AAA Auto & Home Insurance Review: Strong Service and Decent Rates for AAA Members

AAA Auto & Home Insurance Review: Strong Service and Decent Rates for AAA Members

Good to great rates for both auto and homeowners insurance, but only consider it if you're interested in joining AAA.

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AAA, primarily known for its Auto Club memberships, also offers insurance to members in most states. AAA's auto and homeowners insurance rates are on the cheaper side, but you'll get the most benefits if you're already a AAA Auto Club member or want to join.

Good for
  • Current AAA members
  • Drivers in Texas who qualify for safe driving discounts
  • Owners of new or renovated weather-resistant homes
  • People who travel regularly
Bad for
  • People who want to buy homeowners, but not auto insurance
  • Customers who live in regions where AAA doesn't sell insurance directly

AAA insurance: Our thoughts

Auto insurance bottom line: AAA auto insurance, in places where it's available, tends to be affordable with good benefits and solid discounts. Drivers who already have or are interested in a membership may be able to find a good rate, but you may find a better deal elsewhere if you're in a different auto club.

Homeowners insurance bottom line: AAA homeowners insurance is not as widely available as AAA car insurance. Rates tend to be very competitive, especially with bundling discounts, but it falls short when it comes to features and benefits.

AAA Auto Clubs are independently run organizations with varying degrees of connection with one another, and so are their insurance arms. This means that the discounts, benefits and coverage options can vary significantly by location, and the only way to be sure of what's available in your area is to contact your local office.

There are dozens of AAA Auto Clubs throughout the United States, and many of them offer several types of insurance, including car, home and life insurance.

How does AAA compare to other auto insurance companies?

In some places, "Triple A" simply acts as a broker, where the company collects your information and refers you to another insurer, like Progressive or State Farm, to actually sell you insurance. When AAA acts as a broker, you still receive discounts for being a AAA member. This process is especially common for homeowners insurance.

However, AAA sells auto insurance directly in most places, and their policies are often better than average in terms of cost and benefits, with well-regarded customer service and a smooth claims process.

AAA homeowners insurance, for customers who can get it, offers affordable rates but a relatively small variety of coverage options. AAA homeowners insurance is not available in as many locations as their auto insurance policies, and in some places it is only available if you bundle it with auto coverage. Bundling these policies can lead to some significant savings on both, so it's worth getting a quote if you're already considering AAA for your car insurance.

AAA insurance policies almost always require you to be a AAA Auto Club member to purchase coverage. But in exchange, AAA insurance typically offers a discount to your policy that covers or exceeds the cost of an Auto Club membership. In this sense, you can think of AAA Auto Club membership benefits as being part of your AAA insurance policy, as many of the benefits an AAA Auto Club membership provides are sometimes provided by an automobile insurance policy. For example, AAA Auto Club members receive roadside assistance, which other insurance companies offer for an additional fee.

AAA Auto Insurance

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AAA auto insurance coverages and benefits

There are numerous AAA auto clubs throughout the U.S., and many of them sell and provide car insurance through different regional companies.

For example, drivers in Northern California, Arizona and parts of Pennsylvania, among others, can buy insurance from the California State Auto Association (CSAA) Insurance Group. But AAA members in Southern California, Texas and northern New England are covered by the Auto Club Enterprise Group.

This means that the exact coverages, benefits and discounts offered will vary based on your location. However, all AAA insurance agencies offer the most common coverages, which include:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability: Liability coverage pays for the medical care and property damage of the other party when you are at fault in an accident.
  • Collision: Collision coverage pays for damage to your car in an accident.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage pays for noncollision damages to your car, as well as damages from a collision with an animal.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage compensates you for medical and car repair costs when the other driver is at fault and does not have adequate car insurance.
  • Medical payments/personal injury protection: Medical payments and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage cover the cost of medical care for people in your car in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

AAA has a mobile app that provides some insurance-related features, like a digital proof of insurance in case you're in an accident or pulled over. In some locations, you can get an insurance quote and pay your bill through the app as well.

