The Best Cheap Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts

The Best Cheap Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts

Motorcycle drivers in Massachusetts are required to carry motorcycle insurance, but you don't need to break the bank to satisfy the state's liability laws. We obtained hundreds of quotes from across Massachusetts and determined that the cheapest motorcycle insurance rate was $367.

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes from Providers in Massachusetts

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We examined hundreds of motorcycle insurance quotes and companies to determine the best motorcycle insurers in Massachusetts. Use the above quote box to find motorcycle insurance near you, or continue reading our comparison of companies in Massachusetts.

Best motorcycle insurance for most people: Progressive

Progressive's affordability and policy features make it the best coverage option for most riders in Massachusetts.
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The good:

  • Includes coverages that don't often come standard
  • Discounted rates if you're in the armed forces

The bad:

  • Affordable, but not the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts

The best motorcycle insurance for most people is Progressive. We found that Progressive has some of the most affordable policies, on average, in Massachusetts. Additionally, the extensive coverage that Progressive offers allows you to get complete coverage at a bargain.

Progressive stands out from its competitors for the level of protection it includes in a standard policy. Replacement cost coverage and $3,000 of custom parts protection are both factored into the cost of a regular policy and don't require separate purchases. You could also upgrade your Progressive motorcycle insurance by adding:

  • Roadside assistance with up to $500 for living expenses if you're stranded
  • Carried contents and accessories protection
  • Enhanced injury protection that pays $250 per week for two years if you're injured on your bike or $25,000 for your family if you're killed in an accident
  • Total loss coverage

Motorcycle insurance from Progressive costs an average of just over $600 per year, which is about 7% cheaper than Massachusetts's statewide mean. The range of discounts offered by Progressive could result in lower premiums if you qualify. These include requesting a quote in advance, making automatic payments and having a motorcycle license, among others.

Most affordable motorcycle insurance for most people: Geico

Geico's rates make it the best for people looking for cheap coverage.
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The good:

  • Cheapest average motorcycle insurance rates in Massachusetts
  • Lets you adjust coverage limits as your needs change

The bad:

  • Doesn't offer many endorsements for extra types of coverage

On average, Geico has the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts, offering coverage for about $367 per year. This price is about 43% less than the average statewide cost of motorcycle insurance. You could further reduce your policy premium by:

  • Bundling your motorcycle policy with Geico's auto insurance
  • Being a rider over the age of 65
  • Completing an accident prevention course
  • Transferring from another insurance company

Though Geico only offers a few basic upgrades, such as accessories coverage and roadside assistance, its high limits mean you can add more coverage as your insurance needs change. For this reason, it's a good fit for both beginning riders and those who are more advanced.

Best motorcycle insurance for enthusiasts: Dairyland

Dairyland's prices are high, but its uniquely tailored offerings should appeal to passionate riders.
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The good:

  • Offers the best endorsements for people without another form of transportation

The bad:

  • High premiums can hurt, especially in bigger cities

It's worth considering Dairyland's motorcycle coverage if you're a passionate rider or if your motorcycle is the only vehicle you own. Dairyland offers a rental reimbursement endorsement that allows you to get a car if your bike is damaged in an accident and you're waiting for it to be fixed. In addition, you can also add:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Special parts coverage
  • Original equipment manufacturer coverage
  • Replacement cost coverage for motorcycles three years old or newer

Dairyland's coverage is the most expensive motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts. We found that coverage can cost $974, which is over $300 more expensive than the state's average. However, if you're an enthusiastic rider and it's important that you get customizable specialty coverage, Dairyland could be a match.

Best local motorcycle insurance provider: Arbella

Offering coverage throughout New England, Arbella caters to riders who would prefer working with a local name.
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The good:

  • All the standard coverage of a larger provider, along with a couple of endorsements
  • Homeowners who already have insurance with Arbella could save a lot on their motorcycle coverage

The bad:

  • Lacks the online resources and features of larger insurer websites.

Arbella is the best regional insurer offering motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts. It's one of the only local providers that sells dedicated motorcycle coverage instead of offering a catch-all recreational vehicles package. Arbella offers standard coverage that aligns with the rest of the industry, including enough protection for bodily injury and property damage to satisfy Massachusetts's legal requirements.

You could also upgrade trip interruption services. If your bike breaks down while you're riding, your policy would pay for the towing and labor needed to get your bike to a shop. Additionally, Arbella offers a rental reimbursement upgrade that can temporarily replace your bike while it's damaged.

While Arbella's online presence is positive compared to other regional providers in Massachusetts, it's still somewhat limited. You have to contact an agent to learn more about your policy's coverage and if there are any additional add-ons your independent local office offers. You must also request a price through an agent, but you can make claims and pay your bill online.

How we chose the best motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts

Our choices of motorcycle insurance providers in Massachusetts were based on an appraisal of three key characteristics.

  • Affordability: The price a typical consumer could expect pay for coverage
  • Coverage options: How do the offerings of one company stack up against others?
  • Customer service: Does the insurer have a reputation for meeting its customers' needs?

These three factors contribute to effective insurance coverage: Ultimately, policies should strike a balance between affordability and providing enough coverage for your assets. Additionally, insurers should back up their protection with attentive customer service and a satisfactory claims service.

