Defensive Driving Courses in Delaware

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Defensive driving courses are available for all of Delaware’s drivers to help them refresh basic and advanced driving skills. These classes not only provide an opportunity to relearn driving techniques and rules of the road in the Diamond State, but also an opportunity to receive a discount on your auto insurance (about 10 - 15%) and possibly a three point credit on points on your driver’s license. To pass the defensive driving class, drivers need to score at least an 80 on the final exam.

Basic courses are six hours long, while refresher courses are three hours long. Upon completion, drivers will receive a certificate. Some schools will contact the DMV on behalf of the driver to apply the three point credit, but the drivers should also contact the Delaware DMV with the certificate. A copy of the certificate should also be given to the insurance company or agent to claim the discount. The discount is only available for three years, so retaking the refresher every three years is recommended to renew the discount and the three point credit.

Benefits of Taking A Defensive Driving Course in Delaware

Once a driver enrolls and completes a state approved Defensive Driving Course, there are typically two benefits: a point credit and a discount on your car insurance rates. If you decide to take the refresher (advanced) course, do it within the last 90 days of the previous three-year period. If you miss the 90 day period, a basic course may have to be retaken.

  • A three point credit for future driving violations: At the discretion of the DMV, a driver may be able to receive a three point driving record credit after course completion. This can be renewed every three years with a refresher course. This is advantageous for both people on the brink of having their license revoked to someone just looking to temporarily clear lighten their driving history.
  • Auto insurance discounts for up to three years: In Delaware, taking a defensive driving course can help a driver save 10-15% on their auto insurance premiums (just the liability and PIP portions). Delaware drivers initially have to take the first basic course, which will lead to a three year discount of 10%. Three years later, a refresher course is needed to keep this discount, which will bump the 10% to a 15% savings. The refresher course will also have to be retaken every three years to continue the 15% off every year after the initial three years. The exact amount and percentage of the discount will ultimately depend on your insurance company.

Delaware Defensive Driving Course Providers

These courses can be taken in a classroom setting or online at your own pace. Basic courses range from $11.95 to $35.00, with Drive Safe Today at the cheapest end. Refresher courses generally cost less than basic courses, since they require less time. There is a wide range of locations and programs available to Delaware motorists. Below is a table of Defensive Driver Courses by Provider.

ClassroomAAA Mid Atlantic$35.00$25.00
ClassroomAARP Smart Driver*$15.00 - $20.00$16.00 - $20.00
ClassroomAlmighty Driving School Academy, LLC$50.00$50.00
ClassroomChesapeake Region Safety Council$45.00$0
ClassroomDefensive Driving ExcellenceCall for PricesCall for Prices
ClassroomDelaware Safety Council$35.00$30.00
ClassroomInterstate Training Alliance, LLC$30.00$25.00
Online$20 Online by Improv$20.00$20.00
OnlineA&A Safe2Drive Online$14.95$14.95
OnlineAAA Mid Atlantic Online*$24.30 - $27.00$20.70 - $23.00
OnlineAaron's Defensive Driving$12.99$12.99
OnlineAll Star Driver Education, Inc$11.95$11.95
OnlineAmerican Safety Council$12.95$12.95
OnlineDefensive Drivers Traffic School, LLC$14.95$14.95
OnlineDelaware Defensive Driving$19.95$19.95
OnlineDelaware Safety Council$32.00$32.00
OnlineDrive Safe Today$11.95$11.95
OnlineDriving University$28.95$28.95
OnlineDummies Traffic School$19.95$17.95
OnlineI Drive Safely$14.95$14.95
OnlineKMT Enterprises DBA Transportation Safety Foundation$40.00$19.00
OnlineNational Traffic Safety Institute$24.95$24.95
OnlineSmart Drive**$0$0
OnlineThe Online Traffic School$34.95$25.00
OnlineTraffic School$29.97$29.97

*Members of these organizations are charged the lower numbers in the price range, while non-members pay the higher end of the price range. **Program is open to all Delaware high school students

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