The Best Cheap Motorcycle Insurance in Arizona

The Best Cheap Motorcycle Insurance in Arizona

It's illegal in Arizona to drive a motorcycle without insurance, but that doesn't mean you should purchase the minimum coverage required by state law. We researched dozens of insurance companies in Arizona, and found the cheapest annual rate for motorcycle insurance to be $653.

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes from Providers in Arizona

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After obtaining hundreds of quotes from across Arizona, we determined the best motorcycle insurance companies for different groups of buyers.

To connect with a motorcycle insurance provider in your area, use our quote box tool or continue reading our analysis of the top providers in Arizona.

Best motorcycle insurance for most people: Progressive

Progressive's included protections and affordability make it the best motorcycle insurance in the state.
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The good:

  • Standard policy includes replacement cost coverage and custom parts protection
  • Average cost is about 15% cheaper than Arizona's average

The bad:

  • Not the absolute cheapest motorcycle insurance in Arizona

The best motorcycle insurance for most of Arizona's riders is Progressive, which offers a variety of useful endorsements and low rates. Most notably, Progressive's policies come with replacement cost coverage and $3,000 of custom parts protection with the ability to add up to $30,000.

In addition to receiving these coverages with Progressive's standard motorcycle insurance, you may also purchase additional forms of protection. You can also elect to add the following to your motorcycle insurance:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts coverage
  • Total loss protection for bikes less than one year old or two years old upon renewal
  • Roadside assistance, including $500 for food and other expenses
  • Enhanced injury protection paying $250 per week for up to two years if you're injured on your bike or $25,000 to your family if you're killed in an accident

On average, the cost of Progressive's motorcycle insurance is $686 per year — about 15% cheaper than Arizona's mean price for coverage. Although it's not the cheapest option in the state, Progressive is only about $30 more expensive than the cheapest provider.

You may be able to reduce your premiums by qualifying for any of Progressive's discounts. Many of the insurer's ways to save are easily attainable for most motorcycle riders. You might lower your price if you request a quote at least a day in advance, possess a motorcycle license or endorsement or if you decide to enroll in auto-pay, among others.

Most affordable motorcycle insurance: Nationwide

Nationwide has low prices and a range of coverage options available.
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The good:

  • The cheapest rates on average in Arizona
  • Low number of complaints relative to its size

The bad:

  • No OEM coverage for bikes older than 10 years old

On average, we found that Nationwide has the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Arizona. It's not just the best company for people looking for the cheapest rates, however. Nationwide offers many of the same features as Progressive and is a great alternative if you prefer to avoid Progressive or already have existing insurance from Nationwide.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance from Nationwide is $653 per year, about 19% cheaper than the statewide mean. If you want to further reduce your rate, Nationwide has a number of discounts that many riders won't have a problem qualifying for, including:

  • Bundling your motorcycle insurance with another policy from Nationwide
  • Insuring more than one motorcycle
  • Installing anti-lock brakes
  • Successfully completing a safety course
  • Belonging to one of Nationwide's associated affinity groups
  • Having anti-theft or theft-recovery devices
  • Owning a home

Nationwide allows you to supplement your policy's coverage with many different endorsements. The main difference between Nationwide's services and Progressive's is that Nationwide doesn't offer a replacement cost option. However, you still get $3,000 of custom parts protection with the ability to add more and OEM parts coverage for bikes 10 years old or younger.

We also recommend Nationwide's motorcycle insurance for Arizonans who want to maximize their policy's limits. Nationwide offers the most bodily injury and property liability of any of the motorcycle insurance companies in Arizona that we surveyed — limits of $500,000 per person and per accident.