Below, we've taken a deeper look at the measurements relevant to affordability, coverage and service.

Affordability: comparing motorcycle insurance prices in Massachusetts

Cost is often the main determining factor for people shopping for motorcycle insurance. We requested quotes from providers using addresses across Massachusetts. This way, we were able to arrive at a reasonable approximation of the average price of insurance in the state.

The average price of motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts is $649 per year. The national cost of coverage is typically more expensive, which we calculated at $702 annually.

A bar graph showing the average costs of motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts
Average cost
% difference from statewide average

Because the cost of motorcycle insurance varies depending on a number of factors, including your driving history, the type of bike you own and the amount of coverage you elect to purchase, your rates may differ from ours. We requested quotes for a 45-year-old rider with 20 years of motorcycle experience, riding a 2019 Harley Davidson FLHX Street Glide.

We elected to purchase more motorcycle coverage than what Massachusetts requires by law. Rather than searching for the absolute cheapest rates, it's a good idea if it's within your budget to buy enough coverage to protect your assets if you had to completely replace your bike after an accident.

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage: $50,000 per accident
  • Collision coverage: Included/$500 deductible
  • Comprehensive coverage: Included/$500 deductible
  • All other coverages: Not included

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes from Providers in Massachusetts

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Coverage options: evaluating motorcycle insurance policies and benefits

Every insurer offers enough insurance to satisfy Massachusetts's state minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance, but the providers we recommended offer additional endorsements and the ability to personalize your limits far beyond those mandated by your state.

Most often, we highlight companies that offer a variety of services: high coverage limits, useful endorsements and a standard plan that gives most riders practical protection. As your needs evolve, you want a motorcycle insurance provider that allows you to respond flexibly.

Below, we've displayed the offerings of the companies we called out in this survey:

Insurance provider
Maximum liability limit
Replacement cost coverage
OEM parts replacement
Roadside assistance
Rental reimbursement

†-Replacement cost coverage and OEM parts replacement are included with Progressive's standard motorcycle insurance policies.

Customer service: considering insurer quality in service and claims

Finally, we considered whether each insurer's quality of customer service represented a good investment on the part of its policyholders. We looked at the following metrics:

NAIC complaint index
J.D. Power
A.M. Best
Liberty Mutual6.1710thA
Plymouth Rock1.0713thA-
The Hanover0.628thA
Dairyland2.12Not ratedA+

We've displayed data for the largest motorcycle insurance providers in Massachusetts regardless of whether they offer online rates.

NAIC Complaint Index: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) calculates the Complaint Index by dividing the number of complaints an insurer receives by its market share. A company's expected number of complaints is represented by the benchmark 1.0. A Complaint Index less than 1.0 signifies that an insurance provider receives fewer complaints than its size would suggest.

J.D. Power rankings: J.D. Power's auto insurance satisfaction study analyzes the attitudes of consumers toward their insurance providers. Participating companies are awarded a score on a scale of one to five for various categories, where five indicates a high degree of positive feedback. J.D. Power then ranks the insurers based on overall satisfaction.

A.M. Best financial strength ratings: A.M. Best evaluates the ability of insurers to meet their financial obligations, especially in times right after a catastrophic event or during a recession. Scores are awarded on a conventional grading scale.

Massachusetts motorcycle insurance: costs by city

We created the following table using the rates we collected from across Massachusetts. Below, we've displayed the average cost of coverage in each of the state's most-populated cities, as well as how each city compares to the typical price of motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts.

On average, the cheapest cities are Athol and Ayer, where coverage costs about $400. Conversely, Boston's $1,500 average price is by far the most expensive in Massachusetts for motorcycle insurance.

% from statewide average
New Bedford$6764%
Fall River$87435%
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Massachusetts motorcycle insurance requirements

Like most states, Massachusetts requires its drivers to carry insurance. Massachusetts's motorcycle owners are legally required to carry insurance for liability, property damage, personal injury protection and un/underinsured drivers.

Coverage type
Required limit
Bodily injury liability$20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident
Property damage$5,000 per accident
Personal injury protection$8,000 per accident Un/underinsured motorist bodily protection$20,000 person/$40,000 per accident

How do you get a motorcycle license in Massachusetts?

You're required to get a motorcycle driver's license (class M) to legally operate a motorcycle or any other motor vehicle with no more than three wheels. Luckily, the process for getting certified is pretty straightforward.

  • Fill out an online or in-person application
  • Complete a learner's permit exam at an RMV Service Center
  • Take a road test or course test sponsored by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to acquire a license within two years after you get your permit

Alternatively, you can enroll in the Massachusetts Rider Education Progres (MREP) instead of a road test. The MREP teaches students how to develop safe driving skills. The program is comprised of in-class instruction and course training. If you are under 18, you must take part in the MREP.


We gathered 543 motorcycle insurance quotes for 181 addresses across Massachusetts. We used the profile of a 45-year-old married male homeowner who has 20 years of riding experience to source these quotes. The bike we insured was a 2019 Harley FLHX Street Glide. Your rates may differ.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.