MAPFRE Auto & Home Insurance Review

Homeowners insurance policies shine; but high rates and poor customer service spoil auto insurance offerings.


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With a presence in 18 states, we recommend MAPFRE for homeowners insurance but not for auto insurance. MAPFRE's website provides insurance in both English and Spanish, and primarily excels in offering unique homeowners insurance coverage options and great customer service. MAPFRE's auto insurance offerings leave a bit to be desired, providing standard coverage, limited discounts and a higher-than-average volume of customer complaints.

Good for
  • Customers who need considerable homeowners insurance add-ons for a wide range of circumstances, including antique and high-value homes
  • Homeowners looking for a good balance of quality service and affordability
Bad for
  • Consumers outside of the 18 states in which MAPFRE writes policies
  • Customers looking for cheaper coverage options, especially for car insurance
  • Those looking for an exceptional customer service in auto insurance

MAPFRE: A satisfactory choice for auto and home insurance

Formerly known as Commerce Insurance, MAPFRE is the 21st biggest auto insurer in the country measured by premiums written, and the biggest home and auto insurer in Massachusetts. However, customer experience with MAPFRE, as a whole, is mixed at best.

Customers have drastically different experiences with both departments: MAPFRE's home insurance customer experience is rated highly, and its policies are neither expensive nor cheap. Conversely, its auto insurance policies are expensive and customer service gets a large number of complaints.

Because of this, MAPFRE may not be the best decision for policyholders looking to bundle their home and auto insurance. Below, we discuss our findings on MAPFRE's claims satisfaction.

Auto insurance take-away: MAPFRE provides fairly standard auto insurance coverage and discounts that you will find with other major insurers. However, there is certainly room for improvement when it comes to customer service and claims within MAPFRE's auto insurance, especially given its expensive insurance rates.

Home insurance take-away: MAPFRE homeowners insurance rates are average in its largest market. Policyholders will find a sizable list of endorsements and unique policy offerings for home insurance, including policies specific to antique and high-value homes. This is a particularly unique feature, as it's not offered by most home insurance companies. MAPFRE's homeowners insurance customer service has a fairly good reputation, and its home insurance policyholders appear to have had a better experience than their auto insurance counterparts.

MAPFRE auto insurance

Editor's Auto Rating:

There is nothing unique about MAPFRE auto insurance offerings, as its coverage options are mostly limited to what you would find within any other major insurer. However, MAPFRE does offer a few standout add-ons, including Car EZ. This program is an expedited repair service for valued customers.

And although you may be able to take advantage of its standard range of discounts, MAPFRE is generally expensive compared to other major car insurers.

Below, we outline the company's auto coverage options, discounts and pricing.

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MAPFRE auto insurance quotes comparison

MAPFRE is one of the most expensive auto insurers. Based on our Massachusetts sample-driver profiles quoted for full-coverage policies, Geico, Progressive and Hanover are all significantly cheaper than MAPFRE in five of Massachusetts' largest cities.

For example, a MAPFRE policy costs $1,140 more than Geico in Boston. You may be better off going with another insurer to find significant savings with your auto insurance policy.

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MAPFRE car insurance rates vs. competitors


Auto insurance discounts offered by MAPFRE

You'll have plenty of opportunities to save on your base rates with MAPFRE's auto insurance discounts. However, these discounts are fairly standard in the auto insurance industry and don't provide any special offerings.

Auto and vehicle discounts

How to qualify
AAA member discountsBecome an AAA member.
Bundle discountBundle your auto and home insurance policies to get a discount on both.
Welcome backSwitch back to a MAPFRE insurance policy.
Paid in fullPay the entire policy premium before your first bill is due.
Good studentGet good grades in school.
Student away from homeAllow your children to remain on your policy if their car is at home while they're away at school.
Annual mileage discountKeep your mileage below a specified threshold.
TeenSMARTTake the training course.
Multicar discountHave more than one car on your policy.
Green discountProvide information about your electric, hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicle.
Clean in three discountKeep a good driving record in which you have three or fewer incidents within the last five years.

