Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Nevada?

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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To help drivers find the cheapest auto insurance our analysts collected thousands of local quotes to identify which companies had the most affordable rates in Nevada. Based on our analysis of 12 insurers, we found that the annual rates differed by almost $2,000 for our benchmark driver and car between the most expensive and cheapest. There are many factors that influence how insurers determine a driver’s rates, and they're weighted differently from one carrier to another. That's why it's important to shop around and compare from at least three insurers near you in Nevada for the best car insurance quotes.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Nevada

We analyzed quotes from 12 providers for our sample driver across 30 cities to find the cheapest auto insurance companies in Nevada. The graph below shows the top five insurance companies that offer the most affordable rates as well as the overall state average for our benchmark set. Allied, Progressive, GEICO, Capital, and Oregon Mutual ranked with the five most affordable quotes for insuring our sample Toyota Camry. Our 30 year old driver was quoted an average rate of $1592. 

This graph compares the five cheapest insurers in Nevada against the average cost of insurance.

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Most Expensive Auto Insurance Companies in Nevada

On the other hand, Encompass, MetLife, and Mercury ranked as the three most expensive car insurance providers in Nevada from our set of 12 carriers. These three companies annual rates for our study's benchmark motorists were 44% greater than the state average, with an average of $2,292 a year! 

List of Auto Insurance Companies in Nevada

Below we have ranked the 12 carriers from the cheapest provider to the most expensive. Premiums vary for every driver, so it is important to shop around for quotes. Premiums are for our single 30 year old driver:

RankCompany Average Annual Premium
5Oregon Mutual$1,375
9State Farm$1,894

Cheapest Car Insurance in Nevada: by City

On a local level, we broke down the data into some of Nevada’s largest cities to help drivers get a better idea of which auto insurance companies had the cheapest rates in their area. While there were the insurers who are best for lower rates overall, each Nevada cities has their own rank of cheap insurers. Below is a table showcasing places in Nevada and their three cheapest auto insurance providers. Note that these numbers are based on our sample driver and may not reflect your actual rates.

Generally speaking, where you live and park your car plays a sizable role in your premium rating as well. Following the table, we will break down the most affordable insurers in five major Nevada cities.

CityCompanyYearly Rate
Battle MountainProgressive$771
Boulder CityAllied$852
Carson CityAllied$780
Incline VillageAllied$780
Las VegasProgressive$933
Smith ValleyAllied$780
Spanish SpringsAllied$828
Spring CreekProgressive$656
Sun ValleyAllied$828
Sunrise ManorGEICO$817

Las Vegas, NV

The most populous city in Nevada takes the last spot on our list with average annual premiums of $2,211 for the studied motorists. Drivers in Las Vegas pay about 39% more for car insurance compared to the typical city in Nevada. The city is, of course, the most famous resort and gambling city in the U.S. The city was established in 1905 and sprung up around the Union Pacific Railroad tracks in the early 20th century. Due mostly to its lax regulation of the adult entertainment industry, Las Vegas got the nickname “Sin City”. Today, the Vegas community has worked to revitalize the downtown area, with new spaces like the Smith Center for the Performing Arts and the Mob Museum recently established. 

For cheap car insurance rates in Las Vegas, check out Progressive, GEICO, and Allied when you shop for a policy. Our drivers found quotes as low as $933 for a year of coverage with Progressive, and below $1,100 with GEICO and Allied. Together, these three carriers' rates averaged $1,019 for our 30 year old single male - 117% lower than what the typical company charged in Las Vegas.

This graph shows the five companies with the most affordable car insurance rates in Las Vegas and compares them to the city average.

Henderson, NV

FBI rated Henderson as one of the 10 safest U.S. cities. However, as the second most populated city in Nevada, Henderson also ranged among the costlier local places for auto insurance, according to our study. The average annual premiums our profiled motorists saw to insure their Toyota Camry were $1,990.

We found that the most affordable auto insurance quotes came from Progressive, GEICO and Allied in Henderson, Nevada. Our study found that rates from these companies averaged close to and below $900 a year, which was roughly 55% cheaper than most other quotes our sample drivers found in the city.

This chart shows the five companies with the best auto insurance rates for our Henderson driver versus the city average.

Reno, NV

The third largest city in Nevada, Reno used to be the gambling capital before Las Vegas rose to the throne. We found insurance rates in Reno to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum for our sample drivers in Nevada, with annual average premiums around $1,479.

Reno motorists may save even more on car insurance by shopping for coverage from Progressive, GEICO and Allied. That's because they ranked with the three best car insurance quotes in Reno, averaging $800 for our sample motorist here. Oregon Mutual and Capital help to round out the top five cheapest insurers in Reno.