There are also several noteworthy auto insurance coverages and benefits limited to particular areas. Keep in mind that these are sometimes included in a standard policy or added on for an additional fee:

  • Gap insurance: Should your car be totaled, gap insurance covers the difference in cost between your car's replacement cost and the amount you owe on your lease or loan.
  • Rental car reimbursement coverage: Rental reimbursement coverage pays for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired after an accident. Some providers also allow you to use rideshare credit instead of a rental car.
  • Rental car coverage: Rental car coverage covers you if you damage a car you've rented.
  • Nonowners insurance: Nonowners insurance provides liability coverage for people who don't own cars, if they do ever drive.
  • Pet coverage: Pet coverage pays for the costs of your pet's medical care if it is injured in a car accident.
  • Accident forgiveness: Accident forgiveness keeps an accident from bumping up your insurance premium if you're an otherwise safe driver.

AAA auto club membership: Required but useful

AAA agencies usually require you to be an auto club member in order to buy insurance. In a sense, the benefits and features of a AAA auto club membership are included in your car insurance. The marquee feature of a AAA membership is roadside assistance, which includes jump-starts, towing, emergency fuel delivery and minor roadside repairs.

AAA members also receive extra compensation when they are in an accident more than 100 miles from home, covering the costs of a rental car, hotel room or other accommodation until they can continue on their trip.

AAA negotiates discounts on behalf of its members at thousands of businesses nationwide, including hotels, rental car companies and airlines. This can be one of the biggest perks of AAA membership for people who travel often. If you purchase your trip through AAA, you'll be covered by AAA's travel accident insurance, which covers you for loss of life or limb in case of an accident.

AAA insurance discounts

Another advantage of choosing AAA for your car insurance is the wide range of discounts that you can qualify for. These include everything from auto and home bundle discounts for getting other types of insurance to incentives for customer loyalty and safe driving.

Insurance bundle discounts at AAA

Max auto discount
Max other discount
Auto and home15.7%20% off home
Auto and condo11.2%20% off condo
Auto and renters3.7%10% off renters
Auto, home and life19.4%20% off home

As the discounts show, there are strong incentives to consolidate your insurance at AAA, and despite the car-centric name, the organization is also a reputable provider of these other types of insurance. For instance, we found that AAA's life insurance offers competitive coverage in its own right.

Even if you aren't interested in anything other than auto insurance from AAA, there are still many other discounts to consider:

  • Multi-vehicle discount: Save up to 27.3% when insuring two or more vehicles.
  • Select professionals/alumni associations: Save up to 7.4% for qualifying professions.
  • Loyalty discount: Save up to 5.6% with at least one year of continuous coverage.
  • Good driver discount: Save up to 20% on all coverages for safe habits.
  • Verified mileage discount: Save up to 19.1% (depending on vehicle’s annual mileage) for supplying current odometer readings when requested.
  • Student away discount: Save up to 46.7% on select coverage when your driver-age student is away at school 100-plus miles from home without a vehicle.
  • Driver training discount: Save up to 4.7% on select coverage upon completion of an approved course.
  • Car club discount: Save up to 5% if you belong to a qualifying car club.

Does AAA offer affordable auto insurance rates?

The cost of car insurance with AAA varies depending on which state you're in. Because AAA is actually a federation of automobile clubs from various states, the coverage that gets advertised as "AAA car insurance" is provided through a number of state-specific insurers.

Each of these state insurers has its own underwriting process and local market conditions that will impact your quote for auto insurance. For illustrative purposes, we chose to gather quotes from California. Keep in mind that if you live elsewhere, your rates will likely be somewhat different.

Graph of AAA and competing insurer rates for full coverage auto insurance in California

Monthly car insurance premiums in California

Full coverage
With accident
State Farm$197$377

In California, AAA's auto insurance rates were close to the statewide average, costing just under $160 per month, or under $1,900 per year, for a full coverage auto insurance policy. Out of the three other insurance companies we also looked at, only Geico returned lower rates.

If you are interested in comparing AAA and Geico, you can learn more on our AAA vs Geico comparison page.

It's also worth noting that AAA was one of the more generous insurers when it came to accidents. Both the graph and table above indicate that compared to AAA, Progressive and State Farm raised their rates far more for a driver who had at least one recent accident on record. This may be an advantage if you're worried about a recent incident impacting your auto insurance premium.

