Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Tennessee? (2019)

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We analyzed quotes from the largest insurers in Tennessee to determine which insurance companies have the cheapest car insurance rates. Our research also evaluated customer feedback to determine the best auto insurance companies in the state.

The cost of car insurance in Tennessee varies widely from city to city, and even between different insurers in the same region. For example, the priciest insurer was $2,328 more expensive than the cheapest insurer in Memphis. That’s why it’s always important for consumers to compare multiple quotes when shopping for car insurance coverage. Read more about our study below, or enter your zip code below to compare auto insurance rates among top U.S. insurers near you.

Cheap Car Insurance in Tennessee

To find the companies with the lowest auto insurance rates, we reviewed and ranked the average annual quotes for a single 30 year-old man driving a Toyota Camry across 44 cities in Tennessee. Here are the five companies who had the cheapest quotes, with a comparison of their average annual premiums to the statewide mean.

This graph shows the top five cheap auto insurance companies in the state of Tennessee, and compares their rates to the state average.

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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The cheapest car insurance companies in Tennessee were: Utica National, The Cincinnati, GEICO, Nationwide, and Westfield. Overall, the five cheapest companies had an average premium of $883 a year, which is 26% cheaper than the Tennessee average. Just keep in mind that each driver’s rates will differ depending on their driving record, liability protection amounts, and where they live, etc. - exactly why consumers should compare quotes from local insurers to get the lowest rates.

The table below has the top 10 Tennessee insurance companies in terms of price. The companies are ranked in the order of lowest insurance costs per year to highest. Or, enter your zip code above to find the cheapest Tennessee auto insurance quotes near you.

RankAuto Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rate
1Utica National$779
2The Cincinnati$895
6Tennessee Farmers Mutual$983
9Penn National$1,198
10State Farm$1,224

Best Car Insurance in Tennessee

We found that Nationwide, State Farm, and Allstate were the best-rated auto insurance companies in Tennessee. We arrived at these by measuring customer satisfaction among the major auto insurance companies operating in Tennessee.

RankInsurer NameComplaint Ratio
2State Farm0.44
6Erie Insurance0.64
7Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee0.67
10Liberty Mutual0.78

The metric we chose was a complaint index, which consists of a company’s share of complaints versus its share of direct premiums underwritten in Tennessee. This takes into account how a company performs relative to its competitors. A lower index number indicates fewer complaints, which indicates more satisfied policyholders.

We also limited our review to the ten largest auto insurance companies in Tennessee, which combined insured 80% of drivers in the state, to be relevant to most drivers. This ruled out smaller insurers such as Direct General, Erie, or The Hartford.

Auto Insurance in Tennessee: Minimum Coverage Requirements

Tennessee requires that car insurance policies include, at minimum, the following limits of coverage:

  • Bodily Injury (BI) Liability: $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage (PD) Liability: $15,000 per accident

While these limits represent the least amount of insurance coverage you can have, you should consider adding more, as damages above these limits could require that you pay out-of-pocket after an accident. The amount of liability insurance you should have typically depends upon the amount of assets you have at risk in the case of a lawsuit. If you own a house in an expensive neighborhood and have sizable savings, we'd recommend you increase your liability limits and consider adding umbrella insurance as well.

Cheap Car Insurance in Tennessee By City

Location helps to determine how much drivers pay for their car insurance. The 5 most expensive cities had an average annual rate of $1,464 while the 5 cheapest areas had yearly premiums around $1,019—30% cheaper than the priciest towns around Tennessee.

Generally speaking, lower population density (i.e., less people per square mile) and lower crime rates (especially auto theft rates) tend to translate into cheaper quotes. As you'll see, the 5 costliest cities in Tennessee were all in the Memphis metro area, which has the highest crime rates in Tennessee and is also the most populated area.

