Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Hawaii?

We compared auto insurance quotes in the four major islands across 25 companies to find the cheapest car insurance companies and rates in Hawaii. Our analysis found that where drivers live and the company they choose can greatly affect their rates. The range started from just under $200 to the mid $700s for minimum coverage, to give you a sense of how different companies' rates were. That's why drivers need to shop for quotes before deciding on a car insurance company if price is important. Use the tool above and enter your zip code to being the research process to find companies near you.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Hawaii

To determine which companies had the best car insurance rates in Hawaii, we looked at data from 25 carriers for a sample driver as a benchmark. Rates were averaged across Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii to find the cheapest insurance rates in Hawaii. In the state, the average annual rate across all providers was $432 for a typical driver with Hawaii's absolute minimum limits.

We show in this graph the seven carriers with the cheapest car insurance rates out of 27 companies in our Hawaii analysis for the example driver.

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Allianz Auto Insurance, American Automobile Insurance, and Fireman’s Fund ranked as three of the cheapest car insurance companies across the four islands, and actually tied with the same annual rates for the example driver. Other options for affordable auto insurance in the state include Chubb and MetLife. These five companies consistently had the lowest rates in all four islands. We suggest that drivers consider these companies while researching for the most wallet-friendly insurer. For the driver in the analysis, these providers had an average annual rate of $221, less than half the state average (meaning that they saved 50%).

Most Expensive Auto Insurance Companies

The most expensive providers in Hawaii were United States Fire Insurance, Tokio Marine Specialty Insurance, and Zurich Insurance Company. These three companies had an average annual rate of $705, a 63% increase over the mean for the sample driver. This is why all drivers should conduct their own investigation into the carrier with the best rates for them, if affordability is a priority.

List of Car Insurance Companies in Hawaii

The table below ranks auto insurance companies in the state of Hawaii starting with the most affordable average annual rates to the highest. These annual costs are based on factors such as our driver’s liability coverage and driving history (minimum coverage, and excellent record), so your own rates will be very different.

Company Average Annual Rates Change vs. HI Average
Allianz Auto Insurance $192 -56%
American Automobile Insurance 192 -56%
Fireman's Fund 192 -56%
Chubb 262 -39%
MetLife 266 -38%
Travelers 284 -34%
Bankers Insurance 333 -23%
USAA* 380 -12%
AAA* 397 -8%
Ameriprise 419 -3%
Island Insurance 425 -2%
Hawaiian Insurance & Guaranty 438 1%
Hartford 445 3%
GEICO 452 5%
North River Insurance Company 463 7%
Dongbu Insurance (USB) 470 9%
AIG 474 10%
Allstate 521 21%
DTRIC Insurance 527 22%
Progressive 547 27%
Liberty Mutual 552 28%
State Farm 576 33%
Zurich Insurance Group 615 42%
Tokio Marine Specialty Insurance 658 52%
United States Fire Insurance Company 753 74%

*USAA and AAA are two of the specialty providers on our list. USAA only underwrites insurance for members of the U.S. military, veterans, and their families. AAA requires a membership fee, offering options like Classic, AAA Plus, and AAA Premier with an admission fee of $20 and a primary member price ranging from $57 - $97.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Hawaii: by Island

Depending on which island Hawaiians live and drive in, auto insurance rates can differ. The state’s overall annual average cost was $432 for the study's driver buying the lowest legal limits available in Hawaii. The motorist saw their lowest rates in of $348 per year for minimum coverage while in Kauai; on the other hand, living in Oahu meant a $125 increase to a total of $473 a year for the same coverage. Allianz Auto Insurance, American Automobile Insurance, Fireman’s Fund, MetLife, and Chubb dominated with the five lowest car insurance rates for our example driver, so we'll focus instead on the next few ones to give readers some more options.

Kauai, HI

The northernmost island in Hawaii, Kauai lays claim to having the most beaches and waterfalls in Hawaii. The five cheapest car insurance companies in Hawaii ranked with the five lowest rates in Kauai too. Beyond those five, Travelers, Bankers Insurance, and AAA (membership required) had the next best rates for our sample driver. Of our profiled islands, Kauai had the most affordable rates with an annual average rate of $348 for the motorist. However, by insuring with one of the five low cost providers, our profiled driver saved up to 61% compared to the state average. 

Maui, HI

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii, and is famous for its lush foliage, beautiful beaches, and the winding hairpin turns of the 64miles of the Hana Highway. The average annual premiums for our example driver was $437 for a policy with the minimal coverage. In addition to the top five least expensive carriers for our driver (Allianz, American Automobile, Fireman's Fund, MetLife, and Chubb), the three companies with the next best rates are Travelers, Bankers Insurance and Hawaiian Insurance & Guaranty - the one local carrier on this list. Going with the top five alone saved our example motorist 48%.

Hawaii, HI

The largest island in the state as well as America, Hawaii (Big Island) saw an average annual quote of $471 for our study's benchmark driver. Due to continued activity over at Kilauea Volcano, the Big Island is still expanding, giving future motorists here more roadway and territory to drive in. Drivers living in the Big Island should consider adding several carriers from the top five low-cost companies to keep more money in their pockets (from Allianz to Chubb). We'll also add Travelers, Bankers Insurance and USAA to give motorists here more options. Just keep in mind, however, that USAA only underwrites members of the military and their extended family, which may work out well for personnel at Bradshow Army Airfield, Kilauea Military Camp and the Pahakloa Training Area - three major bases in the Big Island. Based on our example driver, these carriers had eight of the lowest rates, averaging $296 a year for the most basic of coverages (37% lower than the Big Island mean).

