Country Financial Insurance Review: Convenient Insurance Bundle Options, but Rates on the High Side

Country Financial Insurance Review: Convenient Insurance Bundle Options, but Rates on the High Side

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We were not impressed with Country Financial's insurance offerings. Rates for both auto and home insurance tended to be on the high side — without offering particularly notable coverage options. Its customer service reviews were mixed, though homeowners tended to be happier with their service than drivers.

Country Financial auto insurance review: Mediocre rates and service, but some good discounts

Unless you can take advantage of at least one of the discounts that Country Financial offers, you will likely find lower rates from other auto insurance companies. While most of the discounts that Country Financial offers are pretty common among auto insurers, it does have a few unique discounts that — if you qualify for them — could result in rates significantly lower than its competitors. Below, you can see how Country Financial's annual rates compare to some of the top auto insurers for our sample driver profiles.

Country Financial
18-year-old male$7,090$7,529$4,722$10,835
18-year-old female$6,221$7,754$4,126$10,345
42-year-old male$1,727$1,071$1,674$4,085
42-year-old female$1,702$1,326$1,752$4,452
80-year-old female$2,015$1,918$2,156$2,843

For people looking to combine renters and auto insurance, the Country Financial special tenants coverage is an excellent option. This add-on protects you during incidents normally covered by renters insurance, which means you don't have to shop for separate policies.

While most insurers offer multipolicy discounts for bundling auto and home insurance, only a few, such as Country Financial and Esurance, provide a special discount for combining car and renters insurance. So if you're looking for both of these policies, Country Financial may be able to provide some of the best combined rates.

Just keep in mind that if customer service is a priority for you, Country Financial should likely not be your first choice for car insurance. Though the company sees few direct complaints, customers review Country Financial poorly overall, with particular criticism of its claims processing and customer support.

Bottom line: Country Financial is an average auto insurer in terms of cost, but it has some interesting coverages and discounts. If customer service is not a priority and you qualify for its unique discounts, then Country Financial is worth checking out. Just be sure to compare rates from other insurers, as you may receive lower quotes from companies with better customer service.

Country Financial auto insurance quotes comparison

Compared to other top insurers, Country Financial has low to average rates for most drivers. Based on our research, the company didn't provide the cheapest coverage for any of our sample profiles — but it also wasn't the most expensive. On average, Country Financial was 30% more expensive than the cheapest insurer, which was Progressive. Country Financial provided its most competitive rates for our 42-year-old sample drivers at a cost 23% below the average.

Country Financial annual insurance rates comparison

Country Financial policies and discounts

Country Financial is a relatively small insurer and only offers auto coverage in the following 17 states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington and Wisconsin.

It provides standard coverage options for auto insurance, such as:

  • Liability (both bodily injury and property damage) coverage
  • Personal injury protection and medical payment coverage
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured (both bodily injury and property damage) coverage

Country Financial also offers some enticing endorsements, which can add between $10 to more than $250 to your annual premium cost.

Additional coverage options

Emergency roadside assistance: This reimburses you up to $100 to pay for services if you run out of gas, break down or have some other sort of roadside incident. Emergency roadside assistance can cover towing, fuel delivery and repair costs. While $100 might not be a lot of coverage — car towing alone can cost around $190 — it's relatively inexpensive to add and provides some peace of mind.

Safety glass coverage: If you have comprehensive coverage with a deductible, then you can buy safety glass coverage. With this add-on, Country waives your deductible if you need to repair or replace your car's windows, windshields and light covers (which is normally covered by comprehensive insurance).

The Keeper®: This is Country Financial's version of new-car replacement coverage. If your car is totaled in a covered incident and it's up to four model years old, then this coverage will pay for a brand-new car of the same make and model. The Keeper® does not cover you if your car is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Personal effects coverage: This endorsement covers items that are damaged or stolen during a covered loss, such as an accident or car theft. Speak to a Country Financial representative for coverage details; some items, such as certain electronics, may not be covered. Policyholders are reimbursed up to $800 minus a $100 deductible.

Special tenants coverage for renters: One of the more unique coverage options that Country offers, special tenants coverage protects your belongings from losses that are normally covered by renters insurance. Having this coverage means the insured party won't have to buy separate auto and renters insurance policies. It covers up to $20,000 with a $250 deductible.

Vehicle rental and trip interruption: This option covers the cost of a rental car if you need temporary transportation after a covered incident, such as a car accident. The trip interruption part of this coverage pays for transportation, lodging and meal costs if you have an accident more than 100 miles from your home. For both types of expenses, Country Financial will reimburse you up to $800 for each covered loss.

Additional cost per year
Average percentage increase in premium
Emergency roadside assistance$7–$150.33%
Safety glass coverage$12–$681.31%
The Keeper®$64–$2663.71%
Personal effects coverage$8–$320.46%
Vehicle rental and trip interruption$12–$540.73%

Country Financial auto insurance discounts

Like most auto insurers, Country Financial offers discounts for safe driving and devices that make cars safer. Country Financial also offers discounts for things that have nothing to do with driving, like being engaged and having a certain occupation.

Antitheft: To qualify for this discount, your vehicle must be equipped with an alarm or other antitheft device.

Engaged couple: If you are engaged, your partner is over 21 years old and you insure all eligible vehicles through Country Financial, then you can receive the engaged couple discount.

Multipolicy: Purchasing auto, homeowners or other insurance policies through Country Financial qualifies you for a multipolicy discount of up to 25%. You also may be eligible for this discount if you have some other investment product though Country Financial as well. The multipolicy discount can extend to unmarried children under the age of 25.

Defensive driver: Completing a state-approved defensive driving course can save you up to 5% on your Country Financial auto insurance premiums.