The table below provides the three cheapest auto insurance companies for each city we surveyed, along with the average annual rates for a single male. Generally speaking, Utica National was the cheapest insurer that we found. Below you can see the three cheapest insurers per city. Then you can see an in-depth look into Tennessee's largest cities.

CityCheapest Car Insurance CompaniesAnnual Rates
AthensUtica National$648
The Cincinnati$900
The Cincinnati$1,080
BrentwoodUtica National$648
BristolUtica National$684
Tennessee Farmers Mutual$804
ChattanoogaUtica National$744
The Cincinnati$876
Utica National$732
ClevelandUtica National$648
Tennessee Farmers Mutual$888
The Cincinnati$888
The Cincinnati$1,080
ColumbiaUtica National$732
The Cincinnati$828
Tennessee Farmers Mutual$888
CookevilleUtica National$732
The Cincinnati$828
DicksonUtica National$732
The Cincinnati$900
The Cincinnati$936
East RidgeUtica National$744
ElizabethtonUtica National$684
The Cincinnati$816
FarragutUtica National$720
The Cincinnati$876
FranklinUtica National$648
GallatinUtica National$648
The Cincinnati$864
The Cincinnati$1,080
GoodlettsvilleUtica National$648
The Cincinnati$864
GreenevilleUtica National$636
The Cincinnati$852
HendersonvilleUtica National$648
The Cincinnati$864
The Cincinnati$936
Johnson CityUtica National$588
KingsportUtica National$576
Tennessee Farmers Mutual$804
The Cincinnati$816
KnoxvilleUtica National$720
The Cincinnati$876
La VergneUtica National$648
LawrenceburgUtica National$732
The Cincinnati$804
LebanonUtica National$648
The Cincinnati$888
MaryvilleUtica National$648
The Cincinnati$876
Tennessee Farmers Mutual$912
McMinnvilleUtica National$732
The Cincinnati$756
The Cincinnati$1,080
MorristownUtica National$648
Mount JulietUtica National$648
The Cincinnati$888
MurfreesboroUtica National$648
NashvilleUtica National$708
The Cincinnati$864
Oak RidgeUtica National$684
The Cincinnati$852
Red BankUtica National$744
SeviervilleUtica National$648
Tennessee Farmers Mutual$924
The Cincinnati$948
ShelbyvilleUtica National$732
The Cincinnati$864
SmyrnaUtica National$648
Soddy-DaisyUtica National$744
SpringfieldUtica National$732
The Cincinnati$864
TullahomaUtica National$732
Union CityNationwide$924
The Cincinnati$936

Memphis, TN

Memphis has been commemorated in more than 1,000 song titles. Known as the Bluff City, it is home to great barbecue and Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion. The city also ranks on many lists as one of the top 10 most crime ridden cities in the US, it should come as no surprise that downtown Memphis has the highest auto insurance prices in all of Tennessee.

Rates in Memphis average $1,600 per year, which is 33% higher than the average city in the state. Cheap car insurance in Memphis can be had though, despite the costs being substantially higher than the state average. We found the cheapest auto insurance quotes in Memphis at GEICO, The Cincinnati and Westfield. Insuring your vehicle with these three could save you 32% off what the average company charges in this city.

This graph lays out the five cheapest auto insurance companies for civilians in Nashville, and compares their rates to the city average.

Nashville, TN

The city of Nashville and music are closely intertwined, and its nickname, “Music City”, reflects that. The Country Music Hall of Fame is located here, and a plethora of famous songs and records were recorded here and on Music Row. President Andrew Jackson’s house even has a guitar-shaped driveway.

On average, drivers from the "Music City" can pay about $1,209 a year to provide liability protection for their vehicles in Nashville—this ranks Tennessee’s capital as the 11th costliest. Based on our comparison analysis, for a single 30 year old male, Utica National, The Cincinnati and Westfield provided the cheapest options. The average cost between the three was 47% lower than the Music City average.

This graph lays out the five cheapest auto insurance companies for civilians in Nashville, and compares their rates to the city average.

