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Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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The cost of car insurance in Louisiana ranks it among the top ten most expensive states in the nation, but individual drivers' rates don't have to be that costly. Our research analysts compared quotes across 45 cities and towns to identify where local drivers could find the cheapest auto insurance rates in Louisiana. Depending on the provider, car insurance quotes for our sample driver in Louisiana ranged from $1,796 to $3,110 per year. When it comes to auto insurance, you need to shop around to find the best rates near you. Read through and then enter your information above to get a cheap quote in your town in Louisiana.

Louisiana Auto Insurance Requirements

In Louisiana, you are required to carry liability auto insurance in order to register and drive legally. This covers the cost of harm or damage to others or their properties that result from accident you cause.

Coverage TypeState Minimum
Bodily Injury (per person/per accident)$15,000/$30,000
Property Damage$25,000

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Louisiana

We obtained car insurance quotes for our sample 30 year old male driver from 45 towns and cities in Louisiana in order to determine which providers had the best rates. We then ranked each company from the cheapest to the most expensive based on their average for a yearly policy. Here are the companies with the four best car insurance rates in Louisiana:

This graph shows which companies in the Pelican State have the best rates for car insurance based on our sample driver.

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Our example motorist's data showed that Southern Farm Bureau, GEICO, Progressive and State Farm had the lowest rates for car insurance across the various cities in Louisiana. The table below shows the average rate our driver saw across the other local companies included in our survey.Note that your actual quotes will differ depending on your driving history, the coverage you choose, and other factors.


CompanyYearly Car Insurance RateDifference from Average


Southern Farm Bureau$1,794-27%






State Farm$2,087-9%


Safe Auto$2,74517%





*Note that auto insurance products from the Southern Farm Bureau requires membership, which has dues of $35 - $50 depending on the parish drivers live in.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Louisiana: by City

Which company offers the cheapest auto insurance rates near you? Let's take a look at the three insurers with the best rates for insuring a car, and what level of rates they quoted for our sample motorist's Toyota Corolla.

CityCompanyYearly Rate
Southern Farm Bureau$1,728
State Farm$2,016
AlexandriaSouthern Farm Bureau$1,728
Southern Farm Bureau$2,016
State Farm$2,160
BastropSouthern Farm Bureau$1,524
State Farm$1,740
Baton RougeSouthern Farm Bureau$2,016
State Farm$2,340
Bossier CityProgressive$1,484
Southern Farm Bureau$1,620
Breaux BridgeGEICO$1,703
Southern Farm Bureau$1,800
CovingtonSouthern Farm Bureau$1,620
Denham SpringsSouthern Farm Bureau$1,896
Southern Farm Bureau$1,524
Southern Farm Bureau$1,896
GretnaSouthern Farm Bureau$2,040
Southern Farm Bureau$1,836
HarveySouthern Farm Bureau$2,040
Southern Farm Bureau$1,620
Southern Farm Bureau$1,824
KennerSouthern Farm Bureau$2,040
La PlaceSouthern Farm Bureau$1,644
LafayetteSouthern Farm Bureau$1,800
Lake CharlesProgressive$1,760
Southern Farm Bureau$1,920
Southern Farm Bureau$1,524
MandevilleSouthern Farm Bureau$1,620
MarreroSouthern Farm Bureau$2,040
MetairieSouthern Farm Bureau$2,040
Southern Farm Bureau$1,524
Southern Farm Bureau$1,824
Morgan CityGEICO$1,560
Southern Farm Bureau$1,668
Southern Farm Bureau$1,524
New IberiaGEICO$1,777
Southern Farm Bureau$1,800
New OrleansSouthern Farm Bureau$2,232
Southern Farm Bureau$1,692
PinevilleSouthern Farm Bureau$1,728
Southern Farm Bureau$1,836
PrairievilleSouthern Farm Bureau$1,896
Southern Farm Bureau$1,524
Saint MartinvilleGEICO$1,672
State Farm$1,788
Southern Farm Bureau$1,800
Southern Farm Bureau$1,620
SlidellSouthern Farm Bureau$1,620
Southern Farm Bureau$1,644
Southern Farm Bureau$1,728
WalkerSouthern Farm Bureau$1,896
West MonroeGEICO$1,544
Southern Farm Bureau$1,824
WestwegoSouthern Farm Bureau$2,040
Southern Farm Bureau$1,920
ZacharySouthern Farm Bureau$2,016
State Farm$2,196

