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State of Auto Insurance 2021

ValuePenguin used the Quadrant Information Services database to analyze 15 million quotes for drivers across the country. These, combined with RateWatch filings, were used to illustrate current and historical pictures of the auto insurance industry.

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Media Inquiries

ValuePenguin is happy to provide journalists access to our experts and data on insurance, credit cards, banking, mortgage or any other personal finance topics. To request access to our research, or an interview, please send us an email.

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Latest Research

As Peak Hurricane Season Begins, Many Homeowners Substitute Confidence for Preparedness

About 25% of homeowners in high-risk states believed themselves ready for this year's hurricanes despite having made no preparations.

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Insurance May Cost College Students Up To $11,732 Per Year — Here's How to Save

Until now, you've been covered by your parents' insurance, and could count on it for peace of mind if something bad happens — but now you...

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Where Women Pay Less, But More Often: the Gender Gap in Surgery Costs

Women get much more surgery than men — 1.5 million more surgeries among the top 10 procedures for each gender. However, the average price...

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Average Cost of Flood Insurance 2021

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Average Cost of Car Insurance (January 2021)

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Average Cost of College in America

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Americans Commit 91 Financial Fails A Year

From not saving enough money (38 percent) to getting takeout instead of cooking (32 percent) or spending more than they should (29 percent... Read More