Knoxville, TN

Measuring 104 square miles, Knoxville is located at the junction of three interstate highways: I-75, I-40, and I-81. This is where the main campus of the University of Tennessee is located, as well as the home of the first electric street car.

How much does auto insurance cost in Tennessee’s third largest city? That’d be about $1,226 for our sample driver, making it the 9th-most expensive for automobile insurance. Motorists cruising in the city will be glad to know that cheap auto insurance in Knoxville can be had with a bit of comparison shopping. We found that the three cheapest automobile insurers in Knoxville were Utica National, The Cincinnati and GEICO for civilians. The average quote at these three companies was 32% cheaper than the city average.

This graph displays the insurers in Knoxville with the lowest auto insurance premiums, and compares them visually against Knoxville's citywide average

Chattanooga, TN

The fourth largest city in the Volunteer State, Chattanooga offers a wealth of natural beauty and southern charm. Residents looking for a break from city life can drive just six miles away to the Ruby Falls at Lookout Mountain – just don’t pass through Walnut Street Bridge, one of the world’s longest pedestrian-only bridges.

The city ranks as the 23rd-most expensive for car insurance in Tennessee. At $1,172 a year, it’s just a 2% less than the state’s average. For affordable car insurance in Chattanooga, we recommend starting with quotes from Utica National, GEICO and Westfield. The average rates at these companies were 30% less than the Chattanooga average. In comparison, the three most expensive companies in Chattanooga (Encompass, Safe Auto, and State Auto) cost about $990 more than the three cheapest on average.

This bar graph outlines the five companies in Chattanooga with the cheapest car insurance rates alongside the city average

Clarksville, TN

Clarksville's train depot and famed Roxy Theater have been featured in music videos, like in the Monkees’ “Last Train to Clarksville”, and Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do”. Noted guitarist Jimi Hendrix was stationed near Clarksville with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell as well.

As for car insurance costs, Clarksville is roughly on par with the Tennessee average. We found that single 30 year old men pay about $1,207 to cover their vehicles for the year. For Clarksville drivers looking to save more, the top three cheapest options were Utica National, The Cincinnati and GEICO, where rates were about 31% less than the state average. That translates to $514 more in the bank.

The five auto insurance companies with the lowest annual premiums are displayed in this graph next to the Clarksville average

Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro is the geographic center of Tennessee, but its auto insurance costs tilt towards the cheaper end of the state, as it's 18th least expensive city in Tennessee for car insurance. It's also the seat of Rutherford County, and is home to the Middle Tennessee State University. The area has been ranked as the 84th-best city to live in the United States, and also turns up as the 9th-cheapest city in our study for auto insurance.

Insuring a car in Murfreesboro costs about $1,159 per year for our sample driver. Just by living here, motorists pay about 4% less than the state average. For even more affordable auto insurance in Murfreesboro, consider quotes at Utica National, GEICO and Westfield. The average price for those companies was $768 per year—$391 less than the city average.

This graph shows the five cheapest companies for auto insurance rates in Murfreesboro, TN

Jackson, TN

The city of Jackson is home to Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum, which celebrates the role automobiles have played in entertainment history. Among the TV cars are the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van and the blue AMC Pacer 2-door compact from Wayne’s World. From movies, you have the Batmobile, the Gran Torino from Starsky & Hutch, the Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance from Ghostbusters, and even the DeLorean from Back to the Future. While our cars weren’t featured in film, at least they're cheaper to insure than any of the specialty automobiles above! It costs $1,250 on average to insure your car in Jackson for our sample driver.

Overall Jackson is 4% higher than the average city in Tennessee. For low-cost auto insurance in Jackson, we recommend starting with quotes from GEICO, Nationwide, and the Cincinnati. Their average annual premium represents a $324 discount from the citywide average.

