Safeway Auto Insurance Review

Safeway Auto Insurance Review


  • Unfortunately, none readily visible


  • No national coverage, and spotty regional coverage
  • Lack of information on their website and inconsistent responses from agents / representatives

Spotty Regional Coverage

The insurer sells its policies through a scattered network of 3,000 agencies, and does not provide national coverage. Safeway underwrites car insurance in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Texas. The agency coverage can be spotty, however. For example, while Safeway does insure cars in Florida, there are no agencies within 100 miles of Miami, the largest city in the Sunshine State. This may be a disadvantage for drivers who prefer in-person interaction with their local agents.

Furthermore, neither agents nor the marketing department at Safeway were helpful in providing additional information about their auto insurance services. They were unable to point to or cite specific features or benefits about the insurance coverage outside of generic car insurance information. In fact, one agent shared that Safeway offers a discount for homeownership, but this was disproved by the customer representative at the regional office.

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Drivers who want a personal touch to their auto insurance should instead consider Allstate, which we find to be the best overall insurer with agents (explanation here). Otherwise, consumers should consider comparing a few car insurance quotes from more established providers.

Insurer Ratings



AM Best Financial Rating (2013)

A (Stable)

Safeway NAIC Complaint Index (2012, Average)


NAIC Median Industry Complaint Index (2012)


Auto Insurance Policy & Discounts

There is surprisingly little information on Safeway Auto Insurance website on auto insurance. What little is available is a generic and basic description of car insurance and its purpose. No features or benefits specific to Safeway Auto Insurance are provided.

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How to File a Claim & Customer Service

There is no national number for Safeway Auto Insurance. Refer to the contact information for the insurer's regional offices here.

Austin, TX Phone Number: (800) 814-3586

  • Press 3 for New Claims, or 4 for All Other Claims Questions
  • Enter your zip code and the "#" sign, or just enter the "#" sign

For Customer Service and Marketing, press 1

Gainesville, FL Phone Number: (888) 723-3055

  • Press 1 for Claims
  • Press 0 for the Operator

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