Who Are the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Mississippi?

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If you're looking for cheap car insurance in Mississippi, it's best to shop around among multiple providers. We compared local car insurance quotes for a benchmark driver in 160+ cities across the Magnolia State, and found that the cheapest car insurance in Mississippi varies widely by location and insurance company.

In fact, the most expensive auto insurance company costs over twice as much what the cheapest auto insurance company in Mississippi charged. That's why to find the best car insurance rates, drivers should compare rates from a few different companies. To get started, use the tool above and type in your zip code to see the top providers near you or read on to see our research on rates.

Cheapest car insurance in Mississippi

The three cheapest car insurance companies in Mississippi are State Farm, Mississippi Farm Bureau and Alfa Insurance, based on our analysis of car insurance quotes across the state. We analyzed auto insurance rates in Mississippi for our sample driver, a 30 year old single man, as a benchmark to compare costs across eight companies.

This graph shows which companies in Mississippi have the best car insurance rates for our sample drivers, and compares them to the state average.
This graph shows which companies in Mississippi have the best car insurance rates for our sample drivers, and compares them to the state average.

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Shoppers should note that the Farm Bureau charges an annual membership fee, which can range from $25 to $40 based on which county drivers live in.

The three cheapest insurers had an average annual rate of $1,678, which is almost $600 below the state average. If you qualify, USAA is also an extremely affordable option, with average rates of $1,033 per year. We suggest that drivers looking for low rates add these four insurers to their list of companies to get and compare quotes from.

Progressive, Allstate and Shelter rank as some of the more expensive insurers in Mississippi. The average of these insurers' rates is $3,107 per year, 41% more expensive than the Mississippi average.

RankCompanyAverage annual rate
1State Farm$1,504
2Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,716
USAA is excluded from rankings because only current and former military members (and their families) qualify for a policy.

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance: State Farm

A full coverage policy includes comprehensive and collision insurance, and is more expensive than a policy that just has liability insurance. On average, Mississippi drivers get the cheapest full coverage policies with State Farm. We also recommend getting a quote from Mississippi Farm Bureau and Alfa.

  • State Farm: Full coverage policies cost $1,504 per year on average with State Farm in Mississippi. This is over $200 cheaper than the best alternative.
  • Mississippi Farm Bureau: Even including its membership fee, the Farm Bureau has the second cheapest rates in the state at $1,716 per year.
  • Alfa: The Alabama-based Alfa Insurance is not far behind the Farm Bureau. Mississippi drivers can get a full coverage policy for $1,814 per year on average.

Comprehensive insurance covers your car against damage from events that are an "act of God," such as weather. Collision insurance covers damage to your car that happens on the road regardless of who was at-fault, so damage to your car will be covered if you're in a solo accident or in an accident that was your fault.

If you borrowed to finance your car purchase, or if you're leasing a car, your lender likely requires you to buy a full coverage policy.

For everyone else, we recommend full coverage insurance if the value of your car is higher than the sum of the cost of adding full coverage and your policy deductible.

Cheapest minimum liability auto insurance: Mississippi Farm Bureau

If you're looking for the cheapest auto insurance policy possible, you should buy one that meets the minimum coverage limits required by Mississippi. Among insurers offering these policies, we found Mississippi Farm Bureau to be the cheapest.

  • Mississippi Farm Bureau offers minimum coverage policies for an average of $511 per year. This is 32% cheaper than the state average of $749.
  • State Farm is similarly affordable with an average rate of $540 per year. Given the limited difference in rates, shoppers should definitely get a quote from both of these cheap options.
  • Nationwide is a distant third at $693 per year, but still far cheaper than Alfa, Allstate, Progressive and Shelter.

For those who qualify, USAA is by far the cheapest option for minimum coverage in Mississippi. The average quote for our sample driver was only $267 per year, about half the price of the Mississippi Farm Bureau.

A minimum coverage policy with liability insurance will ensure you're compliant with state law, but we always recommend purchasing even more liability coverage. In the event of a major accident in which bodily injury and property damage costs exceed these modest limits, Mississippi drivers will be on the hook for the remaining costs out of pocket.