MAPFRE customers can get a large discount by bundling their home and auto insurance policies. For example, bundling your home and auto insurance in Boston will cost $2,383 versus $2,676 with just an auto policy, with a savings of nearly $300 in most other cities.

MAPFRE insurance bundle comparison

Auto insurance price
Price with bundling discount

MAPFRE auto insurance coverage options

MAPFRE has all of the standard coverage options available, including liability coverage, comprehensive and collision, medical payments, and uninsured motorist coverage.

MAPFRE does have add-on coverages, but most are the same you would see with other companies, such as accident forgiveness. In our view, its standout feature is its Car EZ program, which helps drivers coordinate the entire claims and repair process after a major accident.

MAPFRE coverage add-ons

While MAPFRE's add-ons push your insurance costs higher, they may add value if they're a fit for you or your family's insurance needs.

Disappearing deductibleFor each year of safe driving with MAPFRE, you earn credits that reduce your deductible. You receive $50 for each of the first four consecutive years after the first initial year. After the fifth year, you receive a $100 credit, amounting to $300 total.
Accident forgivenessWhether you're a new or experienced driver, MAPFRE won't increase your premium after you're at fault in an accident. You'll have to sign up for this perk at the time of purchase.
Auto glass repair programAfter submitting a claim, MAPFRE will arrange for a local shop to repair or replace your broken windshield, windows or light covers.
DriveAdvisorThis is a program in which you'll activate a mobile app while you drive. MAPFRE analyzes your driving habits and provides feedback and insight. Policyholders can save 5% by showing responsible driving behavior.
TeenSMARTThis safe-driver program provides computer-based training and in-car exercises to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Car EZ is a unique endorsement that drivers can add to their policies. MAPFRE will expedite the process after an accident from dropping off a rental car, picking up the damaged vehicle, getting it repaired and moving the claim along.

MAPFRE home insurance

Editor's Home Rating:

MAPFRE's homeowners insurance costs are right on par with the average cost in Massachusetts, and offers valuable endorsements such as home systems and service line protection. And for those who have an antique home, MAPFRE has a specialized policy to cover it.

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MAPFRE home insurance quotes comparison

MAPFRE is average in terms of homeowners insurance costs. We compared MAPFRE's average homeowners costs against other major insurers in its largest market. Quincy Mutual is the cheapest home insurer in the state at only $646, with Hanover being the most expensive at $2,390. Below, we have outlined a more comprehensive list to compare average homeowners insurance quotes.

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MAPFRE home insurance rates vs. competitors

Average cost
Liberty Mutual$1,304
Quincy Mutual$646

MAPFRE home insurance discounts

The largest discount with MAPFRE would include bundling your home and auto insurance policies. However, estimates on home insurance savings are not available. MAPFRE does provide customers with a few standard home discounts, including:

  • New home discount
  • Security discount
  • No-claims discount

MAPFRE home insurance coverage options

MAPFRE home insurance policies include all the usual coverages you would expect, such as dwelling, personal property, liability and additional living expenses.

But MAPFRE will stand out for customers looking for coverage specifically for antique homes needing restoration and homes of high value.

These coverage options are not something always offered through home insurance companies, as they are a different type of policy than traditional homeowners insurance.

MAPFRE traditional home insurance coverage

MAPFRE's traditional home insurance coverage is fairly standard, which includes dwelling coverage, personal property, additional living expenses and liability coverage. You can also add endorsements to your policy, including:

  • Water and sewer backup coverage.
  • Replacement-cost coverage for items inside your home.
  • Credit card, counterfeit money and forgery coverage.

The most outstanding service offered in MAPFRE's standard home insurance policies is its home system and service lines coverage, which can be added to any policy. This coverage is especially unique, as it covers home systems breakdowns, including mechanical, electrical and underground exterior service lines. In other words, home systems protection will cover heat, hot water, air conditioning and electrical power to your home. You also get complimentary access to MyHomeWorks, a website that helps you save money and increase energy efficiency in your home.

MAPFRE's Select Home Restoration program is also worth noting, as it provides a two-hour (or less) start to emergency repair services and same-day coordination services for renovation projects.

