Best DUI Car Insurance

Best DUI Car Insurance

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While every auto insurance company is likely to increase your rates after you drive under the influence (DUI), there are some companies that offer better DUI car insurance than others. Specifically, you'll want to look for companies that offer the smallest rate increase after a DUI, those with large discounts and those that focus on offering coverage to high-risk drivers.

Even if your auto insurer hasn't found out about your DUI, we recommend being honest to avoid other dangers that might increase your rates further, like having your policy lapse. If your insurer wants to cancel your car insurance after a DUI, we recommend comparing quotes and discounts among companies that are known for offering DUI insurance to get your best available rates.

Best DUI Insurance Companies

Having a DUI on your driving record will cause your auto insurance rates to increase because auto insurance companies will designate you a higher-risk driver. This is likely to be the case with any auto insurance company. In fact, some auto insurance companies simply don't offer DUI insurance due to the high risk. Further complicating the matter, the increase in your auto insurance rates after a DUI will not be uniform across companies. To make finding car insurance after a DUI easier, we highlight a few notable insurance companies that we consider to provide some of the best DUI car insurance.

State Farm: Best Cheap DUI Car Insurance

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Among major insurance companies, State Farm provides some of the lowest auto insurance rate increases for drivers involved in a DUI, which makes them one of the best companies for cheap DUI insurance. Another great thing about State Farm is that it offers auto insurance coverage in most states. This means most drivers will be able to get coverage through State Farm. On top of this, the company is well-known for its large network of friendly agents, which is great if you have a specific question about DUIs and auto insurance. State Farm's agents can likely provide highly personalized answers to your questions.

Progressive: Best Discounts on DUI Car Insurance

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One way to combat the high cost of auto insurance after a DUI is to get a policy that offers effective discounts, such as those offered by Progressive. For example, drivers can opt into Progressive's Snapshot program, which tracks driving behavior. Those who exhibit safe driving habits can qualify for a discount. Drivers get a $25 discount just for signing up and another discount that averages $130 once they complete the program. Along with the Snapshot program, Progressive offers several other discounts that are easy to get, meaning most drivers can save money. For instance, if you're a homeowner or you pay for the policy upfront, you can get automatic discounts. These low-effort discounts highlight what makes Progressive one of the best companies that offers DUI auto insurance.

The General: Best for Drivers With Multiple DUIs

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The General, unlike other auto insurance companies, doesn't shy away from offering coverage to high-risk drivers, such as those with multiple DUIs on their driving records. In fact, when you're getting a quote from The General, you'll be prompted with a question asking if you require an SR-22. If you need it, the form will be included in your policy. Some auto insurance companies that offer nonstandard auto insurance skimp on basic features. However, that isn't the case with The General, as they offer convenient features like a mobile app. Furthermore, The General offers favorable rates to high-risk drivers, making it one of the better choices for DUI auto insurance.

How Do Insurance Companies Find out About a DUI?

One of the ways insurance companies find out about a DUI is through an SR-22 filing. If you've been convicted of a DUI or a DWI, you'll likely need to file an SR-22 form to get your license reinstated. Your auto insurance company would need to file the SR-22 with your state's department of motor vehicles on your behalf, meaning it would find out about your DUI.

Another way insurance companies can find out about your DUI and other driving infractions is if they get your motor vehicle report, which is provided to them by your state's motor vehicle department. Different insurance companies check these records at different times. For instance, some might check them annually and others may not. However, many of them will check your motor vehicle report when you're renewing your policy. So if your insurance company hasn't found out about your DUI yet, there's a chance it will at some point.

Even if your auto insurance company doesn't find out about your DUI, we recommend telling the company about your DUI conviction. If you fail to let your auto insurance company know about your DUI, it could outright cancel your policy. This could lead to even higher rates due to a lapse in coverage. While the risk of cancellation is still present if you reveal your DUI to your insurer, you won't be caught off guard by a cancellation and will have time to evaluate your options. The most important take-away is that you want to avoid a lapse in coverage.

How to Find Cheap Car Insurance With a DUI

In order to find cheap DUI insurance, you'll have to shop around, consider available discounts and avoid any further driving infractions, including DUIs.

Shop Around: Often, the best way to save money on auto insurance is to compare quotes. The method for finding cheap DUI insurance is no different. We recommend starting with getting quotes from the companies that offer the best auto insurance rates for normal-risk drivers. While most companies will increase your rates after a DUI, the cheapest companies are increasing from a lower base rate. We recommend comparing cheap quotes to those offered by some of the best high-risk auto insurance companies.

Consider Available Discounts: While it might seem counterintuitive, keep in mind that the lowest quote you receive may not mean it's the best rate available to you. That's because discounts may drive your quoted rate even lower. For instance, GEICO offers a 15% active-duty U.S. military discount, which creates huge savings when signing up for DUI car insurance. It's critical that you inquire about each company's discounts before signing up for coverage. One of the discounts you should look out for is an auto and home insurance bundle discount. It's a common discount that has the potential to provide huge savings.

Avoid Driving Infractions: Lastly, it's imperative that you maintain a clean driving record moving forward. Many companies offer rate reductions for being a safe driver and maintaining a clean driving record for a certain number of years. While the effect of save driving won't be felt immediately, over time it will lower your insurance rates after a DUI. Keep in mind that in some states, such as California, you can't qualify for good-driver discounts for a set period after a DUI conviction.

DUI and Car Insurance in California and Florida

In California, it's against the law for your auto insurance company to increase your rates or cancel your policy in the middle of your term. For example, if you purchase a six-month policy and are convicted of a DUI in the third month, your insurance company cannot raise your rates or cancel your coverage until the policy ends in month six. Furthermore, DUI offenses are removed from your public driving record after 10 years. However, during that 10-year span, you will not be eligible for any good-driver discounts in California.

Florida law requires drivers who have been convicted of a DUI to carry higher-than-normal insurance limits. To get your license reinstated after a DUI in Florida you'll need to have an insurance company file an FR-44 on your behalf to prove that you have the required coverage limits. Keep in mind that FR-44 policies must be paid in full, making it even more important for you to seek applicable discounts when shopping for car insurance after a DUI.

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