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Getting multiple homeowners insurance quotes is the best way to cut costs and save money. Here’s how to make sure you're paying a low price for coverage.

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How to compare homeowners insurance quotes

Comparing multiple home insurance quotes is one of the best ways to ensure you're getting the most protection for your money. This way, you can look at not only different rates, but also what an insurer includes in a standard policy and allows you to add.

Quotes are always free. Just share some information about your home and needs with insurers, and they will craft policy offerings you can compare.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. As insurance geeks, we've pinpointed the key factors that you should consider when choosing an insurer.

Who offers the cheapest homeowners insurance quote?

Average annual rate
Erie logo
Nationwide logo
State Farm logo
State Farm$1,510
USAA logo
Travelers logo
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Each company has more than 1% of the total market.

Our experts gathered thousands of quotes from across the country and found Nationwide offers the cheapest widely available quotes for home insurance.

Erie had the lowest quotes overall, but it is only available in select states.

If your home insurer raises your rates year after year, there are plenty of competitors willing to offer you a quote to switch providers. So long as you aren't compromising on the amount and quality of coverage, switching insurers is one of the most effective ways to control your costs.

However, when comparing home insurance quotes, be sure to look at a range of factors: price, coverage, customer service. Although one company might offer cheaper quotes, the coverage might not be best to fit your needs.

Why you should compare your home insurance customer service

Customer satisfaction rating
Market share
State Farm logo
State Farm82917.9%
Allstate logo
USAA logo
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Average customer satisfaction rating rating is 823 (out of 1,000).

How your insurance company handles customer service is a crucial element of what you're paying for with home coverage. A storm, fire or catastrophic event means a disruption in your day-to-day life or even relocating. Good customer service plays a key role in getting your life back to normal faster.

With that in mind, our experts looked at a key measure to find which companies left customers the most satisfied.

How to save on home insurance quotes

The best way to save money on your home insurance coverage is to compare multiple quotes after researching prices in your area. Another good way is to look into what discounts each company will give you. Switching means you might miss out on your old insurer's loyalty discount, providers often offer discounts for new customers too.

Beyond a discount for switching, you can get discounts on home insurance quotes for factors that include:

  • Having an impact-resistant roof
  • Installing smoke alarms or a sprinkler system
  • Installing an alarm system
  • Being retired
  • Avoiding making claims
  • Installing deadbolt locks
  • Bundling with another policy from the same insurer

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If you have a bundled policy that you want to keep, another option is to raise your home insurance deductible. While this means you're on the hook for a bigger share of the upfront costs in any claim situation, accepting a higher deductible should lead directly to lower premiums.

Other ways to lower quotes include changes such as improving your credit score, or not smoking.

Which states have the highest home insurance rates?

Where you live will have a large impact on your home insurance costs. Residents of the most expensive state in which to insure an averagely priced home, Colorado, pay more than four times as much as those in the cheapest state, Delaware.

Average cost
District of Columbia$2,731
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Rates are often higher in certain states because of natural disasters or generally high costs of living. For example, Colorado frequently experiences wildfires, which often increases the price of insurance.

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Frequently asked questions

If you've ever had a question about how home insurance works, our experts have probably explored the answer in one of our detailed guides.

What is included in home insurance?

Standard homeowners insurance provides coverage in three major areas: your physical home, the belongings inside and your personal liability to third parties. These areas are covered against damage from causes like fire, wind and theft.Read more

How does homeowners insurance work?

When your house or belongings suffer damage that's caused by a peril — such as fire, wind or theft — that's covered by your policy, you can file a claim requesting your home insurance company pay for the costs of making you whole. The insurer then begins the process of verifying and paying your claim.

Do you have to have home insurance?

If you currently have a mortgage balance, your lender probably requires that you carry homeowners insurance to protect your property. Even though there's no legal requirement for homeowners to have insurance, the lender requirement means that most people do need an active policy.

What is the best home insurance?

The "best" homeowners insurance policy is one that provides enough coverage to protect the full value of your home and assets at a monthly rate that you can afford. Finding the best policy also requires you to understand whether you face any risks that aren't covered by standard insurance — like flooding.

What if my old insurer won't renew my policy?

Sometimes an insurer will inform you that your home insurance policy will not be renewed. Depending on the reason, your options for finding an affordable alternative will vary. If you've been canceled because your property has an unusual risk factor — an old roof, for example — addressing that issue may open a path to renewal with your old provider. Finding cheap coverage gets much harder if insurers think you live in an area that's at high risk of a wildfire or other natural disaster. In such instances, we recommend looking to either your state's FAIR plan options or an assigned risk provider.