Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Kansas? (2020)

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Kansas? (2020)

Compare Car Insurance Rates in Kansas

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The average cost of minimum coverage car insurance in Kansas is $327 for a 6-month policy and $654 for an annual policy, or $55 per month. Full coverage car insurance in Kansas averaged $2,190 per year, while a full coverage policy with an accident history cost $2,942 per year.

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Auto insurance rates in Kansas differ greatly based on where drivers live. We looked at local auto insurance quotes across the state to determine which companies had the best car insurance rates.

To get your best rate in Kansas, you should compare quotes from several car insurance companies. Enter your zip code above for a list of auto insurers near you with the cheapest quotes.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance rates in Kansas?

For the best minimum coverage car insurance in Kansas, Farm Bureau, American Family and State Farm offered the most affordable rates.

Together, these three auto insurers offered average rates of $465 per year, or 29% less than the average quotes for minimum coverage car insurance ($654) in Kansas.

This graph shows the three companies with the lowest car insurance rates compared to the state average
This graph shows the three companies with the lowest car insurance rates compared to the state average

Compare Car Insurance Rates in Kansas

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Below are all seven Kansas auto insurers included in our study. We've displayed minimum coverage insurance quotes from each company from lowest to highest annual rate for a full coverage policy.

RankInsurerAnnual premium
1Farm Bureau$435
2American Family$475
3State Farm$486

Minimum coverage car insurance policies only meet Kansas state law's minimum coverage requirements. Unlike full coverage car insurance, minimum coverage doesn't include comprehensive and collision coverage, which covers the cost of damage to your car in scenarios where another driver isn't liable for the damage.

While a minimum coverage auto insurance policy is cheaper, lower coverage limits may put you at risk of insufficient protection in the event of a car accident.

Your auto insurance quotes will differ depending upon where you live and your driving record, among other factors. We recommend you comparison-shop to ensure you find the best rates for car insurance in Kansas.

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance quotes in Kansas

The cheapest car insurance companies in Kansas for a full coverage policy are:

  • State Farm
  • American Family
  • Farm Bureau

These three auto insurers offered the best full coverage car insurance quotes in Kansas, averaging $1,710 per year, or 22% less than the state average of $2,190. If you're looking for low cost auto insurance in Kansas, we recommend including these companies on your shortlist of companies when comparing quotes online.

RankInsurance companyCar insurance quote
1State Farm$1,541
2American Family$1,704
3Farm Bureau$1,885

Farmers and Allstate offered the most expensive auto insurance quotes in Kansas, 37% more expensive than the average cost of car insurance in the state.

Full coverage car insurance includes comprehensive and collision coverage, which protects drivers against damage to their vehicle. You might purchase a full coverage policy if you would like to ensure your car is covered against crashes into fixed structures or other vehicles. Full coverage car insurance protects you regardless of who was at-fault.

The difference between a full and minimum coverage policy in Kansas was $1,535 annually, or $128 per month.

Cheapest car insurance quotes in Kansas with an accident history

State Farm, American Family and Farm Bureau also offered Kansas drivers with an accident on their driving record the cheapest full coverage auto insurance rates.

Together, these three car insurance companies offered car insurance quotes averaging $2,171, or 26% less than the Kansas average of $2,942.

RankInsurance companyQuote before accidentQuote after accidentDifference
1State Farm$1,541$1,758$217
2American Family$1,704$1,906$202
3Farm Bureau$1,885$2,851$966

Just one accident as part of your driving history can result in significantly more expensive auto insurance rates. The difference in annual car insurance quotes in Kansas for a full coverage policy with no accident history ($2,190) versus a policy with one prior accident ($2,942) was $752.

State Farm and American Family offered the most affordable base insurance rates as well as the smallest penalties for an at-fault accident, costing just $217 and $202 more than a policy with no prior accidents, respectively.

Customer picks for the best-rated car insurance companies in Kansas

For the best auto insurance in Kansas, the top customer picks are:

  • Nationwide
  • USAA
  • Farm Bureau

These insurance companies had the least amount of formal complaints expected for a company of their size, indicating a high degree of user satisfaction.

Among insurers included in our analysis, USAA, Farm Bureau, State Farm and Farmers were among the best-rated, holding positions in the top half of the list.

The lower the index figure, the better the company is rated. A lower complaint index indicates the insurer has fewer complaints relative to their market share.

Top-rated car insurers in Kansas

RankCar insurerMarket shareComplaint index
3Farm Bureau7.05%0.62
5State Farm19.21%0.71
8American Family11.65%0.86

We took a look at complaint data that auto insurance customers submitted to the Kansas Insurance Department to identify the best car insurance companies. We calculated each parent company's share of closed complaints compared to their share of the car insurance business in the state. We then ranked them from the lowest number of complaints to the highest number of complaints.

We use data from the largest individual affiliates under their parent marketing company since consumers don't get to decide which underwriting arm handles their policy. These companies represent 81% of the premiums underwritten in Kansas.

Minimum auto insurance requirements in Kansas

Kansas is a no-fault state thus requiring drivers to carry personal injury protection (PIP) in addition to liability insurance coverage.