This bar chart ranks the companies in Jackson with the cheapest rates for vehicle liability protection

Franklin, TN

Had Tennessee kept its previous name, it would have been known as the State of Franklin, but the name went to this city instead. This city of 69,000 was actually named after Benjamin Franklin. Today, the city hosts a number of colorful festivals and events, such as the Main Street Festival, the Wine Down Main Street, Pumpkinfest, and Dickens of a Christmas.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Franklin? That’d be Utica National, Westfield and GEICO according to our comparison shopping numbers. These companies charged an average of $790, or 31% cheaper than the state average for our sample driver. Overall, Franklin was the 9th most affordable city for car insurance in Tennessee.

This graph lays out which five companies in Franklin have the lowest auto insurance costs

Johnson City, TN

Along with Bristol and Kingsport, Johnson City is the third member of the "Tri-Cities" on the northeastern border of Tennessee and home to more than 65,000 citizens. Tennessee’s 9th-most populous spot, Johnson City ranked as the 4th cheapest in our survey of 44 cities in the state. It is home to the East Tennessee State University Buccaneers. The city also has a number of routes known as the “Southern Dozen”, which take motorcycle riders and drivers through winding paths and twisting roads across Tennessee to witness the natural beauty and cultural history the state has to offer.

With so much pavement to cover, and so many destinations to road trip to, motorists in Johnson City will be glad to know that costs here are almost 10% lower than the state average, making it the third cheapest in Tennessee. It can cost $1,078 a year to protect your car with liability coverage, or $756 a year if you go with one of the cheaper insurers. For affordable auto insurance in Johnson City, start with Utica National, Nationwide and GEICO. Their rates are about $322 or 25% lower than the citywide average.

This graph shows which five insurers in Johnson have the lowest auto insurance rates

Bartlett, TN

The City of Bartlett sits 13 miles to the northeast of downtown Memphis. Bartlett's slogan is "A Great Place to Live, Work, Raise a Family and Retire". The city of Bartlett originated as a way station and a farming community and is today home to 55,000 residents with access to more than 25 parks with tennis courts and trails, as well as the 18-hole Quail Ridge golf course to practice your golf game.

Drivers in Bartlett pay an average $1,505 per year, or $125 per month. While it is 6% cheaper than Memphis, it is still 26% higher than the state average; it's the 2nd most expensive city to insure a car in Tennessee. We found low-cost auto insurance quotes in Bartlett at GEICO, Nationwide, and the Cincinnati. At these three companies, motorists shell out on average $1,068 a year for standard insurance policies. That’s about 29% lower than the Bartlett average, and 12% lower than the Tennessee average annual premium.

This chart lines up the five cheapest car insurance companies in Bartlett, and compares them against the city average

Brentwood, TN

Located in the middle of Tennessee, Brentwood is a suburb of Nashville. Auto insurance rates average $1,126 per year—about 6% lower than the rest of TN. Consumers who want lower rates should consider getting quotes from Utica National, Westfield and GEICO. With average annual premiums of $773 among the three, Brentwood drivers would be saving about $352 compared to the rest of the city.

This graph lays out the auto insurance companies in Brentwood with the lowest rates

Bristol, TN

The 'Birthplace of Country Music' and home to a hugely popular NASCAR event at the Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol is a town of 27,000 residents located in northeast Tennessee. Bristol's car insurance rates, are the cheapest in all of Tennessee with an average annual rate of $1,067. This is 45% cheaper than the most expensive city in TN and 11% cheaper than the state average. We found the cheapest quotes in Bristol at Utica National, GEICO, and Tennessee Farmers Bureau. The mean annual premium at Utica National, GEICO, and Tennessee Farmers Bureau was $762, or 28% cheaper than the average insurer in Bristol.

This chart shows which car insurance companies in Bristol have the cheapest rates, and compares them against the city average

Kingsport, TN

The larger half of the Kingsport-Bristol metro area, Kingsport was only a few dollars more expensive than its next door neighbor, Bristol. Residents in town can expect a monthly payment of $1,071 annually. At this rate, Kingsport drivers pay 11% less than the average Tennessean, and 45% less than commuters in Memphis. In our comparison analysis, Utica National, Tennessee Farmers Mutual and The Cincinnati had the lowest rates at $732 on average.

