Best Car Insurance Rates in Arkansas

Best Car Insurance Rates in Arkansas

Farm Bureau has the best cheap car insurance in Arkansas, at $361 per year, or $30 per month, for minimum liability coverage.

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Car insurance rates vary depending on your driving history, personal profile and city of residence. Since many factors determine your rates, we recommend that you shop around and compare quotes from multiple Arkansas insurance companies.

Cheapest auto insurance in Arkansas: Farm Bureau

The average cost of car insurance in Arkansas is $556 per year, or $46 per month, for minimum liability.

According to our research, the companies with the cheapest minimum-coverage auto insurance in Arkansas are Farm Bureau, Geico and State Farm offer the cheapest minimum-coverage auto insurance in Arkansas, according to our research. The annual rates from these companies averaged 31% less than the Arkansas average.

Cheapest car insurance companies in Arkansas

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Arkansas

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Additionally, USAA typically provides drivers with cheap car insurance — although only veterans, military members and their families are eligible for these policies.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
Farm Bureau$361$30
State Farm$410$34

*USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

The minimum-coverage insurance policy is the cheapest plan an Arkansas driver can purchase. However, depending on your background and history, you may need additional coverage.

A minimum-coverage policy only protects other drivers and their vehicles. Your own vehicle will not be financially reimbursed if you get into an accident, which may result in hefty out-of-pocket costs if your car is expensive.

Arkansas drivers should opt for higher limits or at least more than the minimum requirements if their vehicle is worth more than $3,000 or is less than 10 years old.

Cheapest company for full coverage: Farm Bureau

For a full-coverage car insurance policy, Arkansas drivers can expect to get the cheapest car insurance rates with Farm Bureau. This company provided the cheapest quotes for our 30-year-old sample male driver — with rates that averaged $1,216 per year.

Farm Bureau's rates are 29% less than the average cost of full-coverage auto insurance in the state.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
Farm Bureau$1,216$101
State Farm$1,258$105

*USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Full-coverage policies include comprehensive and collision insurance coverages — which pay out to repair or replace your own vehicle if it is stolen or damaged in a crash. Consider these policies if your car is worth more than a few thousand dollars.

Cheap car insurance for drivers with prior incidents

The average cost of a full-coverage policy tends to be higher for drivers with a history of citations, traffic violations or accidents. Depending on which violation you have, rates may increase by a few hundred dollars into the thousands.

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Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Arkansas

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Cheapest for drivers with an accident: State Farm

The best company for inexpensive car insurance after an accident in Arkansas is State Farm.

Rates from State Farm were 45% cheaper than the average cost of insurance for drivers with an accident — which is $2,670 per year. Choosing State Farm over the average insurance company in the state could represent a savings of $101 per month on premiums.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
State Farm$1,461$122
Farm Bureau$1,564$130

USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Insurance companies may raise rates after you've been in an accident because you are statistically more likely to be in future accidents. According to our research of Arkansas companies, the increase in rates could be more than double — depending on your insurer.

Cheapest car insurance for people with a speeding ticket: Farm Bureau

Arkansas's best insurance company for drivers with a speeding ticket is Farm Bureau. The cost difference between Farm Bureau and the most expensive company is an average of $1,604.

This gap emphasizes why it's so important to shop and compare multiple companies. Two other cheap insurers worth checking out are Geico and State Farm.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
Farm Bureau$1,313$109
State Farm$1,360$113

USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Insurance companies use violation history as another way to assess risk. Having a traffic ticket on your record indicates that you are riskier to take on than a customer with a clean record.

Cheapest car insurance after a DUI: Farm Bureau

Being charged with a DUI will likely cause your insurance rates to go up. You should check out Farm Bureau for the best low-cost full-coverage policy. Those insured under this company pay less than half the price of the average Arkansas driver.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
Farm Bureau$1,446$120
State Farm$4,513$376

USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Serious driving convictions like DUIs can stay on your record longer than something minor, like driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. Comparing rates can help mitigate the impact of having a DUI, but driving responsibly for a while is the only way to get your rates back to where they were before.

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with poor credit: Geico

Geico offers the cheapest premiums for drivers with poor credit. Despite being slightly more expensive, Farm Bureau and Nationwide are two alternatives still worth looking into.

Insurers use credit scores to determine quotes because drivers with low credit scores are statistically more likely to file insurance claims.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
Farm Bureau$2,063$172
State Farm$5,072$423

USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Cheapest car insurance for married drivers: Farm Bureau

If you've tied the knot, we recommend receiving quotes from Farm Bureau, State Farm and Geico.

