Auto Insurance Companies in Texas

Auto Insurance Companies in Texas

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With over 15 million licensed drivers on the road, it is important for motorists in Texas to have at least the minimum coverage to protect themselves and their car. Drivers can be overwhelmed as there are many insurers to choose from when getting auto insurance in Texas.

We have researched the largest auto insurance companies in Texas to help Lone Star State motorists learn more about their options, and make it a less daunting experience. We'll highlight where agents are located, as well as any unique benefits and discounts depending on the organizations you belong to or the kind of vehicle you own.

State Farm

State Farm insures the most cars in Texas and has agents located in 385 locations across the state. Some of the unique discounts in Texas only apply if drivers are insured with State Farm Mutual, such as the Renewal Discount. If drivers have been with State Farm Mutual for at least three years without a chargeable accident, drivers may receive this discount. Another discount for new drivers is the Driver Training Discount. If drivers under 21 years old have taken an accepted driving course of the state’s requirements, drivers can be eligible for this discount.


The second largest auto insurer in the Lone Star State is Progressive. They're known for their service centers, which make getting back on track after an accident a little seamless. Drivers can drop off their car in any of the nine locations in Texas, and get a rental, allowing drivers to be on their way. You can find Progressive's service centers in Arlington, Austin, El Paso, Houston, Lewisville Mesquite and San Antonio. These service centers are open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm and are closed on the weekends. One benefit of insuring your car in Texas with Progressive’s is PerkShare, a coupon book that gives drivers discounts on rentals, new cars and car maintenance.


With over 240 locations, Allstate is an agent-based provider. Agents in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are dedicated to only their city and are more knowledgeable about resources especially for them. Allstate’s featured discount is Drivewise, a mobile app or telemetry device installed into a vehicle that keeps track of driving habits. Drivewise can help drivers save up to 30% on car insurance, Allstate claims. To further incentivize safe drivers, Allstate has a rewards program that allows drivers to earn points towards savings on merchandise.


Geico is primarily an online-based insurer, but it does have some local agents in areas around Abilene, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston Killeen, San Antonio and South Texas. Many of these locations are the sites of present and past military bases, including JRB Fort Worth Navy Base, Fort Sam Houston, Lackland AFB and Randolph AFB. Geico started as an insurance company for government employees and still continues that focus today with special discounts for military and civil employees. These include the Eagle Discount and the Membership Discount. Agents in Geico's offices are bilingual or have a full-time Spanish speaking staff to accommodate drivers’ needs. Geico agents are active in the community with some agents being part of their local Chamber of Commerce and some sponsoring events on military bases.

County Mutual

A local insurer, Old American County Mutual was founded in 1946 and provides nonstandard insurance through independent agencies. This is ideal for drivers who wish to get a policy with personalized interaction. Nonstandard insurance is for high-risk drivers who do not have the best driving records or credit score. County Mutual is owned by its policyholders and is one of the largest auto insurance providers in Texas. Their offices are located in Dallas, Texas, one of the major cities in the state.


The USAA McDermott Building is USAA’s corporate headquarters located in San Antonio. Together with the Information Technology Center Building, the McDermott Building covers 4.2 million square feet and is the largest private corporation in the city. USAA only offers insurance to members of the military, veterans, and their families, which is great news for personnel manning White Sands Missile Range, Fort Hood, Randolph Air Force Base, and other military bases in the state. With Financial Centers in El Paso, Killeen and San Antonio, policyholders will be able to get advice on insurance, banking, investments, and more. Drivers insured with USAA can get discounts on travel, rentals, shipping and flowers.


With 532 agents in 10 cities across Texas, Nationwide partners with local and regional schools and organizations to offer discounts on auto insurance. Texas A&M University Alumni, Trinity University, and Texas Southern University Alumni as well as the Texas PTA are partners with Nationwide that offer its members discounts on their policies. Drivers at Nationwide can schedule an On Your Side Review every year to get an updated auto insurance quote and an understanding of their policies.

Liberty Mutual

The first Liberty Mutual office opened in Texas in 1923, and they have since established a Southwest Regional office in Richardson, with other offices in the state. Being in organizations like the Texas Counseling Association, Texas Tech Alumni Association and Texas Public Employees Association will help motorists save more money on car insurance through Liberty Mutual. The company offers insurance through their Customer Choice Model, allowing consumers to contact Liberty Mutual online, through a call center, agent, or representative. Drivers who have a preference for reaching an insurer have many options at Liberty Mutual.

Texas Farm Bureau

Headquartered in Waco, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance writes insurance for over 300,000 consumers and their families. Texas Farm Bureau Insurance only underwrites insurance for people who are members of the Texas Farm Bureau. Membership dues depend on what county they live in. If drivers live in the bigger cities of Austin, Dallas or Houston, the annual membership fee can cost $47 to $50. Members can receive discounts on a range of items, such as Texas Ranger baseball tickets, Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and car rentals as added perks.

The Hartford

Offering insurance since 1810, The Hartford ranks among the middle of the largest companies in Texas. Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, The Hartford sells through agents, a huge plus for drivers who enjoy speaking to a representative. The Hartford also has special plans specifically for AARP members over 50 years old, most likely the population who would like to have a personalized interaction with their insurer. Should any drivers be tech-savvy, there's an Online Discount that helps drivers shave off some money by getting a quote online.

  • Tel: (888) 546-9099


With the Texas Division located in Houston, AAA began offering insurance in 1904 and more motor clubs have been forming since. To insure with AAA, drivers must become members and pay an annual fee. AAA has three plans in the Lone Star State: Classic, AAA Plus and AAA Premier; dues range from $52 to $105 a year. Benefits of being a member include towing, roadside assistance and access to the AAA Discount and Rewards program, which include apparel, travel and more. A unique discount offered at AAA is the Original Owner Discount, which allows drivers to reduce their quotes up to 5% if they were the first owner of the insured car.

Germania Insurance

Germania solely offers insurance in the state of Texas and has been doing so since 1896. Headquartered in Brenham, Germania operates through independent agents, which is great for drivers who prefer having a one-on-one relationship with their insurer. The Germania Advantage is a discount program that is free for all policyholders and offers exclusive savings on auto, entertainment, health and more. Germania also has a Roadside Assistance Helpline. Besides the usual aid with emergency situations, this extra coverage has a Map Routing Service that will help drivers with directions to reach their destination.

State Auto

State Auto’s Southwestern Region Headquarters is located in Austin and they write insurance through independent agencies. For drivers who prefer tailored assistance, State Auto agents will help drivers find the best coverages with their CustomFit Auto Program. Another benefit of State Auto is their Prime of Life discount, which allows motorists who have certain auto and home policies over the age of 45 to save on their rates and have additional coverages for free.

Other car Insurers in Texas

In the table below are a couple of other auto insurance companies that drivers might be interested in contacting to learn more information:


Telephone Number


(800) 493-4917


(800) 378-7262


(866) 424-6726

Home State County Mutual Insurance Company

(254) 776-4521

Loya Group Insurance

(888) 248-8787

Foremost Insurance

(888) 888-0080

ACCC Insurance Company

(281) 919-0150


(800) 638-5433


(800) 242-6422

Dairyland Insurance

(800) 334-0090

21st Century Insurance Company

(877) 310-5687


(888) 342-6595
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