New Orleans, LA

The largest city in Louisiana, New Orleans is also the most expensive city for auto insurance. Despite roads flanked by beautiful antebellum French and Spanish Creole architecture, and twenty districts have been designated as National Register Historic Districts, auto insurance in the Big Easy can cost $3,110 for a full year, or about 27% more than the state average.We found cheap auto insurance quotes in New Orleans at GEICO, Louisiana Farm Bureau, State Farm, and Allstate. On average, the four companies' rates for six months of coverage were just shy of two grand at $1,956, which resulted in them costing him almost $500 less than what the typical insurer was charging in the city. That's a 20% cost reduction and more money back in our New Orleans driver's pocket.

This graph displays the companies in New Orleans with the cheapest rates for auto insurance; they are: GEICO, Louisiana Farm Bureau, State Farm, and Allstate.

Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge is the 2nd most populated city in the Pelican State with 229,000 people , as well as the 8th most expensive for car insurance in our study. Residents here have access to the Perkins Road Community Park, LSU games at Death Valley (geaux Tigers!), and the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, among others, for recreation and entertainment. Despite having what seems like traffic at every hour of the day, drivers can at least take solace in the fact that local auto insurance costs here aren't as expensive as they could be. Our single male driver saw a yearly average rate of $2,456 for full coverage insurance. Nevertheless, rates can be reduced even further by going with Southern Farm Bureau, Progressive or State Farm. We recommend including any one of these three companies in the consumers' short list of providers to shop for auto insurance quotes at. Rates were on average 14% cheaper at these three companies compared to the citywide average.

This chart identifies and compares the rates of the four cheapest companies in Baton Rouge against the citywide mean.

Shreveport, LA

Across the Red River from Bossier City is Shreveport, the third largest city in the Pelican State and the commercial center of the Ark-La-Tex region. The average price of auto insurance in the city was $1,859 for our sample driver. Despite being a larger city, it was Louisiana's third cheapest.Even so, there's always opportunity to shave off some more by comparing quotes. Shreveport drivers searching for lower costs on their auto insurance should consider shopping for quotes at GEICO, Progressive, and Southern Farm Bureau. Those three companies averaged $1,561 per year, meaning our driver paid about 19% less for a year of full coverage than the average.

This graph displays the four cheapest companies in Shreveport, LA, with the lowest rates for car insurance.

Lafayette, LA

At $2,327 per year, Lafayette was about the same as the state wide average for our sample driver. Among the many attractions here are various local institutions and festivals celebrating the area's Cajun, Creole, and Acadian heritage. The University of Louisiana also has a large presence in Lafayette, with 145 acres set aside for 17,000 students on its main campus. Residents and students looking for affordable car insurance in Lafayette would do well to look at Southern Farm Bureau, GEICO and Progressive when they're shopping for cheap quotes. Rates for a year of coverage among these three companies were $420 or 22% cheaper when compared to more expensive options.

This graph answers the question of which carriers in Lafayette, LA have the lowest rates for insuring a vehicle.

Lake Charles, LA

The cheapest auto insurance rates in Lake Charles were Progressive, GEICO and Southern Farm Bureau. Quotes for our single male driver ranged from $1,760 at GEICO to $2,988 with the Safe Auto. The city average was $2,272 for a full year.

This graph identifies some of the carriers in Lake Charles with the lowest rates for car insurance, and compares them with the city average

Kenner, LA

Kenner was the 7th most expensive city for car insurance in our study of Louisiana. Our sample driver in Kenner paid about $2,964 for a year of car insurance. While rates for our sample driver were relatively high, we found opportunity for him to reduce his auto insurance costs by going with Southern Farm Bureau, GEICO and Progressive. In total, these three companies averaged $2,108 and cost almost $537 cheaper for than the Kenner average.

Displayed in this graph are the auto insurance companies in Kenner with some of the lowest rates for our sample driver

Bossier City, LA

With an average car insurance cost of $1,813 for our sample driver, Bossier City was the 2nd cheapest in our study of Louisiana. Situated on the banks of the Red River, Bossier City is home to several Air Force bases and more than 61,000 residents. So, who has the cheapest auto insurance rates near you in Bossier City? That would be Progressive, GEICO, and Southern Farm Bureau. The average at these three companies was $1,534 for a year of coverage, making them about 19% less expensive than the Bossier City average.

