Fred Loya Insurance Review

Fred Loya Insurance Review


  • Access to full-service and proprietary offices where agents can handle quotes and claims


  • Spotty national coverage: auto insurance is only available in the states of CA, CO, IL, NV, NM, and TX
  • Claims centers are not staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Mixed reviews on claims resolution and response times

Full-Service Office Locations, but Mixed Reviews

Fred Loya has proprietary locations that offer full-services from quoting auto insurance to resolving claims. We like that their offices only deal with Fred Loya products and can handle a suite of issues. Calls made to several Fred Loya offices were answered by professional and knowledgeable representatives. The insurer is pioneering a new claims program where policyholders can drive directly to the nearest office after an accident to get their vehicles inspected and appraised. If the covered loss is straightforward, policyholders may even leave with a payment the same day. Note, however, that customers have reported that claims resolution can take a long time and are exacerbated by the lack of returned calls and long response times.

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Fred Loya Insurance Quote Comparison

See how Fred Loya's auto policy premiums stack up against the competition:

Auto Insurer - Single 30yo M Annual Premium in Austin, TX
Fred Loya Insurance $1,022
Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company 798
21st Century Centennial Insurance Company 537
GEICO Indemnity Company 480

Unfortunately, the sample quotes we obtained from Fred Loya for a typical 30 year old single male driving a 2010 Honda Accord (good credit history and driving records) in Austin, TX was higher than we expected. In a survey of sample insurance rates obtained at Texas's Department of Insurance for Austin, Fred Loya ranked on the costlier end of car insurance companies. Note that the above are sample annual premiums from cheaper companies in Austin, TX. 

Insurer Ratings

Metric Rating
AM Best Financial Strength (2013) NR (Not Rated)
NAIC Complaint Index (2012) 1.17 (Somewhat Above Average)
Better Business Bureau Rating (2013) F

Fred Loya Auto Insurance Policy & Discounts

Fred Loya Auto Insurance aims to provide insurance plans regardless of drivers' credit and driving history, and generally falls under the category of non-standard auto coverage. This is typically a term used to categorize drivers with a spotty driving record who are often difficult to insure. Drivers who fall under this umbrella usually have traffic violations, accidents, or more serious offenses like DUI's on their record. All of these incidents will make obtaining insurance a challenge, not to mention incredibly expensive. This is the market that Fred Loya Insurance serves.

To get a car insurance quote with Fred Loya, simply click on any page on their website, as their online quote system is connected on every single page. Prospective customers can also call ahead to (800) 554-0595. Quotes can be obtained anonymously without entering in any personally identifiable information, but just keep in mind that the final premium quote will be adjusted when actual driver's license, and vehicle identification numbers. Without a driver's license, Fred Loya will rate as if you were unlicensed (which may not yield you the best rates). Note that all policies quoted and sold online are made effective the next calendar day, so prospective customers will not be able to buy a car insurance policy from Fred Loya in advance. The representatives staffing the phone lines should be able to change the effective policy date, however, as well as review your quote for additional discounts.

Discount Type Discount Amount
Policy Payment in Full Approximately 7%

How to File a Claim with Fred Loya

If you'd like to contact Fred Loya Insurance to report a claim or reach customer service, use the phone number below. The company has three claims center to handle the volume of claims calls from its six states, and tries to establish contact within 24 hours. However, the telephone lines are not staffed around the clock all days. On weekdays, the phone lines are open from 7am - 7pm, and on Saturdays, only from 7am - 2pm. There are no live representatives on Sundays.

Telephone Number: (800) 880-0472

  • Press 1 for existiing claims, or 2 to file a new claim

About Fred Loya Insurance

Founded in 1975, CEO Fred Loya has built his namesake business to 2,700 employees over the last 35+ years. Fred Loya Insurance is headquartered in the El Paso, TX and services the states of California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. 

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