  • PIP reimburses bodily injury you might face after an accident, regardless of who was at fault.
  • Liability insurance coverage pays out for damages caused to other drivers and their property in an accident where you are at fault.

Kansas' PIP is different than in other states, however, in that rather than just one payout that can be used in anyway the driver sees fit, it is broken down into different limits for different types of benefits.

Below you can see how the minimum auto insurance coverage requirements in Kansas are split:

  • $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident of bodily injury liability
  • $25,000 of property damage liability insurance
  • $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident of uninsured motorist insurance

For personal injury protection (PIP), Kansas uses the following payout limits:

  • $4,500 per person for medical costs
  • $900 per month for 1 year for disability and loss of income
  • $25 per day for in-home services
  • $2,000 for funeral, cremation or burial expenses
  • $4,500 for rehabilitation

The total coverage is $11,925, but the payout can only allocate up to the stated limits for different benefits. If an X-Ray for example costs $5,000, you can only use $4,500 of the medical cost benefit to pay for applicable expenses.

Cheapest car insurance companies in Kansas by city

In most Kansas cities, State Farm, American Family and Farm Bureau were the cheapest auto insurers for full coverage. Allstate and Farmers were typically the most expensive.

Importantly, drivers that are current or former member of the military, or related to one, may qualify for especially low cost insurance rates offered by USAA.

Below we provide a list of the cheapest car insurance companies in the 50 largest cities in Kansas.

CityInsurerCar insurance quote
AbileneState Farm$1,420
American Family$1,564
AndoverState Farm$1,506
American Family$1,800
Farm Bureau$1,814
Arkansas CityState Farm$1,500
American Family$1,759
Farm Bureau$1,779
AtchisonState Farm$1,566
American Family$1,734
Farm Bureau$1,746
AugustaState Farm$1,522
American Family$1,800
Farm Bureau$1,817
BasehorState Farm$1,571
Farm Bureau$1,744
American Family$1,784
Bel AireState Farm$1,529
American Family$1,687
Farm Bureau$1,939
Bonner SpringsState Farm$1,451
Farm Bureau$1,732
American Family$1,779
ChanuteState Farm$1,512
American Family$1,683
Farm Bureau$1,760
CoffeyvilleState Farm$1,517
American Family$1,686
Farm Bureau$2,025
De SotoState Farm$1,463
American Family$1,637
Farm Bureau$1,655
DerbyState Farm$1,502
American Family$1,662
Farm Bureau$1,794
Dodge CityState Farm$1,625
American Family$1,860
Farm Bureau$2,237
El DoradoState Farm$1,527
American Family$1,800
Farm Bureau$1,906
EmporiaState Farm$1,392
American Family$1,530
Farm Bureau$1,733
EudoraState Farm$1,402
American Family$1,572
Farm Bureau$1,618
Fort ScottState Farm$1,513
American Family$1,696
Farm Bureau$1,825
Garden CityState Farm$1,647
American Family$1,892
Farm Bureau$2,240
GardnerState Farm$1,458
Farm Bureau$1,532
American Family$1,637
Great BendState Farm$1,662
American Family$1,736
Farm Bureau$2,021
HaysState Farm$1,433
American Family$1,639
Farm Bureau$1,808
HaysvilleState Farm$1,664
American Family$1,761
Farm Bureau$1,991
HutchinsonState Farm$1,482
American Family$1,630
Farm Bureau$1,856
IndependenceState Farm$1,503
American Family$1,686
Farm Bureau$1,916
Kansas CityState Farm$1,693
American Family$1,892
Farm Bureau$1,964
LansingState Farm$1,577
Farm Bureau$1,664
American Family$1,736
LawrenceState Farm$1,384
American Family$1,572
Farm Bureau$1,632
LeavenworthState Farm$1,571
American Family$1,736
Farm Bureau$1,736
LeawoodState Farm$1,473
Farm Bureau$1,608
American Family$1,638
LenexaState Farm$1,474
Farm Bureau$1,576
American Family$1,637
LiberalState Farm$1,616
American Family$1,860
Farm Bureau$2,141
ManhattanState Farm$1,429
American Family$1,495
Farm Bureau$1,708
McPhersonState Farm$1,420
American Family$1,574
Farm Bureau$1,667
MerriamState Farm$1,471
American Family$1,638
Farm Bureau$1,654
MulvaneState Farm$1,511
American Family$1,787
Farm Bureau$1,828
NewtonState Farm$1,420
American Family$1,597
OlatheState Farm$1,469
Farm Bureau$1,597
American Family$1,638
OttawaState Farm$1,522
American Family$1,600
Farm Bureau$1,728
Overland ParkState Farm$1,482
Farm Bureau$1,618
American Family$1,644
PaolaState Farm$1,551
Farm Bureau$1,686
American Family$1,688
Park CityState Farm$1,505
American Family$1,662
Farm Bureau$1,890
ParsonsState Farm$1,522
American Family$1,759
Farm Bureau$1,881
PrattState Farm$1,662
American Family$1,715
SalinaState Farm$1,420
American Family$1,513
Farm Bureau$1,673
ShawneeState Farm$1,473
Farm Bureau$1,605
American Family$1,637
TopekaState Farm$1,456
American Family$1,543
Farm Bureau$1,742
UlyssesState Farm$1,622
American Family$1,827
Farm Bureau$2,094
WellingtonState Farm$1,516
American Family$1,787
Farm Bureau$1,853
WichitaState Farm$1,595
American Family$1,763
Farm Bureau$1,952
WinfieldState Farm$1,516
American Family$1,759
Farm Bureau$1,798

The rates you get will be different depending on where you live, so shop around for your auto quotes.