AAA Homeowners Insurance

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AAA homeowners insurance coverages

AAA homeowners insurance is not as widely available nor as fully featured as its automobile insurance policies. As with AAA's auto insurance policies, there are a number of insurers that sell insurance under the AAA brand. But in general, homeowners can expect to find the standard coverages associated with home insurance. This includes coverage for your home's structure and roof, your personal property, and liability coverage in case someone is injured inside your home.

Some AAA house insurance providers also offer extended coverages for an additional fee. More frequently available options include additional protection for valuables, such as jewelry and furs, umbrella insurance, coverage for living expenses if your home is uninhabitable, and insurance for natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

AAA homeowners discounts

The discounts available on homeowners insurance from AAA differ significantly across the country, but there were a few common ways to save. Providers usually offer a discount on your homeowners insurance premium if you are a AAA member or purchase AAA auto insurance. But keep in mind that you're often required to have AAA auto insurance to purchase AAA home insurance.

Some homeowners, including those in Southern California, Texas and northern New England may find more substantial discounts on their homeowners policies, including:

  • Claim-Free: Discount of up to 13% for not making a claim for three or more years
  • Protective Devices: Discount of up to 15% for smoke detectors or a burglar alarm
  • Retirement: 10% discount if you are retired and 55 years old or older
  • Age of Home: Discount of up to 40% depending on the age of your home (newer homes get bigger discounts)
  • Home Renovations: Up to 23% discount for recent renovations, such as new pipes
  • Hail-Resistant Roof: Savings of up to 35% for a roof that is resistant to hail damage

AAA homeowners insurance quote comparison

To understand what homeowners can expect to pay for homeowners insurance from AAA, we collected a range of sample quotes from AAA and three of its competitors. We found that AAA offered excellent rates for all of our sample homes in the Austin, Texas, area. Homeowners with inexpensive homes stand to save the most, as AAA's rates were 40% cheaper than average and were often the lowest rate we found overall. As coverage amounts increase, the gap narrowed, but AAA was in the top two for all of the quotes we gathered.

Comparison of AAA Homeowners Rates and Competitors

We also did not factor in any discounts when collecting rates, so you may be able to reduce premiums even more, depending on what discounts are available in your area.

AAA Insurance Customer Service Reviews and Ratings

AAA's service is consistently well-rated by its customers. It received a positive complaint rating of 0.55 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, meaning that the company received fewer complaints than the average company of its size. In reviews, consumers particularly note a stress-free claims process and the speedy roadside assistance service. However, some consumers expressed concern over increasing premiums, as well as difficulty in the process of canceling their insurance policies.

AAA has highly reviewed financial stability, suggesting that consumers can depend on the company to pay out claims. AAA insurance agencies received ratings ranging from A+ (Superior) to A- (Excellent) from A.M. Best. These ratings indicate a high degree of financial stability. Insurance shoppers should not worry about AAA's ability to meet the financial demands of claims.

Frequently asked questions

Is AAA insurance affordable?

Yes. We found that AAA's rates for car insurance tend to be competitive with other insurers like Geico, State Farm and Progressive. However, keep in mind that there are dozens of separate AAA auto clubs around the country, and each may use a different insurance company.

Does AAA sell homeowners insurance?

Yes. AAA sells homeowners insurance in most places it sells auto insurance, though its home insurance is not as widely available or full-featured as its auto coverage.

Is AAA a good insurance company?

AAA is a good insurance company, especially for car insurance. However, you are required to buy a membership to AAA in order to join, so keep that in mind before you buy a policy.

Do I need to be a member of AAA to buy insurance?

Yes. You are required to be a member of AAA to buy a car or home insurance policy through AAA.


To compare the cost of AAA car insurance with the cost at its competitors, we analyzed the company's statewide average rates in California for two drivers with full coverage: one with a clean driving record and one with a recent at-fault accident. We collected quotes from AAA, Geico, Progressive and State Farm.

ValuePenguin's analysis used auto insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

For home insurance, we compared sample rates for a home in the Austin, Texas, area. Quotes are from AAA and three major competitors: Amica, Allstate and State Farm. We collected quotes for four different coverage levels to understand how AAA's prices compare for homes at several price points.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.