Dairyland Insurance Review: Fair Rates for High-Risk Drivers, but Expensive for Everyone Else

Dairyland Insurance Review: Fair Rates for High-Risk Drivers, but Expensive for Everyone Else

Reasonable rates for high-risk drivers, but standard auto insurance policies are expensive.

Good for

  • High-risk drivers looking for reasonable rates
  • Seasonal motorcyclists who want flexible payment options

Bad for

  • Low-risk drivers seeking standard auto insurance coverage
  • Drivers who value excellent customer service

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Dairyland insurance specializes in providing standard motorcycle insurance coverage and auto insurance coverage to high-risk drivers who may not otherwise meet the policy requirements of other carriers. Because Dairyland focuses on the high-risk market for car insurance, premiums for standard coverages are generally more expensive relative to other insurance companies.

Dairyland insurance review: Our thoughts

Dairyland offers auto insurance coverages geared toward high-risk drivers, such as those with a history of driving violations, DUIs or no prior insurance coverage. To mitigate the risk of insuring such drivers, Dairyland's car insurance rates for safer drivers are substantially higher than those of competitors.

Given Dairyland's expensive rates, as well as its weaker-than-average customer reviews, low-risk drivers who don't require a specialized nonowner car insurance policy or have a history of driving violations should definitely look elsewhere for more cost-effective options. And while Dairyland's rates for high-risk drivers tend to be among the cheaper options available and make its policies worth considering, high-risk customers could still benefit from shopping around for quotes.

Dairyland motorcycle insurance is good for motorcyclists who are seasonal riders or members of a bike club, as it offers multiple discounts and flexible payment options.

Dairyland car insurance policies and coverages

Dairyland car insurance offers a full suite of coverage options commonly found in a full-coverage car insurance policy, as well as multiple add-on coverages. However, you can find most of these coverages at any insurance company. Where Dairyland differs is that high-risk drivers may find its auto insurance policies more affordable relative to competitors, as many insurers will charge substantially higher rates for this audience.

Standard coverage options available through Dairyland auto insurance

  • Personal liability reimburses injuries or damages to other drivers and their property.
  • Comprehensive and collision covers damage to your vehicle.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments (MedPay) reimburse the costs of physical harm to you or your passengers in an accident.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you from bodily injury or property damage in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Additional coverages available through Dairyland auto insurance

While Dairyland offers several add-on coverages, these are common across most insurance companies.

Add-on coveragesDescriptionCost
Towing and labor coverageOffers roadside assistance and pick-up services in the event of a car accident$60 for $75 of coverage
Rental reimbursementPays for transportation expenses incurred when your car is being repaired$84 for coverage of $25 per day and a total limit of $1,125
Special equipment coverageReimburses damage to special equipment installed in your vehicle, such as custom paint work, interior modifications, special wheels or tires, and permanent electronic systems not installed by the vehicle manufacturer$240 for $1,000 of coverage
Annual add-on cost estimates are for a single, 30-year-old male in Wisconsin.

Coverage rates can vary by state, driving history and vehicle type, among other factors.

Additional benefits to Dairyland auto insurance: SR-22 and nonowner car insurance

SR-22 car insurance

SR-22 car insurance is often required for high-risk drivers with a history of driving violations. SR-22 filing requirements vary by state, but events that may trigger mandated SR-22 coverage include: driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, at-fault accidents and driving with a suspended license.

Dairyland's approach to SR-22 coverage is relatively unique because it does not charge extra fees for SR-22 policyholders. SR-22 filings alone will typically cost between $15 and $25, though the exact price can vary by state. Most insurers will also charge higher premiums for drivers required to have SR-22 coverage. However, because SR-22 filers are generally considered high-risk due to a history of driving violations, previous incidents such as a DUI may still raise your premiums. Nevertheless, such drivers are typically penalized less with Dairyland insurance policies than that of other insurers.

Nonowner car insurance

Dairyland offers nonowner car insurance to individuals who frequently drive a car they don't own. Nonowner car insurance policies cover damage to other vehicles and property that's incurred while driving a car you do not own. These policies don't cover damage to the vehicle you're driving, your personal property or medical expenses.

While many insurers offer nonowner car insurance, Dairyland's policy may be worth considering for those required to have SR-22 insurance by a court but do not own a car. Dairyland does not charge extra for SR-22 coverage, and its SR-22 rates are among the cheaper options available.

Dairyland car insurance quotes and discounts

Dairyland car insurance rates are expensive for the average driver but decently priced for high-risk drivers.

Overall, we found standard rates available at Dairyland to be significantly more expensive than those at top competitors. For example, rates for a 21-year-old male with no history of driving violations were particularly costly, as Dairyland's annual auto insurance premium was more than $1,000 higher than that of competitors.

Graph of Dairyland Insurance Quotes Vs Competitors

To determine how car insurance rates at Dairyland compared with other insurance companies, we collected sample quotes for four driver profiles with an annual policy in Nevada.

High-risk driver quotes

When looking at high-risk drivers in particular, Dairyland rates are more competitive and among the cheaper options available. Specifically, we looked at quotes for three driver profiles with an SR-22 requirement due to a previous DUI violation. For two of the three profiles, Dairyland was the second-cheapest option, suggesting that Dairyland policies may be among the better options available to SR-22 filers and high-risk drivers.

