Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance (2023)

Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance (2023)

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the U.S. is $60 per month, or $721 per year.

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How much is motorcycle insurance?

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the U.S. is $60 per month, or $721 per year, but your rate depends on many factors, including where you live, the type of bike you ride and your age. For example, motorcycle rates vary by $123 per month from one state to the next.

Average cost of motorcycle insurance by state

Where you live can greatly impact the amount you pay for motorcycle insurance.

California has the most expensive motorcycle rates in the country at $151 per month, on average. Riders in North Dakota pay the cheapest rates — $28 per month.

Map showing the average cost of motorcycle insurance by state
Average monthly cost
Difference from U.S. average
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States with the cheapest motorcycle insurance

The five states with the most affordable motorcycle insurance rates are North Dakota, Iowa, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. These states in the Midwest and Great Plains regions have rates that are at least 36% cheaper than average in the country.

States with the most expensive motorcycle insurance

The five most expensive states for motorcycle insurance are Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Louisiana and California. These states tend to have large populations and warmer, longer riding seasons. Motorcycle insurance costs at least 31% more than the national average in these states.

If you live in a state with expensive coverage, it's even more important to compare quotes from multiple companies to find the cheapest rates for motorcycle insurance.

How much is motorcycle insurance by company?

Motorcycle insurance rates vary by $288 per year from one insurance company to the next. The cheapest bike insurance comes from Nationwide, which costs $593 per year, or $49 per month, on average. Dairyland is the most expensive company at $881 per year, or $73 per month.

A bar graph showing the cost of cheap motorcycle insurance

Geico and Progressive also offer cheaper-than-average quotes at $610 and $625 per year, respectively.

Average annual rate
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How much does motorcycle insurance cost by age?

In addition to the city you live in, the amount of coverage you purchase and your driving history, motorcycle insurance companies also calculate your cost of coverage based on your age and years of riding experience.

Motorcycle insurance companies usually charge young drivers higher rates, because they're more likely to be involved in an accident.

Graph showing the average cost of motorcycle insurance by age

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As long as you're not involved in any accidents, your rate should decrease as you gain experience. For example, the average motorcycle insurance cost for 18-year-old riders is usually more expensive than rates for 21-year-olds, while 21-year-olds usually pay more expensive rates than middle-aged riders.

Cost of motorcycle insurance by rider age

Motorcycle type
Cruiser - Yamaha V Star 250$215$170$159$116$116
Sport - Kawasaki Ninja 400$334$231$175$176$176
Touring - BMW R 1250 RT$471$329$248$227$283

How much is motorcycle insurance for sport vs. touring vs. cruiser vs. scooter?

The type of motorcycle you ride greatlyimpacts how much you pay for insurance.

Sport and supersport bikes (also referred to as street bikes) are generally much more expensive to insure than other bikes because they are relatively expensive, often wrecked and are high theft targets.

Graph showing the average cost of motorcycle insurance by bike type

Compared to cruiser-style bikes, sport bikes cost more than three and a half times as much to insure, despite having an average Kelley Blue Book value of only 169% more. Similarly, touring bikes are 33% cheaper to insure than sport bikes, while having a much higher average cost.

Engine size
KBB value*
Cost per month
CruiserYamaha V Star 250250cc$3,620$116
CruiserHonda Rebel 500500cc$5,645$158
CruiserHarley-Davidson Street 750750cc$6,230$154
TouringBMW R 1250 RT1250cc$18,920$283
TouringHarley-Davidson Road King1746cc$17,900$223
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* KBB is an abbreviation for Kelly Blue Book.

When determining your motorcycle insurance rates, companies consider your bike's:

  • Value: More expensive motorbikes cost more to repair and replace. For that reason, insurance companies charge you more to insure them if you have comprehensive and collision insurance.
  • Safety features: Bikes with more safety features — like anti-lock brakes — are less likely to be involved in an accident and are generally cheaper to insure.
  • Crash rate: Certain motorcycle models and styles are involved in more accidents than others. If your model of bike is involved in a lot of crashes, motorcycle insurance companies assume you are more likely to file a claim.
  • Theft rate: Insurance companies usually charge more to protect a type of bike that is often stolen with comprehensive insurance. That's because there's a higher chance the company will have to pay out a claim. For this reason, flashy and expensive bikes that are high theft targets are more expensive to insure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is motorcycle insurance?

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the U.S. is $721 per year, or $60 per month. A number of factors may make your insurance rates more or less expensive, like where you live, the company you choose, your age and the type of bike you drive, so your quotes may vary.

Why is my motorcycle insurance so expensive?

The three main factors that influence how much motorcycle insurance costs are who you are, where you live and what type of motorcycle you have. Younger, less experienced riders or those who have recently gotten into a crash pay more than riders with years of accident-free riding experience. If you live in an area with a lot of motorcycle theft, you'll likely pay more. And a powerful sport bike costs more to insure than a lower-power cruiser.

How much is motorcycle insurance in California?

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in California is $151 per month. Geico offers the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates in California — a policy costs $65 per month, on average.

Do motorcycles need insurance?

In most states, the answer is yes. How much coverage you need to buy changes by state. A few states allow you to legally ride a motorcycle without insurance or proof of financial responsibility. However, we still recommend protecting yourself with an insurance policy.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Texas?

Motorcycle insurance in Texas costs $61 per month, on average. The cheapest bike insurance in Texas comes from Progressive, where coverage costs $53 per month.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Florida?

Florida motorcycle insurance costs around $79 per month. Riders can find the cheapest rates in Florida with Progressive, which costs $52 per month, on average.


We analyzed thousands of quotes from six major insurers to determine the average cost of motorcycle insurance by state. Quotes are based on a 45-year-old male rider shopping for a full coverage policy with the following limits:

Bodily injury liability coverage$100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident
Property damage liability coverage$50,000
Comprehensive and collision deductible$500

Personal injury protection or medical payments coverage are included for states that require these coverages.

To find how driver age affects motorcycle insurance rates, we compiled quotes from Progressive for a male rider living in Los Angeles with a clean driving record who has had his driver's license since he was 16 years old and has been riding a motorcycle for 10 years or since his 16th birthday, whichever is shorter.

When comparing the rates for different types of motorcycles, we gathered quotes from Progressive for a 50-year-old single male rider with no accidents or traffic violations and living in Los Angeles. He has had a driver's license since he was 16 years old and has been riding a motorcycle for 10 years.

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