Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in Louisiana?

We collected thousands of car insurance quotes in Louisiana across hundreds of cities to figure out how much car insurance costs and which companies are the cheapest. Based on our sample driver, the average cost of minimum coverage car insurance in the Bayou State is $665 for a six-month policy, or $1,329 per year.

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Costs can vary widely by company. The cheapest car insurance company in Louisiana that is widely available is State Farm, costing an average of $999 per year. The most expensive insurer is Allstate, at $2,019 per year. Rates will also change greatly by your location and the type of coverage you buy, with full coverage car insurance in Leesville, the cheapest city, being over $2,800 cheaper than New Orleans, the most expensive city, on average.

Read through our study and then enter your information above to find out which company can offer you the best price on car insurance in your town in Louisiana.

Cheapest auto insurance companies in Louisiana

If you only want to buy the minimum required liability auto insurance by the state of Louisiana, State Farm is the cheapest widely-available option, according to our sample. However, if you qualify, USAA is actually the cheapest option, with a minimum policy only costing $650 per year.

This graph shows who offers the most affordable car insurance rates in Louisiana.
This graph shows who offers the most affordable car insurance rates in Louisiana.

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Safeway, GEICO and Allstate represent more expensive options for our sample driver.

RankCompanyAnnual rate
1State Farm$999
2Southern Farm Bureau$1,095
USAA is not ranked as only current and former military members and their families qualify for a policy.

Although a minimum liability policy will fulfill your legal requirement to own a car insurance policy, minimum liability limits may be too low to cover your costs in the event of a major accident. And the lack of comprehensive or collision insurance — key parts of a full coverage policy — means that your own car will not be covered when an accident is your fault or if another driver is uninsured.

On average, a minimum liability policy in Louisiana is 62% cheaper than a full coverage policy.

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance: State Farm

If you're looking to add more protection than a standard auto insurance liability policy covers, you should consider a full coverage policy. In Louisiana, State Farm offered the cheapest full coverage policy, but the Louisiana Farm Bureau and Safeway also represent affordable options.

  • State Farm: At $2,485 per year or $207 per month, our sample driver got liability coverage and comprehensive and collision insurance.
  • Louisiana Farm Bureau: For $2,671 per year — or $223 per month — the Farm Bureau can also provide shoppers with savings. However, you will have to pay an annual membership fee to qualify for a Farm Bureau policy.
  • Safeway: A lesser known insurer that does not operate nationwide, Safeway was the third most affordable option for auto insurance in Louisiana at $3,024 per year or $252 per month.
  • USAA: The cheapest for those who qualify, with annual premiums of $1,951 per year, or $163 per month.

An auto insurance policy with just liability insurance does not cover you for damage to your own car. You'll need comprehensive and collision insurance, part of a full coverage policy, for that. Louisiana residents should consider paying extra for full coverage if their cars still have notable value.

A good rule of thumb to determine this is whether the value of your car is greater than the cost of full coverage plus your deductible.

Cheapest auto insurance for drivers with an accident history: Louisiana Farm Bureau

Drivers with a recent accident generally pay more for car insurance than those with a clean record: 44% more on average in Louisiana, according to our sample. Those looking for savings should get a quote from the Louisiana Farm Bureau. We found that the Farm Bureau did not raise rates for our sample driver after an at-fault accident.

Other insurance companies raised annual rates by as little as $424 (State Farm) to as much as $3,193 (GEICO). Below we rank Louisiana car insurers by cheapest rates before an accident and show how rates change for our sample driver before and after the incident.

RankCompanyRates after accidentRates before accidentDifference
1Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,671$2,671$0
2State Farm$2,910$2,485$424
USAA remains an affordable option but is once again not ranked as only military members — current and former — and their families qualify.

The best car insurance companies in Louisiana

According to our survey of overall customer satisfaction and customer service, USAA is the best insurer in Louisiana. Sixty-eight percent of policyholders are extremely satisfied with the insurer's overall experience and 62% say its customer service is excellent.

