United Automobile Insurance

United Automobile Insurance


  • Local agents say United Automobile quotes are some of the cheapest in their markets


  • Higher than average levels of complaints for United Automobile's auto coverage in Florida, and has a weak financial strength rating
  • Local agents for United Automobile are not well-versed on particulars of the company's coverage or benefits
  • Very little information on United Automobile's website to educate consumers

The company offers standard auto insurance for cars, with little to differentiate or set it apart from other insurers. 

Customer Complaints

Consumers logged 41 complaints with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in 2012 about United Automobile's auto insurance coverage. This is almost four times the industry average given the size of premiums underwritten by United Automobile - that is, United Automobile has received a higher share of complaints than premiums underwritten. A large majority of those complaints centered around delays on United Automobile's part in handling claims related to liability and physical damage coverage. Telephone calls were either not returned in a reasonable timeframe, or adjusters did not handle their accident cases in a timely fashion, Some consumers alleged that claims were either denied or unsatisfactorily settled. For the most part, these complaints were either settled and resolved.

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Weak Financial Strength Rating

United Automobile Insurance is also one of the few auto insurance companies we've come across whose financial strength rating has been graded "Weak", and whose outlook is "Negative" by AM Best. This indicates that AM Best's ability to cover its financial (policy or contractual) obligations is weak, and in danger of a potential downgrade. This gives us pause that United Automobile may not be able to fulfill all of its claims payments to its insured drivers.

Due to these factors, we urge prospective policyholders to familiarize themselves and conduct more research prior to signing on with United Automobile. We recommend that clients obtain at least two quotes from other car insurance companies to educate themselves on the market rates and coverage.

Insurer Ratings

Metric Rating
AM Best Financial Strength Rating / Outlook (2013) C (Weak) / Outlook: Negative
NAIC Complaint Index (2012) 3.71 (National Median 1.00)
Better Business Bureau (2013) A+
Direct Premiums Underwritten (2012) $253.1MM

Auto Insurance Policy & Discounts

United Automobile began underwriting auto insurance policies in Miami, Florida in 1989. The company has since expanded to twelve states across America, and now provides car insurance in Florida, Illinois, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Indiana, Georgia, and South Carolina. There is no agency or broker locator tool on their website - prospective insureds would have to contact the customer service line for each state (located here). In Florida alone, the company contracts with 400 independent agents, and its underwriting office is located in Miami. In Illinois, United Automobile has over 200 agents serving the greater Chicago urban area. Texas is one of their larger states, with coverage from 500 agents. Most customers tend to hear about United Automobile through walking into a local agent's storefront office.

Their website is: www.uaig.net

How to File a Claim

To file a claim with United Automobile, consumers have to call a state-specific telephone number that doesn't operate 24 hours a day. Below is the phone number for Florida. 

Florida Telephone Number: (305) 940-7299 (weekdays from 8am - 9pm ET)

  • Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish
  • For New Claims / To report an accident for first time, press 2
  • For the status on existing damage claim, press 3
  • For medical PIP claims, press 4
  • For the claims mailing address, press 5
  • To speak with a person, press 6

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