The Best and Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

The Best and Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Massachusetts

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There are hundreds of insurance companies in Massachusetts, which makes it all the more important to know what factors to consider when choosing your home insurance provider. We looked into the rate data and satisfaction scores of a dozen major insurers to identify which ones do the best job of delivering affordable, effective coverage.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Massachusetts is $1,161 per year.

According to the quotes we gathered, the lowest annual insurance rate for a typical home in Massachusetts was $646. But price by itself wasn't enough to identify the best insurers in the Bay State. The following represent home insurance that we believe gives you the best balance of price, coverage and reliable service.

Best for most people: Safety Insurance

Affordable rates and customizable coverage makes Safety the best insurer for most people.
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The best homeowners insurance for most people in Massachusetts is Safety, which has an average yearly premium of $1,003 — about $160 cheaper than the state's average. This provider is the best insurer for most people in the state, because it offers a variety of coverage options for different lifestyles while having affordable coverage and attentive customer service. Although there are some cheaper options for homeowners insurance in the state, these providers lack the range of personalization that Safety enables.

This insurer offers three levels of coverage: the Supreme, Supreme Plus and Complete plans. You can customize your coverage by adding many endorsements, such as guaranteed replacement cost coverage, identity theft, reimbursement for local ordinance or law changes that affect your home, and sewer backup protection. You can also purchase enhancements to your policy by purchasing cyber protection to mitigate compromised data and damage to software devices.

Safety Insurance also has an above-average score on the NAIC's complaint index, which compares the number of complaints insurers get. In 2017, it scored 0.11, which means it receives about 90% less complaints than you'd expect from a company its size. In 2018, Safety scored a 0.00. However, despite the healthy regional presence of the company, a relatively small overall market share means you should take its high scores with some measured enthusiasm.

Best for affordable homeowners insurance: Quincy Mutual

Massachusetts's cheapest home insurer in our study offers good protection with no frills.
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The cheapest homeowners insurance company in Massachusetts is Quincy Mutual, which has an average yearly price of $646 — nearly half of the statewide mean. You may also qualify for discounts to your home insurance if you bundle with an auto policy. Also, you could see price reduction if you install security systems in your home, have a new house and have a claim-free history.

While Quincy has very high customer satisfaction, its policies don't allow for a substantial amount of personalization beyond a few add-ons. You can only add endorsements that protect your home against sewer backups, food spoilage and mechanical or electrical breakdown. However, Quincy Mutual should be a top choice for you to consider if you just want cheap, basic coverage.

Best for antique homes: MAPFRE

MAPFRE's restorationist package caters to customers with antique or historical homes.
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If you're the owner of an antique home in Massachusetts, MAPFRE homeowners insurance will meet your needs the most effectively. One of the insurer's custom coverage plans is designed specifically for protecting properties like your antique house. MAPFRE's Restorationist package comes with guaranteed replacement cost and ordinance coverage for your property.

MAPFRE guarantees that it will replace or repair any damage that your antique home experiences with materials and construction that's true to its historical roots. Additionally, this unique coverage pays for the costs that arise from changes in building codes that require you to demolish or change parts of your home to comply with new regulations. You can also take advantage of MAPFRE's enhanced additional living expenses and a cash-out option that allows you to receive any compensation in cash if you don't want to rebuild your antique home after a loss.

This provider could also be a good option for you even if you don't have an antique home. The average annual price of MAPFRE's homeowners insurance is $1,166 — which aligns pretty closely to the average yearly cost of coverage in Massachusetts. Also, it carries a 0.67 score from the NAIC, which is 40% less than what you'd expect from a comparably sized company.

Best for high-value homes: Chubb

Chubb's high-quality protection and flood insurance available to high-value properties in Massachusetts.
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If you're an owner of high-value property or someone with high net worth, you might consider purchasing homeowners insurance from Chubb. Chubb's Masterpiece homeowners insurance has an average yearly price of $1,777 and a customer satisfaction score of 0.03. It's the most expensive of the other high-value property insurers in this study, but its premium customer service and array of coverage options make it an attractive option if you can afford it.

Chubb Masterpiece homeowners insurance comes with extended replacement cost coverage, which allows you to decline to rebuild your property and settle for a monetary payout instead. You can also access complimentary home appraisals, where some of Chubb's consultants will check your home for fire and other risks. You may also purchase additional electronic data and appliance breakdown protection on top of the regular Masterpiece home insurance plan.

Chubb also gives you the ability to purchase private flood insurance, but its price makes it best-suited to people who are able to pay for more expensive coverage. This flood coverage comes with up to $15 million in property coverage and replacement cost protection. You can also receive up to $5,000 to guard your home against flood damage, and to get out of the danger zone when a flood warning threatens your home's location.

Best for private flood insurance: UPC

UPC's expertise in insuring coastal properties makes it worth considering.
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United Property and Casualty Insurance, or UPC, sells private flood coverage along with its homeowners insurance policies. The company specializes in providing insurance to coastal communities and states that can experience flooding and hurricanes. Typically, to protect your property against a flood damage you have to get a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). However, UPC allows you to purchase a personal flood insurance policy that tends to be cheaper than a policy from the NFIP.