Nevertheless, the cheapest annual premium in two instances was about $500 less than Dairyland's quote. Given the variance in rates for high-risk drivers across different driver profiles, it is still always a good idea to shop around for a quote.

Graph of Dairyland Insurance Quotes Vs Competitors for Drivers with SR-22 filing and DUI

Dairyland auto insurance discounts

Dairyland offers several car insurance discounts commonly found across insurers. Below, we list these discounts and include a few estimated rates based on recent state filings from Florida, though these may vary by state and based on your driver profile, vehicle type and residency. Furthermore, if you are eligible for multiple discounts, your rate may be subject to a total maximum discount cap.

DiscountHow to qualifyEstimated discount to premium
Multiple carsHave more than one vehicle on your policy.10–15%
Advanced quoteGet a quote at least one week in advance of initiating coverage.Estimate unavailable
Policy transferStart a new policy with Dairyland after switching from a carrier you had previously been with for at least six months.10%
Payment frequencyMake frequent, on-time payments, or pay-ahead in full.10%
Homeowners and rentersHave homeowners or renters insurance, even if your policy is with another insurer.Estimate unavailable
Defensive drivingPass a defensive drivers course with proof. Some safety courses and discounts are eligible for seniors only.5%

Secure your vehicle with an antitheft device such as car alarms or smart keys.10%

Dairyland motorcycle insurance review

Dairyland's motorcycle insurance policies include standard coverages, such as personal liability, comprehensive and collision, medical payments, and uninsured/underinsured motorist. Seasonal riders and international visitors should look at Dairyland for its flexible payment options and Safe Trip Motorcycle Program.

Additional protections offered by Dairyland

Dairyland offers several additional protections that are quite common among insurers. However, it does offer a somewhat rare benefit: replacement cost coverage of motorcycles three years old or less. Many other insurance companies will have only a one-year cap or set a mileage limit.

  • The entire replacement cost of motorcycles three years old or less, even in the event of a total loss.
  • Rental reimbursement of transportation expenses for riders who rely exclusively on their motorcycles.
  • Roadside assistance when you need towing or help with a flat tire and other mechanical issues.
  • Damage to special equipment you may have installed on your motorcycle.

Special insurance coverages available through Dairyland motorcycle insurance

Dairyland's flexible payment options and Safe Trip Motorcycle Program may be valuable to infrequent riders and foreign visitors to the U.S. Dairyland allows policyholders to modify their coverage limits at any time, which can be particularly useful for riders who don't take out their motorcycle in the winter. Additionally, the Dairyland Safe Trip Motorcycle Program allows international visitors to apply for a temporary motorcycle insurance policy for increments of 30, 60 or 90 days. This coverage can be applied to a motorcycle you own, rent or buy during your trip.

Dairyland motorcycle insurance discounts

Motorcycle riders, particularly Harley Davidson owners and motorcycle club members, may also benefit from Dairyland's diverse pool of discounts. Below we list these discounts and include estimated rates based on recent rate filings from Nevada, though these may vary based on your specific driver profile and location. Furthermore, if you are eligible for multiple discounts, your rate may be subject to a total maximum discount cap.

DiscountHow to qualifyEstimated discount to premium
MulticycleInsure multiple motorcycles with Dairyland.25%
Harley owners group (H.O.G.) membersOwn a Harley Davison motorcycle and pay to be a member of H.O.G.15%
Rider group membersBe part of an affiliated club on Dairyland's approved list.10%
HomeownershipOwn an insured house, condo or mobile home, even if that policy is with another insurer.20%
LoyaltyBe an existing Dairyland customer replacing or adding a new motorcycle to your policy.4–7.5%
Rider courseVoluntarily take and pass a motorcycle safety course in the past five years.2%

Dairyland insurance reviews and complaints

Unfortunately, Dairyland has below-average customer service ratings, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Dairyland received a complaint index of 2.36 in 2018, which was higher than the national median index of 1.15. The most common complaints were related to claim processing, settlement delays and late payments.

If you are unsatisfied with your coverage and would like to discontinue your policy, you should call your agent directly to begin your Dairyland auto insurance cancellation.

Dairyland insurance financial strength ratings

Dairyland has received an A+ "superior" financial strength rating from A.M. Best, among the highest ratings offered on A.M. Best's scale, indicating excellent financial stability. Customers should not be concerned about Dairyland's long-term capacity to pay out claims.

Dairyland company structure and policy availability

Dairyland offers auto and motorcycle insurance in 42 states, though its car insurance policies are only available in the 37 states listed below. Dairyland is a subsidiary of Sentry Insurance, the parent company of Viking Insurance Co. of Wisconsin, Peak Property and Casualty and several other insurance providers that may underwrite Dairyland coverages. Check the Dairyland insurance website or call the Dairyland insurance phone number directly if you have any questions about policy availability in your state or want to find a Dairyland agent near you. Additionally, if you are an existing customer, you can access certain services like making a payment either over the phone or online by signing in to the My Dairyland insurance website.

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ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

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