However, not everyone qualifies for USAA insurance. Of the remaining insurers, Allstate received the best reviews of our surveyed customers. Despite Allstate being one of the most expensive car insurance companies in the state, on average, consumers appear more satisfied than they are with State Farm, GEICO or Progressive.

RankCompany% of respondents extremely satisfied with experience% of respondents who saw customer service as excellent
3State Farm59%46%
N/ALouisiana Farm BureauN/AN/A

Although national survey data for Louisiana Farm Bureau and Safeway was unavailable, consumer complaints logged with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners indicate that the Farm Bureau has a strong customer service reputation and Safeway a poor one. When adjusted for market size:

  • Louisiana Farm Bureau has a complaint index of 0.07. The national index is 1.0, so consumers complain about the Farm Bureau at a far lower rate than the national average.
  • Safeway has a complaint index of 2.03, indicating consumers complain about its service more than twice as often as the national average.

Louisiana auto insurance requirements

In Louisiana, law requires you to carry liability auto insurance in order to register and drive legally. This covers the cost of harm or damage to others or their properties that result from accident you cause. The following minimum limits are required in the state:

Coverage typeState minimum limits
Bodily injury (per person/per accident)$15,000/$30,000
Property damage per accident$25,000

Although minimum limits cover $30,000 in bodily injury costs and $25,000 in property damage costs per accident, and are the cheapest liability insurance you can buy, we recommend purchasing even more liability insurance if you can afford it. Ideally, you should have coverage limits per accident high enough to cover your net worth.

Cheapest car insurance quotes in Louisiana: By city

Car insurance rates in Louisiana and elsewhere can vary greatly depending on where you live and park. We dug into data for the 50 most populous cities in the Bayou State to find the cheapest insurer in each.

For those who qualify, USAA was the cheapest insurer in each city. State Farm tended to be the second most affordable insurer, but the Louisiana Farm Bureau and Safeway Insurance were also occasionally among the cheapest providers in the state. Rates below are for a full coverage policy.

CityCompanyAnnual premium
State Farm$2,468
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,631
State Farm$2,664
State Farm$2,816
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,850
State Farm$2,783
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,691
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,083
State Farm$2,270
Baton RougeUSAA$2,198
State Farm$2,952
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,991
State Farm$2,490
Bossier CityUSAA$1,585
State Farm$2,222
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,315
Breaux BridgeUSAA$2,102
State Farm$2,485
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,953
State Farm$2,382
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,000
State Farm$2,618
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,195
State Farm$2,858
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,650
State Farm$2,391
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,585
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,182
State Farm$2,297
Denham SpringsUSAA$2,265
State Farm$2,884
Louisiana Farm Bureau$1,990
State Farm$2,649
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,367
State Farm$2,533
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,149
State Farm$2,292
State Farm$2,783
State Farm$3,520
Louisiana Farm Bureau$4,130
State Farm$2,600
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,874
State Farm$2,433
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,568
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,162
State Farm$2,165
State Farm$3,175
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,880
State Farm$2,614
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,288
Lake CharlesUSAA$2,009
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,485
State Farm$2,536
Louisiana Farm Bureau$1,996
State Farm$2,135
State Farm$2,325
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,505
State Farm$2,856
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,547
Louisiana Farm Bureau$1,972
State Farm$2,522
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,893
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,101
State Farm$2,168
New IberiaUSAA$2,030
State Farm$2,506
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,690
New OrleansUSAA$2,678
State Farm$3,982
Louisiana Farm Bureau$4,720
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,328
State Farm$2,089
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,140
State Farm$2,620
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,738
State Farm$2,887
State Farm$2,561
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,784
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,164
State Farm$2,272
Louisiana Farm Bureau$1,954
State Farm$2,044
State Farm$2,343
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,478
State Farm$2,619
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,636
St. GabrielUSAA$2,123
State Farm$2,888
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,233
State Farm$2,441
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,435
State Farm$2,439
Ville PlatteUSAA$1,958
Louisiana Farm Bureau$2,650
State Farm$2,666
State Farm$2,791
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,187
State Farm$2,512
Louisiana Farm Bureau$3,069

We took a closer look at the five largest cities in Louisiana by population:

  • New Orleans
  • Baton Rouge
  • Shreveport
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles

If you're eligible, USAA is the cheapest insurer in all five cities. Otherwise, you're best served starting your search with State Farm or the Louisiana Farm Bureau. Keep in mind that rates are for our sample driver and may vary widely depending on your vehicle and driver profile.

