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Acceptance Auto Insurance specializations in liability coverage for non-standard or high-risk drivers, and underwrites policies in ten states in America. To help readers get a sense of whether Acceptance fits their needs, we've put together below quote comparisons, discounts available, and company reviews and ratings. 

Acceptance Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

We looked at sample quotes from Acceptance Auto Insurance for a single, 30-year-old male and a married couple, age 45. We then compared their rates to two other auto insurers:

Driver Profile Acceptance GEICO Allstate
Single Male, 30 $3,084 $2,184 $1,884
Married Couple. 45 $2,940 $2,124 $1,800
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Quotes are based on auto insurance quotes in Tampa, FL for a 2010 Toyota Camry.

Based on the sample quotes for car insurance from Acceptance, you can see rates tend to be on the higher side when compared to GEICO and Allstate. Premiums at Acceptance are about 40%, or $900+ higher than rates at GEICO. You could save $1,200 or more on your annual premiums at Acceptance by getting a quote at Allstate - those are savings of about 65% based on our sample quotes. This data is just an example of how rates can fluctuate depending on what kind of a driver you are and what company you choose to look at. Therefore, be sure to check out quotes from at least three companies in your zip code before picking the best auto insurance for you. 

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Our Review of Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance gets some points in our book for providing a service to non-standard or high-risk drivers who might not be accepted at the major national insurers. However, we find in general for standard risk or average drivers, their prices tend to be on the high end. More about their insurance package and comparisons below.

Pros Cons
Specializes in auto insurance for non-standard or high risk drivers Prices for standard drivers more expensive than other insurers'
  Simple online quoting system, but purchase process requires more work
  Claims processing is not 24 hours a day, and the office is closed on Sunday

Options for Non-Standard Drivers

Acceptance Auto Insurance sells a number of car insurance options for non-standard and high risk drivers. It's a great company for motorists who can't get affordable coverage from other auto insurers, and need some insurance while they start from scratch. Among some of the insurance types offered by Acceptance are: high risk auto insurance, SR22 car insurance, non-owner auto insurance, as well as insurance for drivers with bad credit. 

Acceptance is one of a minority of insurers that provides SR22 policies, which is insurance for drivers who got into accidents while uninsured. Most auto insurance companies are reluctant to offer these drivers affordable coverage, but Acceptance's SR22 policies can help bridge the gap to rebuilding your driving history.

Non-owner auto insurance are policies Acceptance offers to drivers who typically borrow or rent cars, or seek lighter coverage for a non-working vehicle. Auto insurance generally follows the car in policies offered by the major and standard insurers; Acceptance representatives explain that their non-standard policies follow the driver, and not the car. Therefore, if the car you use has a non-standard policy, any accidents or crashes will expose you to damages and liability unless you have a policy like this from Acceptance.

Getting Quotes & Buying a Policy from Acceptance

Drivers who have standard or below average driving records and insurance or license histories may get higher premium estimates compared to other insurers. For example, a 21 year old male and a 30 year old male in the city of Miami, FL received quotes from Acceptance of $265 and $278 per month, for an annual policy of $3,180 and $3,331. This is significantly higher than the city average of $1,314 in our comparison of car insurance quotes in Florida. We highly recommend that prospective customers get quotes from other providers to establish a baseline of what prices they should expect to reasonably pay for car insurance.

While the quote process may be simple, the purchase process appears to be unduly cumbersome. If you try to buy a policy after getting a quote, you're directed to visit an Acceptance retail store. The problem is that these retail stores can be scarce (there were none located near Miami, a major metropolitan area in a state Acceptance underwrites). A phone call to an Acceptance Customer Service Representative indicates that quote can be bought online, but requires having a representative on the phone.

Ratings for Acceptance

Metric Rating
AM Best Financial Rating (2013) B to A- (Stable)
Better Business Bureau Rating (2013) A+
NAIC Complaint Index (2012, Average) 2.57 (vs. National Median of 1.31)

Acceptance Car Insurance Discounts

Acceptance offers discounts for homeownership, proof of prior insurance, marriage, multiple cars on the policy, and electronic payments. Estimates and amounts are not readily available, unfortunately.

How to File a Claim

Phone Number: (800) 321-0899

  • Press 1 for English
  • Press 4 for Claims Service

Note that claims are not processed 24 hours a day. Their normal business hours are Monday - Friday from 7am to 9pm CT and Saturday from 8am to 5pm CT.

About Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance Auto Insurance operates in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. As reported by the NAIC, the company underwrote $167MM in premiums in 2012. Their website is

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