more protection than what's afforded by a standard policy, such as:

  • Identity theft protection and recovery
  • Water and sewer backup
  • Green upgrades
  • Landscaping coverage
  • Increased limits for dwelling and personal property coverage

Allstate has a fairly poor customer service rating in Hawaii. However, the company lets you make online payments and claims, which isn't available from most local insurers. Overall, Allstate's cheap rates and online convenience make it the best choice for most homeowners in Hawaii.

Cheapest home insurance in Hawaii: DB Insurance

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  • Editor rating

  • Annual rate

    $548 ?

Pros and cons

  • Cheapest rates
  • Poor online tools
  • Limited customization

DB Insurance has the cheapest home insurance in Hawaii, at $548 per year, on average, 45% cheaper than the state average. On top of cheap rates, it also offers a steep discount for bundling home and auto policies, with 10% off your home and 30% off each vehicle premium.

DB Insurance offers good general coverage, but offers very few options for customization, with umbrella coverage being the only listed add-on available.

The company has very limited online tools for customers and no mobile app, and users can't pay bills or make a claim online. If paying online and having a convenient online experience is important to you, DB Insurance may not be the best option.

Best customer service: State Farm

  • Editor rating

  • Annual rate

    $1,132 ?

Pros and cons

  • Great customer service
  • Online payments available
  • Expensive rates

State Farm has the highest customer satisfaction among home insurers in Hawaii, with a 0.74 rating in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index. This means State Farm gets around 25% fewer complaints than insurance companies of a similar size.

State Farm also offers customers the ease of a personalized agent, giving you guidance when filing claims. You also have the option to pay your bill online, as well as set up automatic payments so you never accidentally miss a payment.

While State Farm's average quote is almost 15% higher than the state average, at $1,132 per year, you can lower your rate with discounts, including having a home security system or building with damage-resistant materials.

Best local insurer: Island Insurance

{"align":"center","buttonColor":"primary","buttonIcon":"lock","buttonText":"Get a Quote","category":"auto_insurance_companies","className":"","cloudinaryImageName":"referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/island-1","cssNamespace":"AffiliateBanner","context":"","disclaimers":[""],"isButtonSquare":false,"link":"https:\/\/www.islandinsurance.com\/","name":"Island Insurance","showUnavailableText":false}
  • Editor rating

  • Annual rate

    $917 ?

Pros and cons

  • Low rates
  • Extra coverages come standard
  • Online payments available
  • Limited information on website
  • Not many discounts
  • Limited policy customization

Island Insurance has the best customer service for homeowners in Hawaii, with no complaints from customers filed in 2021. It offers coverage for $917 per year, and included in this rate are all the standard coverages you would expect from a home insurance policy, along with equipment breakdown coverage and identity theft assistance. It's rare to find equipment breakdown coverage included free in a standard policy.

Island Insurance is also fully owned and operated by Hawaiian locals, so policyholders have access to local agents who can help with any claims. If you plan to bundle your home and auto policies, the carrier also provides excellent discounts to Hawaiian first responders and teachers in the Hawaii State Teachers Association.

However, Island Insurance doesn't offer many other discounts. The information about add-ons it provides potential customers online is limited, but the company does note that it offers umbrella liability coverage. If you're looking for unique coverage or a specialized policy, Island Insurance may not be the best company for you.

Best for military families: USAA

  • Editor rating

  • Annual rate

    N/A ?

Pros and cons

  • Great customer service
  • Unique coverage for military service members
  • No online quotes
  • Only offered to military personnel and family

If you're a member of one of Hawaii's tens of thousands of eligible military families, then USAA's coverage is worth looking into for its customized protections and customer service.

Homeowners insurance from USAA comes with special coverage designed for military families, like protecting your uniform if it's damaged while you're on active or reserve duty. USAA also includes replacement cost coverage at a price that would only get you actual cash value coverage with other companies.

The company's reputation for customer satisfaction means you should consider getting a quote if you're eligible.

Hawaii home insurance rates by city

The most expensive city in Hawaii for home insurance is Ainaloa, at $993 per year. Ahuimanu is the cheapest at $979 per year.

Where you live in Hawaii has little impact on how much you pay for home insurance. This is likely because of the small size of the state and similar geography of many of the cities.