Auto insurance in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is by far the most expensive city for car insurance in Louisiana.

  • Our sample driver pays $5,634 per year for car insurance on average, 60% higher than the Louisiana average.
  • High rates are likely driven by the city's population density and the likelihood of getting into an accident.

Shoppers can still find relatively affordable car insurance quotes in New Orleans. State Farm costs $3,982 per year on average, 29% cheaper than the city average. Insurers such as GEICO and Progressive are particularly expensive in New Orleans, with premiums over $6,500 per year.

Auto insurance in Baton Rouge, LA

The second most populous city in the state, Baton Rouge is also relatively expensive for consumers. Baton Rouge ranks as the fourth most expensive city in our 50 city sample.

  • Our sample driver pays $4,383 per year for auto insurance coverage, 24% higher than the state average.
  • Baton Rouge is still 22% cheaper than New Orleans, however.

USAA and State Farm are easily the most affordable options in Baton Rouge. State Farm is over $1,000 cheaper per year than the closest competitor, Louisiana Farm Bureau.

Auto insurance in Shreveport, LA

Although a populous city, Shreveport is relatively cheap for Louisiana auto insurance.

  • Full coverage car insurance costs $3,348 per year for our sample driver, 5% cheaper than the state average.
  • Shreveport is the 18th most affordable city of the 50 most populous in Louisiana.

Aside from USAA, comparison shoppers can get relatively cheap car insurance in Shreveport with State Farm or the Louisiana Farm Bureau. Progressive, GEICO and Allstate remain expensive despite the city's general affordability, with those three insurers quoting average annual premiums of $4,612.

Auto insurance in Lafayette, LA

Lafayette, with average car insurance rates of $3,720, is more expensive than your average Louisiana city.

  • USAA and State Farm are the best insurers to get savings, with average annual rates of $2,054 and $2,614 respectively.
  • Safeway Insurance rates are right around the city average at $3,601 per year.

Auto insurance in Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles falls in the middle of the pack for auto insurance affordability in Louisiana.

  • With average annual rates of $3,602 per year, the city is the 27th cheapest out of 50.
  • Lake Charles is one of the 15 cities in which Kentucky Farm Bureau is cheaper than State Farm. Average annual rates for the Farm Bureau are $2,485 per year.

Average car insurance cost in Louisiana: By city

For our sample driver, the average cost of car insurance in the state of Louisiana is $1,329 per year for a minimum coverage policy and $3,525 for a full coverage policy. Below, we rank the 50 most populous cities in the state from cheapest to most expensive based on full coverage policy rates.

  • The cheapest city in Louisiana for auto insurance is Leesville, where a policy costs $2,833 per year on average.
  • New Orleans is the biggest and most expensive city in the state: an auto insurance policy costs $5,634 per year.
RankCityAverage annual premiums
6Bossier City$3,068
22New Iberia$3,447
24Ville Platte$3,576
27Lake Charles$3,602
28Breaux Bridge$3,612
42St. Gabriel$4,001
43Denham Springs$4,026
47Baton Rouge$4,383
50New Orleans$5,634


Quotes were collected from hundreds of cities in Louisiana for this study. We profiled a driver who is a 30-year-old male driving a 2015 Honda Civic EX. The driver has a below-fair to poor credit history and bought a full coverage policy with the following characteristics:

Coverage typeStudy limits
Bodily liability$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Property damage$25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision$500 deductible

When quoting a Louisiana minimum-coverage policy, our sample driver bought a policy with the limits required by the state, as described above.

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.