Cheapest for drivers with an accident on their record: State Farm

Mississippi insurance companies charge more for drivers with an accident on their record. In the eyes of an insurer, a history of crashes makes you more likely to crash again. If you have an accident on your record, you should look to find savings with State Farm, which had the cheapest rates for any Mississippi insurer when our driver had been in an at-fault accident.

RankInsurerAnnual rate after accidentAnnual rate before accidentDifference
1State Farm$1,826$1,504$322
3Mississippi Farm Bureau$2,249$1,716$533
USAA was the cheapest overall insurer, but as it is only available for military members and their families, we did not include it in our rankings.

Alfa Insurance may also be an affordable option for Mississippi drivers. On average, it raised rates by $261 per year for our sample driver, which is less than any other insurers, including State Farm. Several insurance companies in Mississippi — such as Shelter, Progressive and Allstate — had much more severe penalties for our driver in excess of $1,700.

Best auto insurance companies in Mississippi

One way of evaluating which Mississippi carriers are the best for car insurance is to analyze how many complaints they received relative to their competitors — a complaint index. By this measure, Mississippi Farm Bureau, Progressive and Nationwide rank as the best insurers for customer service in Mississippi.

Given its combination of low complaints and affordability, Mississippi residents looking for their best overall car insurance option should definitely take a look at the Farm Bureau.

RankCompanyMarket shareComplaint index
1Mississippi Farm Bureau9.9%0.21
4State Farm20.6%0.57
5Shelter Insurance2.8%0.61
7Liberty Mutual (Safeco)5.9%0.66
8Alfa Insurance2.7%0.69
Complaint index was drawn from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for the top 10 insurance groups in Mississippi by market share.

The complaint index is calculated by comparing each company's share of complaints versus its market share. The lower each company's complaint index figure, the more the company outperforms its competitors. The national average is 1.0, so all these insurers have a complaint rate that is lower — in other words, better — than the average insurance company.

Mississippi car insurance minimum requirements

In Mississippi, all drivers are required to have auto insurance coverage. Driving without insurance in Mississippi can lead to a fine of $500 and license suspension. Below we detail the minimum required auto insurance coverages for Mississippi drivers.

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: $25,000 per accident

Cheapest auto insurance in Mississippi: by city

The cheapest rates for car insurance in Mississippi will vary depending on your location. We looked into auto insurance quotes at the 50 most populated cities in the state to see just how much rates can change and recommend the cheapest insurer on average in each.

If you qualify for USAA, it tends to be the cheapest insurer in any given city. Otherwise, State Farm was the most affordable option.

Mississippi Farm Bureau and Alfa Insurance alternated as the third most affordable car insurance company for these 50 Mississippi cities, with the Farm Bureau one of the top three cheapest in 33 cities and Alfa Insurance in the remaining 17.

CityCompanyAnnual premium
State Farm$1,285
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,529
State Farm$1,624
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,828
Bay St. LouisUSAA$1,032
State Farm$1,597
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,845
State Farm$1,556
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,912
State Farm$1,308
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,457
State Farm$1,677
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,750
State Farm$1,516
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,629
State Farm$1,738
State Farm$1,588
State Farm$1,676
State Farm$1,447
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,719
State Farm$1,543
State Farm$1,434
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,613
State Farm$1,365
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,496
State Farm$1,539
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,846
State Farm$1,634
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,720
State Farm$1,574
State Farm$1,404
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,701
State Farm$1,494
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,694
State Farm$1,389
State Farm$1,632
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,762
State Farm$1,550
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,989
State Farm$1,384
State Farm$1,492
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,629
Holly SpringsUSAA$972
State Farm$1,401
Horn LakeUSAA$1,069
State Farm$1,659
State Farm$1,356
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,570
State Farm$1,764
State Farm$1,426
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,723
State Farm$1,468
Long BeachUSAA$1,006
State Farm$1,502
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,821
State Farm$1,453
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,658
State Farm$1,514
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,784
State Farm$1,537
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,670
Moss PointUSAA$1,088
State Farm$1,494
New AlbanyUSAA$990
State Farm$1,292
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,471
Olive BranchUSAA$1,069
State Farm$1,619
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,833
State Farm$1,427
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,691
State Farm$1,529
State Farm$1,444
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,576
State Farm$1,262
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,469
State Farm$1,608
State Farm$1,494
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,822
State Farm$1,454
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,682
State Farm$1,600
State Farm$1,321
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,529
State Farm$1,626
State Farm$1,598
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,845
West PointUSAA$972
State Farm$1,347
Mississippi Farm Bureau$1,557
Yazoo CityUSAA$1,113
State Farm$1,775

