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We evaluated homeowners insurance quotes for a sample 2,000 square foot home in 37 cities in the state of Massachusetts in order to determine which cities had the highest and lowest annual home insurance costs. Based on this sample property, Massachusetts homeowners pay on average $1,705 per year for home insurance. Home insurance prices in Massachusetts vary by over 95% between the cities in our study. Read more about our findings, or use our quote tool above to find homeowners insurance quotes in your area.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

Whether you're living in Boston, Worcester or Cape Cod, when shopping for the best home insurance companies in Massachusetts, you should always measure which companies have the best combination of coverage features, price, stability and customer service. Focusing on customer service, we've ranked the largest homeowners insurance companies in the Bay State using customer complaint data.

The top-rated homeowners insurance companies in Massachusetts are Chubb, Safety Insurance Co. and Amica. The worst-rated major insurance companies in Massachusetts are Arbella Mutual Insurance, Vermont Mutual Insurance Co. and Liberty Mutual. But Massachusetts home insurance customers are mostly happy with the state's biggest companies: Eight out of the 10 largest companies receive a customer complaint ratio below the national median of 1.0. Arbella and Vermont Mutual, the exceptions, rated poorly.

RankCompanyMarket shareComplaint ratio
1MAPFRE (Citation Insurance)13.5%0.33
2Liberty Mutual10.7%0.56
3Safety Insurance7.2%0.1
4Chubb (Pacific Indemnity)6.6%0.04
5Arbella Mutual Insurance6.1%1.6
6Andover (Merrimack Mutual)6.1%0.23
10Vermont Mutual3.8%1.13
This list only includes the top 10 insurance groups in Massachusetts. The complaint ratio is drawn from the largest individual company under an insurance group that is active in the state. If the company name is distinct from the name of its insurance group, it is noted in parentheses.

Find the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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We measured customer satisfaction by the complaint ratio collected from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Customer complaints are weighted by market share, so the number of complaints is adjusted relative to the size of a company, with a median score of 1.0. A lower complaint ratio indicates that customers are more likely to be happy with their service.

MPIUA Fair Plan: For Those Who Can't Find Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Some Massachusetts home insurance shoppers may not be able to get coverage in the private market because they live in a high-risk coastal area or becuase they're otherwise considered a high-risk customer. These homeowners can turn to the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MPIUA) for a Massachusetts Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan. Its mission is to make property insurance readily available to those who cannot get a policy on the voluntary market.

If you're a Massachusetts homeowner who hasn't been able to get coverage from the companies listed above—or from any private insurer in the state—you should apply for MPIUA insurance to get the dwelling and property coverage you need.

Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Company Reviews

Based on market share, the five largest homeowners insurance companies in Massachusetts are MAPFRE, Liberty Mutual, Safety Insurance, Chubb and Arbella. We reviewed these insurers below with a focus on policy coverage, customer experience and financial stability.


Massachusetts has a unique home insurance market in that many of the insurers that traditionally dominate state markets—such as State Farm or Allstate—have a much more limited presence. MAPFRE, the 30th-largest home insurance group in the country by premiums written, is the biggest in Massachusetts, offering policies largely through Citation Insurance Co. and Commerce Insurance Co. MAPFRE is a good choice for those with high-value or antique homes, given its policies can be tailored to those structures, but the inability to get an online quote and mixed customer service reputation make it hard to recommend this insurer unreservedly.

A standard homeowners insurance policy from Citation Insurance has few standout features, and most of what it offers would also be available with any other major home insurer. The exception to this rule is its extended replacement cost coverage, which covers your dwelling for damage up to 150% of your selected limits. This is helpful if the actual replacement cost of your home exceeds estimates. However, although this coverage is included for free in Citation Insurance policies, Commerce Insurance will charge you an additional $25 a year for this feature.

If you own an antique or high-value home, MAPFRE is a good insurer given its Restorationist and Premier Living policies, respectively. These policies are tailored to the unique characteristics of these types of homes. The policies include extensive coverage features like guaranteed replacement cost—which covers the cost of repairing your dwelling without limits—and a cash-out option, which gives you the choice to take a cash settlement rather than rebuild your home in the event of a total loss.

MAPFRE's customer service reputation is mixed, and your experience may depend on whether you work with Citation or Commerce. As noted in the table above, Citation Insurance, its largest insurance writer in the state, has a good customer complaint ratio of 0.33, far better than the national median and sixth among Massachusetts' top 10 insurance groups. Conversely, Commerce Insurance has a complaint ratio of 2.0, an exceptionally poor rating and indicative of widespread consumer dissatisfaction. Inconveniently, you'll have to talk to an insurance agent to get a quote from MAPFRE, as the company has no online quote tool. From a financial strength perspective, MAPFRE is in excellent condition with an A.M. Best rating of "A".

Liberty Mutual

As a major insurance presence around the country, Massachusetts home insurance shoppers may be most familiar with Liberty Mutual. Its home insurance policies represent one of the more appealing options in the state, with unique coverage features in its base policies and a variety of ways to secure discounts if you're eligible. It's also the only top-five insurer in Massachusetts to offer the convenience of an online quote tool to estimate your rates.