With UPC, you can purchase Standard, Preferred, or Excess flood insurance depending on which flood zone your property sits within. Each plan carries higher limits of coverage — with the Excess plan coming with up to $15 million of total coverage. This coverage could be worth considering, as Massachusetts is susceptible to flooding.

Despite the fact that policyholders in Massachusetts are generally happy with their coverage, UPC does have a high amount of customer dissatisfaction in other states — notably Florida. This doesn't necessarily mean that the insurer is bad, especially since the company's customers are happy in other states. Instead, this could be an inherent effect of UPC's specialty of working with coastal states on flood claims, but it's worth noting as you shop for homeowners insurance.

Home insurers with the best and worst customer service in Massachusetts

Customer satisfaction is an important factor to consider in addition to a company's average price and features when shopping for homeowners insurance. In Massachusetts, we found that the states with the best reputation for handling claims quickly and fairly are Safety Insurance, Norfolk & Dedham and Chubb, though there were five total companies that scored less than or equal to 0.10 on NAIC's complaint index. The companies with the worst customer satisfaction scores in this survey are UPC, Vermont Mutual Insurance Co. and MAPFRE.

Company Name

NAIC complaint index(lower is better)
J.D. Power(higher is better)
AM Best (financial strength)
Safety Insurance0.00N/AN/A
Norfolk & Dedham (N&DG)0.00N/AN/A
Quincy Mutual0.13N/AN/A
Narragansett Bay Insurance Co. (NBIC)0.20N/AN/A
Plymouth Rock Assurance0.34N/AA
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Only companies with 1% market share or greater were included in this analysis. If a company had several underwriters, we combined them into one parent company

Cheapest options for homeowners insurance in Massachusetts

From checking the cost of coverage in each of the ZIP codes in Massachusetts, we found that the average price of homeowners insurance is $1,168. Overall, the cost of insuring your home in the state isn't that much more expensive than the U.S. average cost of $1,083. The cheapest home insurance in Massachusetts comes from Quincy Mutual, while the most expensive policy on average is sold by Hanover.


Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Massachusetts

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Most common homeowners insurance perils in Massachusetts: hurricanes and nor'easters

As a coastal state, Massachusetts is susceptible to Atlantic hurricanes. Fortunately, due to the relatively low temperatures of the ocean surrounding state compared to its southern neighbors, the hurricanes that reach Massachusetts are often the remnants of stronger storms. However, these storms still bring high amounts of rainfall and flooding to the state. Since your homeowners insurance doesn't typically cover flood damage, you'll have to protect your home with flood insurance from the NFIP, or a company that offers private insurance plans, such as UPC or Chubb.

Massachusetts can frequently experience nor'easters during the winter, too. These strong storms resemble hurricanes, and are capable of producing heavy snow, wind and coastal flooding. A typical homeowners policy will cover wind damage and harm from falling objects, like snow or ice. But nor'easters are also known for contributing to coastal erosion — a disaster often excluded from coverage by home insurance policies. If your property sits on a sandy foundation, you should talk to your insurance agent about how to bolster your policy to protect yourself from the worst-case effects of a nor'easter or hurricane.

Massachusetts insurance rates: city-by-city breakdown

We calculated the average price of homeowners insurance in each city in Massachusetts. This table enables you to compare the average annual costs of premiums in each of the state's 50 most populated cities. Additionally, you can see how far a city's average price veers from the overall statewide mean of $1,168.

Average Cost ($)
Difference from statewide average
New Bedford157436%
Fall River134416%
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Given how rates for home insurance can vary so much within Massachusetts, it's obvious that the differences will be even more pronounced when comparing costs against other states. To confirm this, we took a closer look at average home insurance rates using zip codes and addresses from every U.S. state.


Our survey of home insurance quotes in Massachusetts included estimates from 20 of the state's largest insurance providers. For each company, we collected quotes from every ZIP code in the state. The sample property we used to generate each quote was built in 1964 to correspond to Massachusett's median building year, and insured to $385,400 — the median value of owner-occupied homes in the state.

We included these insurers in our study:

  • MAPFRE (Citation Insurance Co.)
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Safety Indemnity Insurance Co.
  • Pacific Indemnity Co. (Chubb)
  • Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (Andover)
  • Arbella
  • Amica
  • USAA
  • Phoenix Insurance Co. (Travelers)
  • Vermont Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Citizens Insurance Co. of America (Hanover)
  • Dorchester Mutual Insurance Co. (Norfolk & Dedham)
  • Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
  • Bunker Hill Insurance Co. (Plymouth Rock Co.)
  • Narragansett Bay Insurance Co. (Heritage Insurance)
  • Metlife
  • UPC
  • AIG
  • Preferred mutual Insurance Co.
  • Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange

Due to technical limitations, we were forced to exclude American Family Insurance from this survey – a sizable insurance providers in the state of Massachusetts.

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.