This graph shows the companies in Bossier City with the cheapest rates for our sample driver when it comes to car insurance for a basic liability policy.

Ruston, LA

Home to Louisiana Tech, and the annual Louisiana Peach Festival, Ruston is populated by 22,000 residents. Drivers can see car insurance rates as low as $1,404 in Ruston, LA. Ruston drivers looking to save an extra dollar or two should include Progressive, GEICO and Southern Farm Bureau when getting auto insurance quotes. Out of the companies we surveyed in Ruston, these three had the cheapest rates, about 32% less than the Ruston average.

This graph identifies and compares the car insurance rates our driver obtained from four of the cheapest companies underwriting in Ruston, LA.

Hammond, LA

Hammond is a transportation capital located at the junction of Interstate 12 and Interstate 55 with air, sea, and rail options as well. Car insurance is fairly priced however – being just 4% above the state average. GEICO, Southern Farm Bureau, and Progressive had the best auto insurance rates - in that order - for our sample drivers, so we suggest that drivers looking for cheap quotes in Hammond survey these three carriers. The three companies averaged together $1,820 for a full year of coverage.

The companies with the lowest costs for our 30-year old male driver from Hammond's auto insurance are displayed in this graph.

Minden, LA

The place with the cheapest auto insurance in Louisiana was Minden, a town of 13,000. Located just under thirty miles from Shreveport, our example driver paid $1,797 on average for full coverage-- about 27% under the state average. Our single 30 year old man found his most affordable rates, for car insurance at Progressive, GEICO and Southern Farm Bureau. Together, the three companies had an average rate of $1,444 per half a year for our single male.

Presented in this graph are some of the companies in Minden, LA with the best auto insurance rates in our study

Bastrop, LA

Costs for auto insurance in Bastrop are $2,101 for our thirty year old male driver. The best local options for cheap car insurance in Bastrop are Southern Farm Bureau, GEICO, and State Farm. The three had an average rate of $1,658 which is about 27% less than the Bastrop average, or about $442.

This chart outlines the four providers in Bastrop with the cheapest costs for insuring a vehicle, based on our sample driver's quotes.

Denham Springs, LA

In Denham Springs, a city named after the mineral springs that attracted its founder, William Denham, auto insurance leans toward the more expensive side. The average cost for our sample driver was $2,456 per year, about 7% above the state average. Drivers looking for cheap auto insurance in Denham Springs should look into quotes at Southern Farm Bureau, Progressive and GEICO.

The companies with the lowest rates for insuring our driver's Toyota Corolla in Denham Springs are ranked and compared to the city mean in this graph.

Cost of Car Insurance in Louisiana Cities

Beyond the top five cheapest and most expensive cities, our analysis covered thirty other cities and towns spread throughout the Pelican State. Here are the results of each city's auto insurance costs, ranked from the lowest costs to the highest costs.

Graph shows how every city in Louisiana ranks for car insurance costs

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Louisiana

To find the best-rated car insurers in Louisiana, we compared the amount of complaints the top 20 biggest insurers in the state received against each other. The fewer complaints a company receives for its size, the better it is and the more satisfied customers it has, is our thinking. First, we calculated each company's ratio of the complaints won by consumers to its premiums, and then compared that to the industry average. An index of 1 is average; the smaller the index number is, the fewer complaints the company receives compared to its competitors. Based on this metric, the best auto insurance companies in Louisiana turned out to be Liberty Mutual, Louisiana Farm Bureau, and Progressive.


PremiumsComplaintsComplaint Index

Liberty Mutual


Louisiana Farm Bureau






State Farm










Goauto Properties




Affirmative Insurance



Our analysis looked at auto insurance quotes for a single 30 year old male driver. He owned and drove a 2011 Toyota Corolla about 12,000 miles a year to and from work. He had unknown credit, and has had a safe driving record - no accidents or traffic violations in the last five years. We got quotes for full coverage insurance across 7 companies in 45 cities in Louisiana.

Coverage Type

Study Limits

Bodily Injury (per person/per accident)


Property Damage


Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (per person/per accident)


Uninsured Motorist Property Damage


Comprehensive / Collision Deductible



  • Louisiana Department of Public Safety Proof of Insurance
  • Louisiana Department of Insurance

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