Best motorcycle insurance for customer service: State Farm

State Farm has the most highly rated customer service of the companies we surveyed.
{"bannerDisclaimers":[],"buttonColor":"primary","buttonIcon":"lock","buttonText":"Get a Quote","cloudinaryImageName":"referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/statefarm-2","description":" State Farm has the most highly rated customer service of the companies we surveyed.","details":[],"disclaimer":"","featuredTitle":"","link":"https:\/\/\/zero-click.html?cu=https:\/\/\/insurance\/auto&carrier=State%20Farm;TKzt2XWu22mNOdQNJ2a4RzoV6BRPpNDUopJCfh7rAsgYilC61MaFepVn5p1L6_mIOJTZIazfFd3kcRBYBf9NIndYo-7WqA","name":"State Farm","hideBanner":false,"hideDescription":false,"hideDetails":true,"hideDisclaimer":false,"hideTitle":true,"title":"State Farm"}

The good:

  • Low number of complaints for its size and high marks from J.D. Power
  • Endorsements that provide basic protection to most motorcyclists

The bad:

  • Requires you to speak with an agent for motorcycle coverage information

Arizonans who prioritize customer service should consider State Farm's motorcycle insurance. State Farm has the most balanced customer satisfaction of the companies we surveyed, according to information we compared from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and J.D. Power.

The NAIC's complaint data shows that State Farm receives about 57% of the complaints its market share suggests. While there are three other companies that have better complaint ratios than State Farm, no other insurer we surveyed has a better score from J.D. Power. State Farm is ranked third for its service in the Southwest.

State Farm offers a few practical motorcycle endorsements, including roadside assistance and repair, $3,000 of protective gear protection and $500 for expenses like lodging and rental reimbursement if you're stranded or your bike breaks down.

State Farm's downside is its unsophisticated online experience for motorcycle insurance, especially compared to its other products' pages. Aside from basic information, you have to contact a local agent to get information on your policy, including endorsements and discounts offered near you. Still, depending on your price, State Farm could be a good fit for many riders.

How did we choose the best motorcycle insurance in Arizona?

We evaluated three categories to pinpoint the best motorcycle insurance provider in Arizona. The best motorcycle insurance companies have three qualities in common:

  • Affordability: The price a typical shopper may expect to pay for motorcycle insurance in Arizona
  • Coverage options: How coverage offered by one company stacks up against others
  • Customer service: Does an insurer consistently meet the needs of its policyholders?

Your motorcycle insurance should be affordable enough that you can consider purchasing extra coverage if you want it. However, even without endorsements a policy should provide enough coverage without requiring you to purchase add-ons. Your motorcycle insurance company should also be able to meet its policyholders' needs and respond fairly to claims.

Affordability: comparing motorcycle prices in Arizona

Cost is often the determining factor for many people who compare motorcycle insurance companies. We collected rate information by requesting quotes from addresses across Arizona to calculate the cost of coverage in the state.

We found that the average price of motorcycle insurance in Arizona is $810 per year. This is about $100 more expensive than the national annual cost of motorcycle insurance, which we calculated is $702.

A bar graph showing the average monthly costs of motorcycle insurance in Arizona
Average cost
% difference from statewide average

The price you're quoted when comparing motorcycle insurance quotes hinges on a few things: your driving history, the type of bike you want to insure and the amount of coverage you purchase. This means that if your profile differs from the sample driver we used to gather quotes, your rates may be different.

We obtained motorcycle insurance quotes for a 45-year-old homeowner with 20 years' motorcycle experience. Our sample profile was seeking to insure a 2019 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide. We purchased more coverage than what's legally required for Arizonans, going beyond the legal requirements for liability insurance to include coverage that protects the bike itself.

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage: $50,000 per accident
  • Collision coverage: Included/$500 deductible
  • Comprehensive coverage: Included/$500 deductible
  • All other coverages: Not included

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes from Providers in Arizona

Currently insured?

Coverage options: evaluating motorcycle insurance policies and features

Aside from offering more than enough coverage to align with Arizona's legally required minimums, all of the insurers we recommended provide varying levels of additional services that you can purchase to personalize your motorcycle insurance.