This graph shows which car insurers in Kingsport have the most affordable annual premiums

Gallatin, TN

Another suburb of Nashville, Gallatin is the employment epicenter for Sumner County with large employers like GAP and ServPro Industries topping the list. Beyond a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, residents of Gallatin should be happy to know that their auto insurance costs are the 6th lowest in the state.

The annual average is $1,132 or $94 a month. If that’s not low enough, frugal drivers should include quotes from Utica National, Westfield and the Cincinnati in their comparison shopping. The average rate for those companies was $788 for our sample driver, a $279 from the city average.

This graph displays Gallatin's five cheapest companies for automobile insurance

Germantown, TN

Home to 40,123 Tennesseans, Germantown is located in southeast Shelby County and has the highest per capita income of all municipalities in the County of $49,857.

Germantown is the third most expensive spot for auto insurance in Tennessee with annual rates of $1,471 for our sample driver, or 23% more expensive than the state average. For inexpensive auto insurance in Germantown, check out GEICO, Nationwide and the Cincinnati. Out of the companies we surveyed, these three had rates that were about 28% cheaper than the average insurer in the city at $1,058 on average.

This graph lines up the five insurers in Germantown with the lowest average yearly premiums

Collierville, TN

Bordering our 4th place finisher, Germantown, to the east, and the state of Mississippi to the north, Collierville is also a suburb of Memphis with high auto insurance rates relative to the Tennessee state average. Citizens of Collierville are looking at a city average of $1,449, which is 21% higher than the state average. The top results we saw in Collierville were at GEICO, Nationwide and The Cincinnati. Among these three, the mean annual premium was $1019 – 29% less what the typical driver in Collierville would pay.

This bar chart displays the five insurance companies in Collierville with the cheapest rates

Dyersburg, TN

Eighty miles northeast of downtown Memphis, Dyersburg presents itself as "The Gateway to Everywhere." A small town of just over 17,000 people, Dyersburg had the 5th highest car insurance premiums in Tennessee at an annual average of $1,294. Drivers here pay 8% more than the average Tennessean, but 20% less than the average Memphis dweller. Cheaper auto insurance alternatives in Dyersburg can be had at Nationwide, The Cincinnati and Westfield for an average of $956 per year. This figure represents savings of $338 compared to the city average.

This graph shows the names and average premiums for the four cheapest car insurers in Dyersburg

Cost of Car Insurance in Tennessee in All Cities

Our study looked at 44 Tennessee cities in total, so if you didn't see your town in the Top or Bottom 5 there's a good chance you can see where your city stacks up in the chart below. The average cost of car insurance in Tennessee across the entire state was $1,199 per year—that’s based on rates we saw for a single 30 year old male driving a Toyota Camry. Here are the cities in order of cheapest to costliest.

This graph plots the average cost of car insurance in forty plus cities in TN, from Athens to Union City

About Our Study

Our sample quotes are for a single thirty year old male driver. In this case, he drives a 2011 Toyota Camry that he bought and mainly uses to commute to and from his place of employment. Coverage is slightly above the state minimum (see table below). The driver has had no at-fault accidents or violations in the last 5 years. ValuePenguin looked at insurance quotes from 14 top auto insurers that operate throughout Tennessee. We then averaged rates across the auto insurers to come up with a final number for each city. Complaint data and direct premiums underwritten were sourced from the NAIC and the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance.

Liability TypeTennessee MinimumLimits Used in Our Survey
Bodily Liability (per person / accident)$25,000 / $50,000$50,000 / $100,000
Property Damage$15,000$25,000
Uninsured Motorist$50,000 / $100,000
Medical Payments$1,000
Collision / Comprehensive deductible$500

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