Average annual rate
Difference from state average
Camp H.M. Smith$979-1%
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Best home insurance companies in Hawaii

State Farm had the best customer satisfaction score we found in Hawaii, with a 0.74 NAIC rating, as well as a strong national reputation for service. Allstate's customer service is poor in the state, while AIG has an average amount of complaints.

Customer complaint data for many of local and region-specific home insurance companies in Hawaii is limited or not available in most cases.

Most common home insurance risks in Hawaii: hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes

Hawaii is one of the only U.S. states that has volcanoes, which can be a major risk for homeowners.

As an island chain, Hawaii is also vulnerable to hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods.

Before purchasing coverage, you should understand how a homeowners insurance company treats the risks that you're likely to encounter, including more common disasters like lightning and fire, as well those that are more destructive and rare, like volcanoes.


Home insurance providers in Hawaii may not cover damage from hurricane-force winds without a special hurricane endorsement. Insurers that exclude hurricane protection normally define the property damage they cover by wind speed, so they may still cover damage caused by weak winds.

Hawaii hasn't been hit by a major hurricane since Hurricane Iniki in 1992, but that storm inflicted billions of dollars in damage to the islands. We recommend having enough insurance to rebuild your property if it were destroyed, especially since Hawaii could experience another strong hurricane in the future.

Hurricane insurance doesn't cover the damage done by floods and rising water that might accompany a storm surge or tsunami. Instead, these are covered by flood insurance.


Hawaii has thousands of earthquakes every year according to the Hawaii Volcano Observatory. While most of them are so small they can't be felt, the state does have a number of earthquakes that can potentially cause damage across entire islands in the state.

If your home is in danger of damage from earthquakes, an earthquake insurance policy could be a good option for you. In order to get protection from earthquake damage, homeowners must purchase a separate earthquake policy from a private insurance company.

Earthquake insurance can be extremely expensive, but there are ways to lessen the cost for homeowners, such as having your home retrofitted to protect against natural disasters. If you decide that you need earthquake insurance, it is always a good idea to ensure that your home qualifies for as many discounts as possible to offset such a costly policy.


Volcano damage to your home is covered in part by the fire protection included in most homeowners insurance policies. However, your policy won't cover damage that's caused from earth movements or a rupture that the volcano causes. There may also be a cap on the amount of time that a covered volcanic eruption lasts.

If you couldn't access your home due to an eruption, your policy's additional living expenses would pay for lodging and expenses while you couldn't live in your home. However, your policy's additional living expenses aren't unlimited. Your policy typically has a limit based on how many days or how much you can spend on relocation.

When volcanoes erupt, it can cause impassable roads and dangerous dried lava flow, preventing residents from getting back to their homes for weeks. To protect yourself, review your policy and make sure you have enough coverage in case of emergency.

Frequently asked questions

How much is home insurance in Hawaii?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Hawaii is $987 per year, or $82 a month. That's 4% higher than the national average cost of home insurance, which is $1,516.

Who has the cheapest home insurance in Hawaii?

DB Insurance has the cheapest home insurance rates for Hawaii residents, at $548 per year, making it 44% cheaper than the state average of $987.

Who has the best home insurance in Hawaii?

Allstate is the best home insurance for most homeowners in Hawaii due to its affordable rates, good coverage and convenient online features.

Should homeowners in Hawaii buy earthquake insurance?

Earthquake coverage is undeniably expensive, often priced over $1,000 per year or more in states with higher risk. However, because of the number of earthquakes Hawaii has every year, it's a good idea to buy extra earthquake protection for your home if you have valuables that you would like to protect.

Should homeowners in Hawaii buy flood insurance?

Due to being a string of islands, Hawaii is at risk for hurricanes, flooding and tsunamis. Unfortunately, flooding is rarely covered by standard home insurance policies. If you are at risk of flood damage, consider buying a separate flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program or a private company.


To find the best homeowners insurance in Hawaii, we collected quotes from the top companies in the state using a profile for a $615,300 home built in 1979 — the median value and age of homes in Hawaii.

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Home insurance ratings are based on a combination of the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey, complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and ValuePenguin's editorial ratings.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.