Oahu, HI

Home to the site of Pearl Harbor, the capital of the state (Honolulu), and the most visited island of Hawaii by tourists, Oahu ranks with the highest rate of auto insurance at $473 a year for our motorist. There are still opportunities to save, however, with some quote comparison shopping in Oahu. Our driver's five cheapest carriers were the same as the statewide list: Allianz Auto Insurance, American Automobile Insurance, Fireman’s Fund, Chubb, and MetLife. We recommend drivers also include car insurance quotes from Travelers, Bankers Insurance, and USAA, who had the next best rates in Oahu. For the families and service members at Schofield Barracks Army Base, Hickam Air Force Base, and Barking Sands Missile Range Navy Base - to name a few - USAA makes an excellent and affordable auto insurer to include when getting quotes. The eight carriers averaged out to $282 for the cost of one year's insurance for our sample motorist, shaving about 40% off the 25 carrier mean.

Cost of Car Insurance in Hawaii: by Island

Below are the Hawaiian islands in our study ranked from the most affordable to the most expensive, based on the average cost of auto insurance for our profiled driver's minimum coverage.

This graph ranks the major islands in Hawaii from the most affordable car insurance to the least for our sample driver's minimum coverage.

How a Speeding Ticket Impacts Your Auto Insurance in Hawaii

A motorist's history of driving is one of the key factors that insurers account for when calculating quotes. After getting into a car accident or receiving a violation, your insurer tends to view you as a riskier driver, and will charge you more. According to our analysis of Hawaii premiums, rates can increase an average of 16% after a speeding conviction. There are a handful of companies that do not charge an increase in premium, while others will hike up the rate up by 58%. The companies who were the least likely to raise rates significantly for our sample driver after a speeding conviction were: MetLife, Ameriprise, AIG, GEICO, USAA, and Island Insurance. Companies that did jack up rates after an incident were Liberty Mutual, Zurich Insurance, Chubb, Travelers, and AAA, however, based on our driver's sample quotes.

Company Clean Records One Speeding Conviction Increase ($) Increase (%)
MetLife $266 $266 $0 0%
Ameriprise 419 419 0 0%
AIG 474 474 0 0%
GEICO 452 475 23 5%
USAA* 380 402 22 6%
Island Insurance 425 454 29 7%
Bankers Insurance 333 363 30 9%
Dongbu Insurance (USB) 470 513 43 9%
Tokio Marine Specialty Insurance 658 724 66 10%
Allianz Auto Insurance 192 211 20 10%
American Automobile Insurance 192 211 20 10%
Fireman's Fund 192 211 20 10%
Hawaiian Insurance & Guaranty 438 490 52 12%
DTRIC Insurance 527 590 64 12%
Allstate 521 609 88 17%
Hartford 445 523 78 17%
United States Fire Insurance Company 753 900 147 19%
North River Insurance Company 463 553 90 20%
State Farm 576 701 125 22%
Progressive 547 684 137 25%
AAA* 397 510 114 29%
Travelers 284 379 95 33%
Chubb 262 358 96 36%
Zurich Insurance Group 615 843 228 37%
Liberty Mutual 552 872 321 58%

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Hawaii

To determine the best auto insurance companies in Hawaii, we looked at the complaints per 1,000 cars for the largest auto carriers in Hawaii. We divided the number of complaints per company with the number of cars each carrier provides coverage for and multiplied that ratio by 1,000. In Hawaii, only 11 companies had complaints and based on the table below, USAA, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate have the lowest ratios. The smaller the ratio, the less amount of complaints a company had with consumers. The table is ranked from the smallest to the largest ratio of complaints.

Insurance Company # of Cars Complaints Complaints per 1,000 cars
USAA 81,336 4 0.049
Liberty Mutual 36,906 2 0.054
Allstate 76,708 5 0.065
Island Insurance 24,933 2 0.08
First Insurance Company 59,198 5 0.084
Hartford 20,936 2 0.096
State Farm 166,161 19 0.114
DTRIC Insurance 31,211 4 0.128
Progressive 37,015 12 0.324
Tokio Marine Specialty Insurance 205,785 118 0.573
Zurich 80,276 140 1.744

Auto Insurance Requirements in Hawaii

Drivers are required to have car insurance and must meet Hawaii's minimum requirements in order to legally drive. Our analysis was based on the state’s minimum requirements: 

Liability Minimum Liability Amounts Study Limits
Bodily Injury Liability $20,000 per person / $40,000 per accident $20,000 per person / $40,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability $10,000 $10,000
Personal Injury Protection $10,000 $10,000
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist $20,000 per person / $40,000 per accident stacked $20,000 per person / $40,000 per accident stacked


We analyzed sample auto insurance quotes for 25 companies across Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, and Oahu from Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The numbers in our study reflect the same sample driver and the state’s minimum requirements. Our driver owned a 2013 Honda Accord and drove it mostly for pleasure. Surveyed auto insurance costs in Hawaii are for illustrative purposes only and actual quotes will differ very widely based on your own background and factors such as driving usage and profile.

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