To take a closer look at how car insurance rates may change depending on where you live in Mississippi, we dug into costs for the five largest cities below:

  • Jackson
  • Gulfport
  • Southaven
  • Biloxi
  • Hattiesburg

The range of car insurance prices in Mississippi tends to be quite narrow. The most expensive city, Jackson, is 10% more expensive than the state average, while the cheapest city, Tupelo, is only 11% cheaper than the average cost of car insurance in Mississippi.

Car insurance in Jackson, MS

Jackson is the most expensive city in Mississippi for auto insurance, which makes sense: densely populated areas with more accidents tend to have more expensive quotes.

  • Our sample driver pays $2,435 per year for car insurance in Jackson, 10% higher than the overall state average.
  • State Farm and Alfa Insurance are both reasonably affordable options in Jackson at $1,764 per year and $1,866 per year, respectively.

Auto insurance in Gulfport, MS

Like Jackson, it's harder for drivers to find cheap car insurance in Gulfport. It ranks as the fifth most expensive city in the state.

  • The average cost of car insurance in Gulfport is $2,354 per year for our driver. That's 7% higher than the Mississippi average.
  • USAA is the cheapest overall insurer, but Gulfport has a big gap in rates between State Farm and the Mississippi Farm Bureau, the second and third cheapest insurers. At $1,550 per year, State Farm is more than $400 cheaper than the Farm Bureau ($1,989 per year).

Auto insurance in Southaven, MS

For a populous city, Southaven is relatively affordable. Its prices are right around average of our 50 cities.

  • Car insurance in Southaven costs $2,249 per year on average, 2% over the Mississippi average.
  • With the exception of USAA, State Farm and Alfa insurance rank as the two most affordable insurers.

Auto insurance in Biloxi, MS

Like Jackson and Gulfport, Biloxi residents will pay some of the highest rates in the state. Biloxi ranks as the eighth most expensive city for car insurance.

  • Biloxi's average annual premium of $2,313 per year is 5% higher than the state average.
  • Biloxi is another city in which State Farm is measurably cheaper than the closest competitor, with our sample driver paying almost $400 less per year than he would with Mississippi Farm Bureau.
  • However, USAA is the cheapest provider for those who are eligible.

Auto insurance in Hattiesburg, MS

Despite its size, Hattiesburg is the most affordable big city for car insurance. It is the 14th most affordable place in Mississippi.

  • Average annual quote = $2,143 per year. This is 3% cheaper than the state average.
  • Shoppers looking for affordability should once again start their search with State Farm, Alfa Insurance or Mississippi Farm Bureau.

Average cost of car insurance in Mississippi: by city

How much is car insurance in Mississippi? We found the state has average yearly car insurance premiums of of $2,208.

But rates change depending on location. Quote data for our sample driver was collected across these eight insurers to determine the average cost per city. This figure was then used to rank and compare the cities relative to one another, from the cheapest rates to the most expensive.

  • With average rates of $1,975 per year, Tupelo is the cheapest city for car insurance in Mississippi.
  • Jackson is the most expensive city for auto insurance policies: Average rates are $2,435 per year for our sample driver.
RankCityAverage annual premium
2New Albany$1,978
8West Point$2,039
17Holly Springs$2,161
32Horn Lake$2,259
35Olive Branch$2,267
38Yazoo City$2,285
39Long Beach$2,291
40Moss Point$2,296
44Bay St. Louis$2,335


We collected quotes from over 160 Mississippi cities to complete this study. When obtaining a quote, we used the profile of a 30-year-old male driving a 2015 Honda Civic EX. The driver has a below average credit record and sought a full coverage policy with the following limits:

Coverage typeStudy limits
Bodily liability$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Property damage$25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision$500 deductible

For the policy meeting only Mississippi's minimum coverage requirements, our sample driver bought a policy with those specific liability limits.

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.