MAPFRE unique home insurance coverage options

MAPFRE home insurance offers several unique policy options to cover different types of homes. For example, if you have an antique home or a particularly high-value home, MAPFRE can cover you with its restorationist and premier living policies. Below, we outline these custom coverage plans.

Restorationist coverage: This program guarantees replacement cost and ordinance coverage for your property. This coverage will help you find specialized craftsmen and materials to restore your antique home to its original condition. MAPFRE also includes other protection within this policy, including:

  • Guaranteed restoration cost for your home and outbuildings
  • Ordinance or law coverage
  • Additional living expenses
  • Cash-out option
  • Backup of water from sewers and drains
  • Personal property covered for all risks
  • Blanket coverage for your most valuable possessions

Premier living coverage: This type of program is for those with high-value or distinctive homes. This protection provides identity theft coverage, additional living expenses while your home is under repair, and cost to bring damaged property up to current building codes if local laws have changed. MAPFRE doesn't directly outline the definition for "high-value," but this package provides a lot of the same endorsements of restorationist coverage, while also providing:

  • Waiver of standard policy deductible on losses over $50,000
  • $25,000 identity theft coverage, no deductible
  • Increased special limits
  • Personal injury coverage (libel and slander)
  • Cash-out option for total losses

Premier living coverage can protect certain valuable possessions, including but not limited to trailers, watercrafts, jewelry, furs, firearms, silverware, stamps, coins and business properties.

MAPFRE's insurer ratings


A.M. Best Financial Strength RatingA
NAIC 2019 Complaint Index for auto insurance1.02
NAIC 2019 Complaint Index for homeowners insurance0.15
J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study23rd (out of 25)
J.D. Power's U.S. Home Insurance Study - Homeowners InsuranceN/A

MAPFRE's insurance claims

Insurance phone number
Arizona1-800-244-1545 or 1-800-244-1545
Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee1-877-224-5677
Massachusetts1-800-221-1605 or 1-800-922-8276
New Hampshire1-800-513-4813 or 1-844-627-3734
New Jersey1-800-562-4517
Oregon1-877-627-3731 or 1-800-244-1545

MAPFRE insurance reviews and ratings

MAPFRE homeowners insurance has a far better reputation than auto insurance when it comes to customer satisfaction, so customers who value the service experience should stay away from MAPFRE's auto policies.

In fact, MAPFRE ranked 23rd out of 25 in J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, meaning it's one of the worst insurers for customer experience, of those surveyed. And the customer Complaint Index backs up the survey findings. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reports that MAPFRE's auto insurance has a complaint rating of 1.02, which is slightly higher than the average of 1.00. This means MAPFRE received more complaints than a typical insurance company of its size.

However, the NAIC reports that MAPFRE's home insurance has a Complaint Index of merely 0.15, indicating customers complain about MAPFRE home insurance 85% less than the median insurer.

While MAPFRE doesn't have the name-brand recognition of larger insurers, MAPFRE may be a safer bet in times of economic stress than some smaller insurance companies. MAPFRE was given a rating of A by A.M. Best Co., which awards letter grades based on a company's ability to meet its financial obligations. The A signifies MAPFRE is in good financial health and is a great score for an insurance company offered in select states. However, this is distinct from being great at handling customer claims, which is an area for considerable improvement for MAPFRE's auto insurance coverage.

If you need to file a claim, MAPFRE has insurance locations in 18 states, each with its own corresponding phone number. Alternatively, MAPFRE allows its customers to file claims through the website and customer portal. BWe have outlined MAPFRE's insurance claims phone number for each location. However, you can always call MAPFRE Insurance Company at 1-877-627-3731 for any questions.

Frequently asked questions

Is MAPFRE a good insurance company?

We think MAPFRE's home insurance is worth considering, as its prices are about average and it has special endorsements that aren't available everywhere. But MAPFRE's auto insurance is expensive, without any features or benefits to set it apart.

What kind of insurance company is MAPFRE?

MAPFRE is a property and casualty insurer, focusing on home and auto insurance.

Where is MAPFRE insurance available?

MAPFRE is available in 14 states.

How do I pronounce MAPFRE?

MAPFRE is pronounced "MAH-fray."

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