Multicar: Insuring more than one car with Country Financial qualifies you for the multicar discount. If parents qualify, this discount extends to children who are unmarried, under the age of 25 and live away from home.

New vehicle: Having a new model year vehicle saves you up to 10% with Country Financial car insurance.

Occupational discount: Full-time K–12 teachers, firefighters, police officers, EMTs and paramedics can qualify for an occupational discount. Teachers can receive up to a 10% discount, while the other occupations listed can receive up to a 5% discount.

Teen driver discounts

Auto insurance for teenage drivers can be incredibly expensive. Country offers an array of discounts specifically aimed at these drivers:

  • High school and college students with at least a 3.0 GPA are eligible to receive up to a 25% discount.
  • Teens who complete a driver's education course or a defensive-driver course can qualify for discounts of 10% and 5%, respectively.
  • Drivers who are 16 or 17 years old and have not had any moving violations or accidents are eligible to take the Simply Drive online course. Upon completion of this course, they are eligible to save up to 10%.

Country Financial car insurance reviews and complaints

Overall, the reviews for Country Financial were mixed at best. It performed poorly compared to other auto insurance companies in claims satisfaction and customer service ratings, but it received relatively few complaints. However, Country Financial did rate well for financial strength and displayed a strong ability to cover its insurance obligations.

Claims reviews

Country Financial's claims process is poorly reviewed across several categories. The company's ratings are subpar in comparison to the top auto insurance companies when it comes to claims servicing, its estimation process, the repairs process and settlements. In fact, Country Financial came second to last in J.D. Power's annual study of car insurers.

Customer complaints and Financial Strength Rating

Country Financial received few customer complaints, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The NAIC's Complaint Index counted the number of complaints against Country Casualty, Country Preferred and Country Mutual — all part of the Country Financial parent organization — and compared those complaints to market share. .

Country Financial received excellent ratings from A.M. Best Co., which measures a company's financial strength. Country Financial received an A+, meaning it had a superior ability to pay its long-term insurance obligations.

Industry reviewer
Rating value
NAICComplaint Index0.22
AM Best Co.Financial Strength RatingA+ (superior)
AM Best Co.Issuer Credit Ratingaa- (superior)

Country Financial home insurance review: Decent service, but high rates and few extras

Country Financial's home insurance is adequate, but not great. Its prices are on the high side and coverage options are far from industry-leading. The relative bright spot is its customer service, which is fairly well-received by its clients.

We found that Country Financial's prices for home insurance were on the high side, ranging from 22% to 31% more expensive than average among its top competitors. Rates from Country Financial were especially costly for higher coverage levels.

Coverage options from Country Financial were similarly disappointing. It didn't offer many optional coverages, except for those commonly available from home insurers. The most significant option is guaranteed replacement-cost coverage, which pays the full cost to repair your home, regardless of inflation due to demand. However, this is primarily worth considering if you live in a disaster-prone area.

Buying home insurance from Country Financial isn't easy, either. To get a quote, you must call or visit an agent directly; you can't get a quote online.

Country Financial's customer service for home insurance was fairly good. It has a positive rating from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, though J.D. Power's homeowners survey rated it "average."

Bottom line: Country Financial's homeowners insurance is only worth considering if you already have a relationship with the company, or you're set on guaranteed replacement cost coverage and unable to find it elsewhere.

Country Financial home insurance prices

We found the cost of home insurance at Country Financial to be more expensive than competing insurers. It offered the highest price for home insurers in all three of our sample profiles, especially for higher coverage amounts. For $350,000 of dwelling coverage, Country was 31% more expensive than average. For lower-cost homes ($150,000 of dwelling coverage), Country's rates were only 22% more expensive than average.

Bar graph comparing the cost of home insurance at Country Financial with three top competitors

Bar graph comparing the cost of home insurance at Country Financial with three top competitors
Dwelling coverage
Country Financial
State Farm

Discounts on home insurance at Country Financial

Country Financial's standard discounts may help partially offset its high cost of home insurance. You may qualify for a multipolicy discount or find savings if you've recently updated parts of your home, such as the alarm system or roof.

  • Multipolicy/bundle
  • Safe heat (no wood stove or fireplace)
  • New roof
  • New wiring
  • Alarm
  • Hail-resistant roof
  • New home


Home insurance coverage options from Country Financial are on the meager side. While there aren't any glaring gaps in terms of basic coverages, it doesn't have much to set it apart.

The most appealing optional perk available at Country Financial is guaranteed replacement cost coverage. This means Country will pay for the entire cost of restoring your home, even if the cost of labor or materials is higher than normal. This option is most likely to appeal to homeowners who live in areas susceptible to large-scale natural disasters, such as hurricanes or wildfires. People who live in areas that aren't at a high risk likely won't benefit.

Optional coverages available from Country Financial include:

  • Extended or guaranteed replacement cost coverage
  • Sump pump and sewer backup coverage
  • Identity theft protection
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Flood insurance (NFIP policies only)

Home insurance customer service reviews and ratings

Country Financial has good-to-average customer service ratings for homeowners insurance. On the positive side, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners gave it an impressively low Complaint Index of 0.18. That means it received just 18% as many complaints as a typical homeowners insurance company, based on its size, and suggests customers tend to be happy with the service they receive at Country Financial.

However, J.D. Power gave it only 3/5 in its homeowners insurance satisfaction survey, indicating average satisfaction among homeowners. Country did receive an A+ Financial Strength Rating from A.M. Best, meaning it has a "superior" financial ability to pay out claims, even in times of high demand (like after a natural disaster) or a poor economic climate.

NAIC Complaint Index - Homeowners0.18
J.D. Power Homeowners Satisfaction Survey3/5
A.M. Best Financial Strength RatingA+

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.

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