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The Best Cheap Renters Insurance Quotes in Boston

The Best Cheap Renters Insurance Quotes in Boston

The average cost of renters insurance in Boston is $22 per month, or $262 per year.

Find Cheap Renters Insurance Quotes in Boston

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While rates can vary among providers, most renters insurance policies offer affordable and valuable protection against losses from theft, damage and personal liability. We analyzed renters insurance rates among Boston's leading providers to help you find the most cost-effective coverage.

The cheapest renters insurance options in Boston

We began by collecting sample quotes from six insurance companies currently available to Boston renters. Annual rates ranged from a high of $412 at Liberty Mutual to as low as $199 with Jetty, a newer startup. All our quotes aimed for a personal property coverage limit of $30,000, along with $100,000 in personal liability coverage and a deductible of $500.

Graph of renters insurance quotes in Boston

Find Cheap Renters Insurance Quotes in Boston

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Our analysis of quotes found that some providers charge higher rates than average for renters insurance if you choose to pay monthly premiums rather than a single lump sum for the year. The numbers above reflect the cheaper option of paying your full annual premium upfront. Some companies also offer discounts if you bundle your renters policy with other products such as auto insurance.

The best renters insurance companies in Boston

While we did find that Amica Mutual provides the best overall renters insurance for most people, choosing the best option depends on your individual coverage needs. For instance, those who own valuable artwork or jewelry will probably want more extensive insurance than a college student whose priority is to minimize monthly expenses. Our recommendations aim to provide an option for each kind of shopper.

Amica Mutual: Best for most Boston renters

We recommend Amica Mutual as the best fit for most renters in Boston due to its industry-leading record of customer satisfaction and the availability of discount bundling for renters and auto insurance policies. Given that two-thirds of Boston households are estimated to own a car, it's likely that Amica's offer can provide cheap and relevant coverage for both your vehicle and your home.

While pricing is often the only easy way to compare different insurance companies, Amica Mutual clearly stands out in customer satisfaction, with a 17-year run at the top of J.D. Power's rankings for homeowners insurance. Between the potential savings for renters who drive and the company's consistent reputation for fulfilling customer needs, Amica Mutual is a great place to start looking for renters insurance options in Boston.

Jetty: Best for affordable, customized coverage

We chose Jetty as the best source for renters insurance policies that are both cheap and easily customized through the company's app or website. Running through Jetty's online quote form gave us the lowest annual premium in our analysis for Boston, with the standard levels of coverage costing just under $200. Besides the affordability factor, we found that Jetty doesn't charge much for optional coverages that many renters could benefit from.

For instance, adding $1,000 of coverage for portable electronics — often the most expensive items in your apartment — cost us about $15 more per year. Jetty's mid-tier Essential policy also includes coverage for bedbugs and loss of use, which don't always come standard at other insurers. Finally, Jetty's mobile app lets you modify coverage limits on the fly, making it even easier to tailor your policy to your needs.

USAA: Best for veterans and servicemembers

USAA stood out in our analysis as the most complete source of renters insurance, but its membership rules make it the best choice exclusively for veterans and current members of the military. Its policies for renters offer replacement cost coverage on your belongings — a rare benefit compared to the rest of the industry, where actual cash value is the rule.

Standard renters insurance at USAA also protects you against damages from flooding and earthquakes, which are almost never included in renters coverage — or homeowners insurance, for that matter. If you or a family member are eligible to join USAA, it should be your starting point in searching for renters insurance.

Is renters insurance required in Boston?

Renters insurance isn't legally required in Boston, but many landlords make it a necessary part of their lease agreements with tenants. In such cases, you're often expected to declare your landlord as an "interested party" when you first sign up for the renters insurance policy. This means that your landlord will receive notification if your policy lapses or gets cancelled.

Apart from any legal and lease-based requirements, we see renters insurance as a practical necessity in Boston or any other city. The wide range of coverages you get through a standard renters policy — property, liability and loss of use — represents a great value when compared to the usual premiums. As with insurance in general, it's far better to have active renters coverage and not need it than the other way around.

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