Best Cheap Defensive Driving Courses in New York

Best Cheap Defensive Driving Courses in New York

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The cheapest defensive driving course in New York is offered by American Safety for $19.95.

Defensive driving courses can be taken online or in a classroom. They can help New Yorkers refresh their memory on driving laws and reduce up to four points on a driver’s license. Registering for a class in New York is both easy and convenient, and there is no final test requirement. However, it’s important to choose an approved provider.

Best cheap defensive driving courses in New York

The best cheap defensive driving course is offered online by American Safety for $19.95. The cost of a defensive driving course from the most popular trainers ranges from $24 to $50, with nine companies offering defensive driving courses for $30 or less.

Some organizations provide courses exclusively for their employees and members. Before registering for a class, talk to your employer to see whether they discount these courses or provide them for free. For example, the Nassau County Police Department and the NY State Department of Transportation provide free defensive driving classes for their employees.

Most of the online and in-person classes do not have a final exam and are graded based on completion or attendance. You can sign up for a defensive driving course on the company's website.

Benefits of taking a defensive driving course in New York

If you complete a defensive driving course or an accident prevention course that is approved by the state's Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) or Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP), you can get points removed from your license and lower your NY auto insurance costs.

  • Up to four points deducted on current driving license: If a driver in New York accumulates 11 points in 18 months, their license may be suspended. Taking a defensive driving course before getting 11 points is one way to keep more breathing room. Upon completion, drivers can get rid of up to four points from violations over the past 18 months. Most organizations can automatically send a copy of the certificate to the DMV after graduation.
  • Auto insurance discount in New York: Drivers will receive a 10% reduction on the liability, no-fault and collision portions of their car insurance every year for three years after completion of the course. The same PIRP course has to be retaken every three years to renew the insurance reduction. Once the driver has a certificate of completion, they must send a copy of the certificate, within the first 90 days of registration, to their insurer or agent to get the 10% discount.
  • Opportunity to learn techniques to be a safe driver: A refresher on driving skills could help prevent future tickets and accidents. The long-term effects of a clean driving record include cheaper car insurance rates.

How to find the best defensive driving course in NY

When searching for the best defensive driving course in New York, you should first determine if you prefer an online or in-person class. Taking an online course may be more convenient, since you can complete it at your own pace, but some people prefer taking the in-person course, which can be completed in one day.

If price is an important factor for choosing a course, the two cheapest defensive driving courses are American Safety and New York Safety Program.

How long is the defensive driving course in NY?

Whether you take the defensive driving course online or in person, classes are required to be at least a total of 320 minutes, or 5 hours and 20 minutes, long. Online classes can be taken at the most convenient time for you. In a classroom setting, classes can be taken in one daytime session or split into two evening sessions.

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