Before deciding on a motorcycle insurance provider, you should consider whether an insurer offers practical coverage while allowing you to raise or lower coverage limits and purchase useful endorsements if your needs change.

The following table details the policy features available with Progressive and Nationwide's motorcycle insurance. Although it's recommended above, we haven't included State Farm in our coverage table because you have to contact an agent in your area for most policy details.

Insurance provider
Maximum liability limit
Replacement cost coverage
OEM parts replacement
Custom parts
Roadside assistance
Rental reimbursement

†-Indicates that the provider includes this form of coverage in the price of its standard motorcycle insurance.

Customer service: considering insurer quality in service and claims satisfaction

We compared three elements to find which motorcycle insurance company in Arizona has the best customer service: the Complaint Index maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the scores awarded by J.D. Power's U.S. Auto Insurance Study of companies in the Southwest and A.M. Best's Financial Strength Rating (FSR).

NAIC complaint index
J.D. Power (of 13)
A.M. Best
State Farm0.573rdA++
American Family Insurance0.695thA
Liberty Mutual1.189thA
Dairyland2.12Not ratedA+

NAIC Complaint Index: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) figures the number of complaints an insurer receives relative to its market share. The expected ratio is represented by 1.0, meaning if a company's complaint index is greater than 1.0 it receives more complaints than its size suggests.

J.D. Power rankings: J.D. Power conducted a survey of 13 auto insurance companies in the American Southwest. Companies were ranked based on customer feedback pertaining to different elements of the service an insurer provides, like policy offerings, price and claims satisfaction.

A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating: A.M. Best evaluates the ability of insurance providers to fulfill their financial obligations, especially if a natural disaster or economic recession were to occur. Most companies are ranked highly by A.M. Best, but this tool may help you know which providers are more likely to present a financial risk.

Arizona motorcycle insurance: costs by city

The quote data we collected for this survey allowed us to find the average cost of motorcycle insurance in many of Arizona's cities and regions. The following table visualizes this information, along with each city's difference from the state's average of $810.

The most expensive city for motorcycle insurance in Arizona is Glendale, where coverage costs an average of $1,141 per year. On the other hand, Flagstaff and nearby Williams are the cheapest cities for motorcycle coverage. In these cities, you could purchase motorcycle insurance for just over $701 per year — coincidentally, the national average, too.

City (by population)
% difference from statewide average
Show All Rows

Arizona motorcycle insurance requirements

Arizona dictates that its motorcyclists must get the same amount of auto insurance as its conventional drivers. If you don't want to purchase insurance, you can show a bond, certificate of deposit or cash holders worth more than $40,000. For most, purchasing a motorcycle insurance policy is the easiest way to comply with your state's laws.

If you're not covered, Arizona's law enforcement office receives a notification from your insurer. After receiving this alert, you'll be asked by officials to verify your status. Without motorcycle insurance, your registration and license could be suspended. You may be required to pay a fee and carry an SR-22 form.

Coverage type
Required limit
Bodily injury liability insurance$15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident
Property damage liability insurance$10,000

How do you get a motorcycle license in Arizona?

You must get a Class M motorcycle license if your bike has an engine that's larger than 100 cc. You must be at least 16 to apply for a motorcycle license or endorsement. If you're under 18, you're required to carry an instructional permit for six months before receiving normal certification.

Applicants must pass a written test and complete a closed-course skills test prior to getting licensed. If you don't pass the written portion of the exam, you may retake it up to three times in one 12-month period before having to pay another application fee. If you're under 18, you must also complete a driver education program, and a parent or guardian must certify that you've completed at least 30 hours of riding.


For this survey, we collected 216 quotes from ZIP codes throughout Arizona. The quotes we received were for a 45-year-old male rider of a 2019 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide. Our sample rider was a married homeowner with 20 years of experience operating motorcycles. Each of these characteristics will influence your policy's price.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.