Arkansas's married drivers pay slightly less than single drivers for car insurance. In fact, our sample married driver paid an average $190 less per year than our sample single driver.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
Farm Bureau$1,079$90
State Farm$1,258$105

USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers in Arkansas: Farm Bureau

Teens who have recently gotten their license can find the most affordable car insurance from Farm Bureau, which costs $2,332 annually.

If you or one of your family members is a veteran or current military member, you should contact USAA, which has the second-cheapest overall premium out of the nine largest insurers in Arkansas.

Full coverage
Minimum coverage
Farm Bureau$2,332$948
State Farm$3,686$1,411

USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Age is one of several factors insurers take into account when calculating your annual premium. Teens and new drivers in Arkansas pay more than twice as much as a driver in their 30s. However, once you get older and garner more driving experience, the cost of car insurance typically decreases.

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers after a ticket: Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau and State Farm not only have the best prices for teen drivers after an accident, they also have the best rates for young drivers after a speeding ticket.

Allstate has the most expensive full-coverage auto insurance for our 18-year-old sample driver, with an annual rate of $11,290 — which is $8,736 more costly than Farm Bureau, the cheapest option.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
Farm Bureau$2,554$213
State Farm$4,035$336

*USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers after an accident: Farm Bureau

Young drivers who have been in an accident should contact Farm Bureau and State Farm. Farm Bureau is 57% cheaper than the state average for our sample driver of the same profile.

Annual rate
Monthly rate
Farm Bureau$3,081$257
State Farm$4,383$365

USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Having a speeding ticket on your record and having an accident history result in similar effects to your insurance premiums. Both can increase your car insurance costs, sometimes by thousands of dollars, because drivers found to be at-fault in an accident are more likely to be involved in another incident. This price hike can be particularly burdensome for young people who are already charged higher premiums on average. That's why it always pays to shop around to find your cheapest rates.

Best car insurance companies in Arkansas

Offering a combination of quality claims processing and customer service, Shelter is our top-rated auto insurance company in Arkansas. We rate insurance companies based on multiple factors, including customer service, coverage offered and overall shopping experience.

State Farm and Farm Bureau also receive excellent reviews from current customers and rank as the second and third best in the state.

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State Farm
Arkansas Farm Bureau
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Cost of car insurance in Arkansas by city

Insurance costs vary depending on your city of residence. Each area of Arkansas is diverse in its population density, crime rate and accident frequency, which all factor into your annual rate estimates. The average cost of full-coverage car insurance by city in Arkansas ranged from $1,524 in Paris to $1,989 in West Helena.

Average annual rate
Percent from average
State average$1,7422%
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Arkansas car insurance requirements

Arkansas drivers are required to have a minimum amount of liability insurance, which pays out for damages that they may be responsible for in the event of an accident. Those caught driving without insurance may face fines and vehicle registration suspension. Below, we've provided the minimum car insurance policy limits in Arkansas:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance: $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability insurance: $25,000 per person

Keep in mind that while the minimum amount of liability is the cheapest, it may not provide sufficient protection for your individual needs. This level of protection does not provide financial reimbursement for damages obtained by your car. We recommend that drivers with expensive or new vehicles purchase higher liability limits or additional coverage.

Recap of the cheapest auto insurance in Arkansas

  • Minimum coverage: State Farm
  • Full coverage: State Farm
  • After an at-fault accident: State Farm
  • After a speeding ticket: State Farm
  • After a DUI: State Farm
  • Poor credit history: Geico
  • Very good credit history: State Farm
  • Married couples: State Farm
  • Young drivers: Southern Farm Bureau
  • Young drivers with one accident: Southern Farm Bureau
  • Young drivers with one speeding ticket: Southern Farm Bureau


We collected thousands of rates from ZIP codes across Arkansas for the largest nine insurers. We used a sample driver with the following profile:

  • 30-year-old man
  • Drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX
  • Average credit

The base policy for the study was a full-coverage policy with the following limits:

Coverage type
Study limits
Bodily liability$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Personal injury protection$10,000
Property damage$25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision$500 deductible

For our minimum-coverage policy, we quoted a policy with the minimum required limits in Arkansas.

For other rates analyses (age, credit score, accident history and marriage status) the base policy listed above was alternated to reflect the new driver.

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.