How to Save on Car and Motorcycle Insurance by Bundling

How to Save on Car and Motorcycle Insurance by Bundling

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Bundling car and motorcycle insurance policies is not only convenient—it can also save you hundreds of dollars a year in insurance premiums. Combining insurance for multiple vehicles with a single company simplifies your payments, and you could get a multipolicy discount of 5% to 20%. Choosing the best auto and motorcycle bundle for you will depend on the coverages you want, as only some insurers will offer specialized motorcycle coverages like lay-up insurance.

Best Car and Motorcycle Insurance Bundles

Each bundle will differ by the policyholder's driving history, location, age and chosen coverage. While price is important, you'll also want to consider whether an insurance company offers services that interest you, which may include features such as lay-up insurance, roadside assistance and custom parts coverage.

We advise that auto and motorcycle insurance shoppers compare several quotes to find the coverage they want at the lowest rates. That being said, below we have listed some of our favorite car and bike insurance companies—in no particular order—that will typically offer good coverage as well as competitive rates for bundling policies.

Progressive Auto and Motorcycle Insurance Bundle

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As our choice for the best overall motorcycle insurance company as well as one of our favorite car insurance companies, Progressive is an excellent option for bundling car and motorcycle insurance and gives its customers a 5% discount for bundling. Moreover, Progressive features some excellent motorcycle coverages at no additional charge, such as full replacement cost coverage. This coverage will pay for the total cost to replace a broken part as opposed to a depreciated value in a covered loss. On the car insurance side of things, Progressive's Snapshot program tracks driving habits and rewards safe drivers with insurance discounts.


  • Receive a 5% discount for bundling car and motorcycle insurance.
  • Get full replacement motorcycle coverage for no additional charge.
  • Progressive full review

Allstate Auto and Motorcycle Insurance Bundle

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Allstate offers one of the best bundling discounts we've seen: up to 30% off your motorcycle insurance for combining policies. Furthermore, if you switch your motorcycle insurance from an Allstate competitor, you can earn an additional discount. Customers who value a personal touch will be able to access Allstate's local agents, who can provide in-person assistance to help customers manage their policies.


  • Get a 30% discount off your motorcycle insurance for bundling.
  • Get a multipolicy discount of up to 10% on your auto insurance.
  • Allstate full review

Geico Auto and Motorcycle Insurance Bundle

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For cheap car and motorcycle insurance bundles, Geico is a great choice. Across both car and bike insurance, Geico consistently offers some of the lowest rates around. In addition to its low base rates, Geico will give riders a 5% discount on their motorcycle insurance for bundling with a car insurance policy, as well as a 10% discount for switching motorcycle insurance companies.


  • Get competitive rates.
  • Receive a discount of 5% for bundling car and motorcycle insurance.
  • Geico full review

Nationwide Auto and Motorcycle Insurance Bundle

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For bundling car and motorcycle insurance, Nationwide will give customers a discount of up to 20% off the stand-alone price of each policy. While this can be incredibly valuable, be aware that a large discount doesn't necessarily equate to the cheapest rates. As Nationwide ranked 9 out of 15 in our analysis of the cheapest car insurance companies, the lowest rates might be found with a different insurer despite the 20% discount.


  • Get a 20% discount for bundling policies.
  • Watch out for expensive base rates for car insurance.
  • Nationwide full review

Should You Bundle Your Car And Motorcycle Insurance?

If bundling your car and motorcycle insurance can save you money on your monthly premiums, then you should consider this option. However, you should not sacrifice coverage for the sake of price. For example, if your policy provides a specialized type of coverage—such as Markel's motorcycle trailer coverage—we wouldn't recommend switching companies, so long as you can afford it.

One of the less obvious advantages to bundling car and motorcycle insurance is the convenience. You will have to pay only one bill for both policies, and all of your insurance information can be reviewed in the same place. Furthermore, your insurer may be less likely to drop you if, for example, you have a series of accidents in quick succession, as they risk losing two policies instead of just one.

How to Bundle Car and Motorcycle Insurance

The first thing to consider when bundling policies is your car and motorcycle insurance needs, as you'll have to find an insurer that can accommodate both. Determining how much coverage you need will depend on a variety of factors, including your driving and riding habits, where you live, and the type of bike and car you own.

One factor to consider—in regard to motorcycle insurance—is whether an insurer offers lay-up insurance. This type of policy puts most of your coverage on hold for a period of time, but you still maintain comprehensive coverage. Lay-up coverage can help riders save on insurance costs during the winter, when riding may be dangerous or impossible. If you are considering bundling car and motorcycle policies with a company that doesn't offer lay-up insurance, make sure the amount you save by bundling is more than the amount you could be saved in decreased premiums with lay-up insurance.

Keep this in mind before you sign up for your new bundled policy: You can switch insurers in the middle of a policy term, but you may incur cancellation fees. Also, canceling your insurance before acquiring a new policy could result in a lapse in coverage. This can cause an increase in future insurance rates that could potentially wipe out the money you would save through bundling.

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