Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Oklahoma?

Auto insurance costs in Oklahoma rank the Sooner State among the top 20 most expensive in the nation. To help drivers save, we compared auto insurance quotes in Oklahoma for two typical drivers across fifty cities to identify how much insuring their car could cost. We found that the basic liability coverage cost $1,229 per year for our two benchmark male drivers in OK, but depending on who they insure with and where they live, annual rates can vary from about $700 per year at the cheapest car insurance company to $1,800 at the most expensive place. Put another way, the cost of the most expensive company could pay for about 2.5x years worth of coverage at the most affordable insurer. That's why it's important for drivers to compare quotes if they want good rates for themselves. Enter your zip code above for a list of companies to start.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Oklahoma

We compared quotes for car insurance for two drivers from 11 providers in Oklahoma, and found the best rates at GEICO, USAA, Oklahoma Farmers Union, State Farm, and Shelter. Our drivers were a 30 year old man and a 65 year old man - both were single, and didn't have any accidents or traffic violations in the past five years.

This graph shows which five companies have the cheapest rates for car insurance in the Sooner State.

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We recommend looking into GEICO - which typically ranks among the cheapest providers for our single male drivers, followed by USAA if you have some military affiliation or connection, Oklahoma Farmers Union if you'd like a more local and personalized interaction with an agent, or State Farm for its blend of online and agent customer service. Overall, these four cheapest companies quoted an average annual rate for our two male drivers of $921, which was 25% lower than what the typical company charged in the state. Note that Oklahoma Farmers Union requires annual membership dues of $35 (benefits here), but you don't have to be employed in agriculture. On the other hand, the most expensive carriers were MetLife, Mercury, and Allstate, whose quotes on average exceeded the cheapest insurers by $700 to more than $1,100 a year. Here is a table that shows how much it costs our sample drivers for a year's coverage at the 11 auto insurance companies we've looked at in our study. 

RankAuto Insurance CompanyAverage Car Insurance Annual Rate
1 GEICO $725
2 USAA 883
3 Oklahoma Farmers Union 1,038
4 State Farm 1,038
5 Shelter 1,180
6 Farmers 1,242
7 OK Farm Bureau 1,254
8 Safe Auto 1,284
9 Allstate 1,367
10 Mercury 1,677
11 MetLife 1,831

Depending on your age, the names of the insurance companies with the best rates switch around. Our two drivers were 30 years old and 65 years old, and both single men. They've been safe drivers in their Toyota Camry, with zero accidents and no traffic tickets. For a basic liability policy with $25,000 per person for bodily injury protection and up to $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident, companies on average quoted the 30 year old driver a premium of $1,303 and the 65 year old motorist $1,155. Most companies tended to quote higher car insurance prices for a 30 year old versus our senior citizen, with the exception of GEICO, the Oklahoma Farmers Union, and Allstate. On average, these three outliers were anywhere from $2 to $93 cheaper for sample younger male drivers versus their older counterparts. 

GEICO, USAA, Oklahoma Farmers Union, State Farm, and Farmers had the best rates for our single 30 year old man. Quotes at these five companies were 22% cheaper than average. GEICO, USAA, State Farm, Shelter, and Oklahoma Farmers Bureau had the five best rates for our senior citizen, with rates that were 17% better compared to the mean for that age group.

This graph shows which companies have the cheapest auto insurance rates for our 30 and 65 year old men in Oklahoma

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes by City?

Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Broken Arrow ranked as the top three most expensive cities in Oklahoma to insure a vehicle in for our two motorists, so there are definitely opportunities to save by shopping for quotes. Annual rates from the average company were about $1,409 in these three cities, but at the top three $1,096 with the three cheapest insurers in our research. That's a savings of $313 or 22% on an aggregate basis for a year's policy. Lawton, on the other hand, actually placed as the city with the third cheapest auto insurance rates in Oklahoma with this benchmark. 

Your actual quotes will be tailored to your circumstances, but if you need a few suggestions on where to look for affordable rates, take a look at our table below. Here's who had the three best rates for car insurance for the ten biggest cities in our Oklahoma research: 

City Cheapest Insurer #1 Cheapest Insurer #2 Cheapest Insurer #3
Oklahoma City GEICO $702 State Farm $1,062 Farmers $1,278
Tulsa State Farm 1,086 GEICO 1,224 OK Farmers Union 1,350
Broken Arrow GEICO 726 State Farm 1,200 Shelter 1,236
Norman GEICO 642 OK Farmers Union 1,044 State Farm 1,062
Lawton GEICO 618 OK Farmers Union 984 State Farm 1,002
Edmond GEICO 642 USAA 864 State Farm 1,170
Enid GEICO 678 USAA 834 OK Farmers Union 912
Stillwater USAA 786 State Farm 924 OK Farmers Union 954
Muskogee GEICO 702 USAA 918 OK Farm Bureau 936
Bartlesville GEICO 720 USAA 858 OK Farmers Union 984

Best Car Insurance Companies in Oklahoma

To find the best auto insurers in Oklahoma, we analyzed complaints against the ten largest companies in Oklahoma. Specifically, we calculated a complaint ratio, which is the amount of complaints received by the carrier divided by premiums per million for a company. This complaint ratio allows consumers to compare across companies to see who received the least complaints for the same amount of business. The smaller the complaint ratio, the happier the consumers are with their providers, we infer. Without further ado, the three companies in Oklahoma with the best auto insurance ratings are: USAA, CSAA and Progressive.

Company Direct Premiums # of Complaints Complaint Ratio
USAA $130,913,000 0 0.000
CSAA 67,267,000 0 0.000
Progressive 155,091,000 1 0.006
Shelter 76,899,000 1 0.013
State Farm 513,732,000 8 0.016
GEICO 122,502,000 2 0.016
Liberty Mutual 137,232,000 3 0.022
Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual 115,862,000 3 0.026
Allstate 152,997,000 4 0.026
Farmers 305,571,000 16 0.052

How We Conducted the Study

To conduct this study, we pulled rates for two sample drivers in more than 50 cities in the state. Our two test cases were a single 30 year old male and a single 65 year old male. Both men drive a fully-owned 2010 Toyota Camry primarily for commute to and from work, which amounts to about 12,000 miles a year. They also have good credit history and a great driving record - so no accidents or traffic violations have been recorded in their names in the past five years.

These costs account for about twice the minimum liability required in Oklahoma. Oklahoma requires minimum auto insurance liability of $25,000 per person for bodily injury protection and up to $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident. We included national insurers such as GEICO, Allstate, and State Farm as well as regional insurers like Oklahoma Farmers Union in our study.

Insurance Coverage Oklahoma Minimum Coverage Study Coverage
Bodily Injury (BI) (per person / per accident) $25,000 / $50,000 $50,000 / $100,000
Property Damage (PD) 25,000 25,000
Uninsured Motorist BI (per person / per accident)* Optional 50,000 / 100,000
Uninsured Motorist PD* Optional 25,000

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