In this graph, we've displayed the five lowest cost auto insurers and their average annual premiums for our Reno driver compared to the Reno mean.

Sunrise Manor, NV

Sunrise Manor is located in the Las Vegas Township in Clark County. The town is relatively densely populated, and located in the center of the state. It is home to the only Mormon temple in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Basic annual liability insurance averages $2,332 for our sample drivers' vehicles in Sunrise Manor - that's 46% less favorable than the typical Nevada city.

To find the lowest cost auto insurance coverage near you in Sunrise Manor, we’ve identified five insurers for you to consider: GEICO, Progressive, Allied, Capital Insurance, and Oregon Mutual. Our benchmark motorist could be knocking $376 to $1515 off a year from their premiums versus what the other carriers charged on average.. 

This bar chart identifies the companies with the least expensive car insurance rates in Sunrise Manor: GEICO, Progressive, Allied, Capital, and Oregon Mutual.

Paradise, NV

Paradise ranks third on our list of locations in Nevada with the most expensive car insurance costs. It's also located in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, and McCarran International Airport, the University of Nevada, and most of the Las Vegas Strip are located here. Residents living in Paradise do pay a premium for auto insurance. Rates here are 50% more expensive than the state average, with an average annual cost of $1,851. 

There are still chances to save on local car insurance in Paradise, Nevada. Our Paradise sample motorist found that the three least expensive companies were offering coverage to our drivers for less than $1,200 a year: Progressive, GEICO, and Allied. For more affordable auto insurance companies for comparison, include Oregon Mutual and Capital Insurance.

This graph compares the five least costly quotes for car insurance that we found in Paradise, Nevada.

Cost of Car Insurance by City

There are many things that might cause auto insurance costs to vary from place to place. The ultimate reason is that the more money in claims insurers have to pay in an area, the more they will charge residents of that neighborhood for coverage. Here is a list and graph of the cost of car insurance for our sample local drivers in each of the 30 places we’ve studied in Nevada, and how they compared against the state’s average premiums.

This graph shows the average cost for a year of auto insurance in each of the 30 Nevada cities we covered in the study.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Nevada

To determine the best rated car insurance companies in Nevada, we calculated a complaint index for 26 insurance companies in the state. We took the company’s complaints, divided it by the company’s premiums and compared that number to the state’s total auto insurance complaint to premium ratio. Based on this customer complaint metric, the best car insurance companies in Nevada were State Farm, GEICO, and USAA.

Below are the 26 companies in the order of their complaint index. The average index is 1 and the lower the number, the better. Scroll down the table to see how your company ranks.

CompanyTotal Written PremiumComplaint CountComplaint Index
State Farm $329,086,000 0 0.00
GEICO 198,089,000 0 0.00
USAA 102,143,000 0 0.00
Liberty Mutual 72,058,000 0 0.00
Safeco 31,699,000 0 0.00
Travelers 23,798,000 0 0.00
Esurance 21,112,000 0 0.00
Infinity Auto 18,245,000 0 0.00
Key Insurance Company 16,754,000 0 0.00
Nationwide 14,851,000 0 0.00
MetLife 14,533,000 0 0.00
Mendakota Insurance 10,864,000 0 0.00
Progressive 193,687,000 2 0.04
Farmers 168,881,000 2 0.05
Allstate 158,595,000 4 0.11
Hartford 55,408,000 2 0.15
Loya Group 12,783,000 1 0.33
American Family 56,740,000 5 0.37
Mercury Insurance 9,398,000 1 0.45
CSAA Insurance 100,123,000 13 0.54
Ameriprise 11,693,000 2 0.72
American Access Insurance 31,621,000 8 1.06
Country Financial Insurance 21,698,000 10 1.93
Dairyland 23,716,000 16 2.83
ANPAC 15,400,000 14 3.81
21st Century 9,379,000 52 23.22

Methodology & Minimum Requirements

We collected quotes from 16 auto insurance companies in Nevada, using our two driver profiles, to come up with the cost analysis of auto insurance in Nevada. The list of insurers included both national regional providers, as well as specialty insurance companies. The two driver profiles are single men 30 years of age and 65 years of age. Both drivers operate a 2010 Toyota Camry to commute for work 5 days a week.

The coverage amounts we used in our study were slightly higher than what was required by the Nevada Financial Responsibility Law. Other than liability insurance coverage, our sample drivers also opted for Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury coverage. See the table below for comparison between state minimum requirements and what we quoted for in the study:

Coverage TypeNevada MinimumAssumptions
Bodily Liability (BI) $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident
Property Damage (PD) $20,000 per accident $25,000 per accident
Uninsured Motorist BI (UMBI) Not Required $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident

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