Liberty home insurance policies contain all the standard coverage you'd expect and also some unique benefits rarely offered by other companies. Liberty helps Massachusetts homeowners maintain the value of their policies through its inflation protection feature—which increases your coverage limits to keep pace with rising prices—and a 12-month rate guarantee, which secures your current premium for a full year. Liberty also has a personal property replacement service, which means that if your personal belongings are damaged in a covered event, it will find and ship you the exact item as a replacement.

Liberty Mutual's customer service reputation is good, though not as outstanding as some of the other top home insurance companies in Massachusetts, as its customer complaint ratio ranks eight out of the 10 largest insurers. The ease of its online quote tool does make for a smoother shopping experience, allowing consumers to estimate rates before formally talking to an agent. Like MAPFRE and Safety Insurance, Liberty Mutual has an excellent financial strength rating of "A" from A.M. Best.

Safety Insurance

Safety Insurance is only the 65th-largest home insurance company in the country, but it's the third-biggest presence in Massachusetts. All shoppers should look into Safety Insurance, as it offers competitive home insurance policies that include replacement cost coverage for your dwelling, a multitude of discounts and one of the best customer service ratings in the state.

The fact that standard Safety home insurance policies have replacement cost coverage is a great benefit, as most insurers only offer this feature at an additional cost. And if your insurance quote is too expensive for your liking, you can take advantage of its discounts, including savings of up to 20% if you bundle your purchase with auto insurance and another discount of up to 18% if you have a newly constructed home. Safety Insurance also lets you add service line coverage to your home policy, which covers underground piping and wiring on your property. Although this type of endorsement is generally rare, it's quite common among the top home insurance companies in Massachusetts. Both MAPFRE and Arbella also offer this feature.

The lack of an online quote tool is inconvenient, but Safety Insurance has the second-best customer complaint ratio in the state, after Chubb, so customers have been generally satisfied with the service. And the company's financial strength is on par with most of the other insurers we've reviewed, receiving an "A" rating from A.M. Best.


Chubb combines some of the most extensive home insurance coverage features in Massachusetts with a top-notch customer experience. Shoppers who are willing to pay extra to secure comprehensive coverage and reliable service should look into a quote with Chubb.

Like MAPFRE, Chubb policies include extended replacement cost coverage for your dwelling, but standard Chubb policies also cover your personal belongings at replacement cost, ensuring you get full value if the contents of your home are damaged. Chubb also has extremely generous sublimits for high-value items in the home. For example, Massachusetts homeowners who keep business property in their residences will be covered up to $25,000 in value; limits for this property in other home insurance policies are usually $5,000 or less.

Chubb has an exceptionally low customer complaint ratio of 0.04, indicating that homeowners almost never complain about its service. And with a superior A.M. Best rating of "A++" the insurer is the top-rated company in this group for financial strength.

Arbella Mutual Insurance

Another home insurance company with an outsized presence in Massachusetts compared to its national footprint, Arbella does little to stand out as a home insurance provider. Besides a unique home-systems protection endorsement, Arbella offers an unremarkable home insurance policy and is dogged by a poor customer service reputation.

Arbella's base home insurance policy includes dwelling, personal property and liability coverage, plus a choice of standard additional coverage features such as water backup and identity theft coverage for an additional cost. However, the policies have little in the way of unique features, and homeowners can probably find more value elsewhere. The one exception may be homeowners concerned about service lines or damage to their home systems, such as central air, heaters and boilers. For $35 per year, Arbella offers a home systems protection and service line endorsement, which acts as both a home appliance insurance policy, covering systems for mechanical breakdowns, and as financial protection for damage to utility lines, like piping and wiring.

However, Arbella rates relatively poorly on nonpolicy matters such as customer service and financial stability. With a customer complaint ratio of 1.6, Arbella is second the poorest-ranking major home insurance company in Massachusetts after Commerce Insurance, with a complaint ratio far above the national median. With a financial strength rating of "A-" from A.M. Best, the insurer is not unstable by any means, but it does rank the worst among these five insurers in ability to meet its financial obligations.

Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

We gathered quotes for our sample home across 37 cities from Amica, Progressive and Liberty Mutual. Quotes from each company were averaged to find which insurance companies had the best home insurance rates in Massachusetts. The graph below shows the average annual costs to insure our sample home by company alongside the state average:

Best Home Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Massachusetts' Largest Cities

We evaluated homeowners insurance rates across the largest cities in Massachusetts. Our study implemented control variables to gather quotes that can be compared to one another. On average, homeowners in the five largest cities pay 3% more than the state mean on home insurance. The cost for home insurance in the five largest cities is an average of $1,753 per year.

Cities in Massachusetts Sorted by Cheap Homeowners Insurance

Boston, MA

Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts and one of the largest in the country with a population of over half a million. The city is well known for the various significant American history events that have taken place within its limits, including the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. Boston’s location on the eastern coastline of the United States allowed the city to grow quickly in its early days.

