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An In-Depth Look at How DUIs Affect Your Insurance Costs in Each State

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With the holiday travel season approaching, more cars on the road means an increased potential for DUIs. The period between Thanksgiving and New Years is statistically the most prevalent period for DUI arrests. And while many of a DUIs consequences are well known, what's seldom discussed is the financial cost of a DUI. Insurance companies view drivers who have been convicted of DUI as a greater risk to their business, and because of that they routinely increase the insurance rates for DUI offenders.  


  • The national median was a 86.5% or 1.86x increase in price of premiums, based on our sample driver
  • The cheapest state was Colorado, which saw an increase of 17.9% or 1.18x in rates after a DUI
  • The costliest state was North Carolina, which saw an increase of 308.9% or 4.08x in rates


The color coded map shows how car insurance rates increase within each state for a 30 year old male who drives a 2014 Toyota Corolla. The states in red see rates increase by over 3x while those in blue see rates increase by less than 2x. 


We've also provided an alphabetized list of the states, the multiplier effect of a DUI, and the new annual rate (assuming a $1,000 starting base for premiums prior to the conviction).

State Annual Rate Increase
Alabama 1.66x
Alaska 1.35x
Arizona 1.45x
Arkansas 1.42x
California 1.43x
Colorado 1.18x
Connecticut 1.75x
Delaware 1.49x
Florida 2.00x
Georgia 1.83x
Hawaii 3.15x
Idaho 1.31x
Illinois 2.05x
Indiana 1.40x
Iowa 1.83x
Kansas 2.00x
Kentucky 1.48x
Louisiana 1.27x
Maine 1.67x
Maryland 1.23x
Massachusetts 2.17x
Michigan 1.36x
Minnesota 1.79x
Mississippi 1.40x
Missouri 1.42x
Montana 1.49x
Nebraska 1.48x
Nevada 1.36x
New Jersey 2.12x
New Mexico 1.57x
New Hampshire 2.30x
North Carolina 4.09x
North Dakota 1.93x
New York 1.42x
Ohio 2.43x
Oklahoma 1.50x
Oregon 1.56x
Pennsylvania 2.00x
Rhode Island 1.31x
South Carolina 1.59x
South Dakota 1.88x
Tennessee 1.66x
Texas 1.49x
Utah 1.57x
Vermont 2.83x
Virginia 2.00x
Washington 1.49x
West Virginia 1.65x
Wisconsin 2.22x
Wyoming 1.27x


Highest Rate Increases after a DUI

The most expensive states consist mostly of northeastern and southeastern states, along with some from the mid-west, and zero from the west coast. They range from a 1.58x price increase up to a 4.08x price increase between South Carolina and North Carolina respectively. 

State Annual Rate Increase
North Carolina 4.09x
Hawaii 3.15x
Vermont 2.83x
Ohio 2.43x
New Hampshire 2.30x

North Carolina

The Tar Heel state is by far the worst state for drivers in terms of what it will do your auto insurance rates. Our sample driver's rates jumped a median of 4x after a DUI conviction in North Carolina. It is the only southern state in the top ten, and approximately 2.57x costlier than a DUI in neighboring South Carolina. Furthermore, our study's driver found his Allstate policy in North Carolina costing 4.23x more yearly.


The nation's 50th state is the 2nd most expensive for getting a DUI conviction where rates go up by a median value of 3.15x. Hawaii, however, is an example of a state where a rate can change dramatically between companies. For example, rates for Allstate Insurance rose by as much as 5.34x for our sample driver while State Farm only rose 1.65x as much. 


Those from the Green Mountain State caught drinking and driving could be paying around 2.83x more on their annual rates. Again however, the rate change varies between companies. State Farm policy holders only pay about 1.20x more compared to Concord policy holders who could end up paying as much as 3.6x more. 


Ohioans can expect to pay a median 2.43x more on their car insurance after receiving a DUI, the median policy costing about $744 a year for a 30 year old male. 

New Hampshire

One of only two states in the U.S. that does not legally require car insurance, New Hampshire is the 5th most expensive state to get a DUI. Rates can soar by about 2.30x, with a median policy costing over $1,100 a year for our sample driver.

Lowest Rate Increases after a DUI

The least expensive side of the list is populated by most of the western states along with some eastern states such as New York, Delaware and Rhode Island. Premium increases range from 1.17x to 1.56x.

State Annual Rate Increase
Colorado 1.17x
Maryland 1.23x
Wyoming 1.27x
Louisiana 1.27x
Idaho 1.31x


Those caught driving under the influence in Colorado could be paying about 1.17x more on their annual rates, the cheapest in the country. Although, larger companies such as State Farm and Allstate raised rates by about 1.34x as much. 


The home to GEICO insurance, Maryland is the 2nd cheapest state for DUI convictions. Drivers fitting our profile can see rates increase only by about 1.23x after their first DUI conviction. We found Allstate to be very lenient however, only raising rates a median value of 1.07x in state.


A state already with cheap insurance, someone fitting our profile convicted of a DUI in Wyoming will only end up paying a median value of 1.27x more on their yearly premiums, essentially an extra 25 cents for every dollar they would normally pay. 


Those "Born on the Bayou" will see rates only increase by 1.27x after a DUI conviction making Louisiana the fourth cheapest in the country. 


Continuing with the trend of large western states, Idaho is the fifth least punishing state for those convicted of a DUI. Drivers in the Gem State will see their rates increase by a median value of 1.31x after getting caught driving under the influence. 


To start, we first found the ten most populous zip codes within each state. We then pulled quotes from several companies in those zip codes, using only a single DUI conviction to test how rates changed using the profile outlined below. We took the rates from all companies in each state to get a statewide median for a clean driving record and for a DUI conviction, and then took the percent difference to determine which states were most expensive. 

30 years old 
Good Credit Score 
2014 Toyota Corolla 
10,000-15,000 miles a year to commute to work or school (national average)
Car Owned w/ Anti-Theft Device 

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