To better compare car insurance quotes in Kansas we identified the cheapest full coverage auto insurers in:

  • Wichita
  • Overland Park
  • Kansas City
  • Olathe
  • Topeka

Cheap car insurance in Wichita, Kansas

  • Average annual auto insurance quote = $2,260
  • 3% more expensive than Kansas average

The average cost of car insurance in Wichita was in line with the overall Kansas average. For cheap car insurance in Wichita, we recommend State Farm, American Family, and Farm Bureau when comparing quotes. These three insurance companies had an average rate of about $1,770 for a year of full coverage auto insurance, which was 22% less than what the typical provider charged ($2,260) in Wichita.

Cheap car insurance in Overland Park, Kansas

  • Average annual auto insurance rate = $2,001
  • 9% cheaper than Kansas average

Car insurance in Overland Park costs slightly more than the Kansas average. For the most affordable auto insurance in Overland Park, we recommend that drivers compare quotes from State Farm, Farm Bureau and American Family.

These three insurance companies averaged an annual rate of $1,582 for our sample driver in Overland Park. That's a $419 difference and 21% less than what the typical insurer charges for locals in this Kansas city.

Cheap car insurance in Kansas City, Kansas

  • Average annual auto insurance quote = $2,483
  • 13% more expensive than Kansas average

We found the best auto insurance rates in Kansas City at State Farm, American Family and Farm Bureau. If you're looking for cheap quotes in Kansas City, we suggest including these companies in your list of local carriers to compare quotes from online. Car insurance from the most expensive carrier, Farmers, for a year's worth of full coverage protection was 3.1 times the cost of the cheapest insurer.

Cheap car insurance in Olathe, Kansas

  • Average annual auto insurance quote = $1,984
  • 9% cheaper than Kansas average

In Olathe, residents can insure their vehicles for a rate slightly lower than the state average. Our sample Olathe motorist found the cheapest rate at State Farm, Farm Bureau and American Family. Drivers can save substantially by comparing quotes from these insurers. The cheapest full coverage car insurance policy in Olathe was $2,946 less than the most expensive.

Cheap car insurance in Topeka, Kansas

  • Average annual auto insurance rate = $2,091
  • 5% cheaper than Kansas average

Drivers looking for the lowest cost auto insurance rates near you in Topeka should compare quotes from State Farm, American Family and Farm Bureau. Rates from these insurers averaged $1,580, or 24% cheaper than the average cost of car insurance in Topeka. That translated into about $511 back into customers' wallets on average.

Average cost of auto insurance by city in Kansas

The average cost of car insurance in Kansas is $2,190 per year, or $183 per month. Rates, however, vary substantially depending on where you live.

The cheapest cities for auto insurance in Kansas, with an average annual quote of $1,945, were:

  • Gardner
  • Salina
  • Eudora

The most expensive cities for car insurance, with an average annual rate of $2,492, were:

  • Dodge City
  • Garden City
  • Ulysses

Below, we provide a list of average full coverage car insurance quotes for the 50 largest cities in Kansas.

RankCityAuto insurance quote
10Overland Park$2,001
13De Soto$2,013
19Fort Scott$2,105
24Bonner Springs$2,133
27El Dorado$2,141
31Arkansas City$2,152
35Bel Aire$2,187
42Park City$2,236
43Great Bend$2,259
47Kansas City$2,483
49Garden City$2,495
50Dodge City$2,498

Compare Car Insurance Rates in Kansas

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Note that these costs are estimates and will not necessarily represent how much your actual car insurance rates will be.

Auto insurance quotes are tailored to your driver profile and can be quickly found online for free. Enter your ZIP code above to get a list of inexpensive local auto insurance companies and to compare your best car insurance rates in Kansas.

Methodology: How we conducted the study

We collected auto insurance quotes for Kansas cities from seven car insurance companies. Our sample driver was a:

  • 30-year-old male
  • Driving a 2015 Honda Civic EX

The driver was profiled as having no credit history, making him equivalent to a driver with below-fair to poor credit, according to our data source, Quadrant Information Services.

Our sample driver held full coverage car insurance with the following limits:

Coverage typeStudy limits
Bodily liability$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Property damage$25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision$500 deductible

For a minimum coverage policy, our sample driver had coverage equivalent to the minimum Kansas state requirements.

Average premiums are for illustrative purposes, as individual quotes will differ based on driving history, ZIP codes, vehicle type, coverage limits chosen and other factors.

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Mark is a Senior Research Analyst for ValuePenguin focusing on the insurance industry, primarily auto insurance. He previously worked in financial risk management at State Street Corporation.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.