While the city’s location was key for its growth, it also contributes to the high homeowners insurance rates found within the city. The average cost of home insurance in Boston is $2,120, which is $415 more than the state mean. Based on our study, we found that homeowners insurance rates in Boston varied by $2,289.

Worcester, MA

Worcester is located approximately 48 miles west of Boston and is the second largest city in Massachusetts. The city’s residents have access to a plethora of higher education institutions, including Clark University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The latter enrolls over 4,000 undergraduate students.

Residents of Worcester pay an average of $1,790 for home insurance per year, which is 5% greater than the state mean. The most affordable quote in the area was offered by Progressive at $920 per year. Liberty Mutual, the least affordable insurance company in the area, offered a quote of $2,374, which is $1,454 greater than Progressive’s quote.

Springfield, MA

Springfield, the third largest city in the state of Massachusetts, is located on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River. Although Springfield has been around since the 1600s, it wasn’t until 1852 that it officially became a city. A lot of early settlers used the Connecticut River to move south and north, allowing the city of Springfield to become a major transportation center.

Based on our research, the average homeowners insurance quote in the city is $1,644. Residents of Springfield pay 4% less for their homeowners insurance that the state mean. Progressive was the only insurance company in our study that offered a homeowners insurance quote in Springfield that was less than $1,000 per year.

Lowell, MA

Lowell is the fourth largest city in the state. The city is bisected from west to east by the Merrimack River. Lowell started experiencing population declines in the 1920s, but that turned around in the 1940s. As of the latest census, Lowell is within 500 residents of its all-time high population record.

The average annual homeowners insurance quote in Lowell is $1,722, which is 1% greater than the state mean. If you’re looking for cheap homeowners insurance insurance in Lowell, we suggest starting with Progressive. Progressive’s quote of $973 per year is $1,031 cheaper than the next most affordable quote offered to our sample property.

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, the fifth largest city in Massachusetts, was originally named Newtowne after the university town in England. The original capital of Massachusetts was Newtowne, but in 1634 the capital was moved to Boston. Harvard College was originally meant as a consolation prize to the city of Newtowne for being stripped of being the state’s capital. Today, Harvard College is recognized as one of the premier higher education institutions in the world.

The mean home insurance rate in Cambridge is $1,489, which is $216 less than the state average. Cambridge has the best homeowners insurance rates of the top five largest cities in Massachusetts. Based on our study, Cambridge ranks in the top third for affordable home insurance prices in Massachusetts.

Least Expensive Cities for Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

The graph below shows the five best cities for home insurance of all 37 cities which were part of this study. The cities are listed in order of mean price starting with the lowest average home insurance quote and ascending. Melrose is the cheapest city in Massachusetts for homeowners insurance. Residents pay $1,236 annually on average, which is $469 less than the state average.

Top 5 Best Cities in Massachusetts for Homeowners Insurance

Melrose, MA

Melrose is the most affordable city in Massachusetts for home insurance. On average, residents pay 27% less for their homeowners insurance policy than the state mean. Despite its affordable average annual rate, our sample home received quotes that varied by $840 per year.

Malden, MA

Malden offers the second best home insurance rates in the state of Massachusetts. The mean home insurance quote in the city was $1,269, which is 26% cheaper than the state average. The most affordable quote in Malden was offered by Progressive at $882 per year.

Braintree, MA

Braintree ranks as the third best city in Massachusetts for homeowners insurance. The average home insurance quote gathered in the city of Braintree was $1,276, which is $429 less than the state mean. On a percentage basis, this represents a 25% discount.

Pittsfield, MA

Pittsfield has the fourth cheapest home insurance rates in Massachusetts. Residents pay an average of $1,283 per year, which is $422 less than the state mean. The best rates in the city were offered by Amica and Progressive, which offered quotes of $972 and $783 per year, respectively.

Everett, MA

Everett is ranked the fifth least expensive city in Massachusetts for homeowners insurance. On average, residents pay $1,287 per year for home insurance, which represents a 25% discount when compared to the state mean. On an annual basis, residents save $418 on homeowners insurance versus the state average.

Most Expensive Cities for Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

The graph below shows the five most expensive places of all 37 cities which were part of this study. The cities are listed in order of price starting with the highest average rate and descending. The most expensive city for homeowners insurance was Fall River where our research found an average annual rate of $2,420, which is $715 greater than the state average.

Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in Massachusetts for Homeowners Insurance


We studied 37 cities, spread out geographically all throughout the state of Massachusetts. The sample home we looked at was built in the year 2000 and had 2,000 square feet. The property cost $200,000 and had an attached garage. Quotes for this home were obtained from Amica, Progressive and Liberty Mutual insurance companies. The rates were then averaged to arrive at an average for each city. We've displayed all cities with the average annual cost of insurance for the benchmark property and how much each city costs relative to the statewide average.

RankCityAverage Insurance RateCost Compared to State Average
37Fall River$2,42042%
7New Bedford$1,331-22%

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