NJM Auto Insurance Review

NJM Auto Insurance Review

NJM Insurance is only available in a few states, but the insurer is great for people with access to its policies.

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New Jersey Manufacturers (NJM) Insurance offers auto, home and renters insurance at excellent prices. NJM is a great option for drivers shopping for a full-coverage policy — you can get extra perks like rental car reimbursement for no additional cost. Owners of higher-value homes can find great prices with NJM, too.

Good for
  • Cheap insurance coverage
  • Highly rated customer service
  • Customizing your policy
Bad for
  • People who live outside Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio or Pennsylvania

NJM Insurance: Our thoughts

Auto insurance takeaway: Car insurance rates from NJM are very competitive — it has the cheapest minimum-coverage rates we found. Although there are less expensive options for full-coverage insurance, drivers looking to purchase comprehensive and collision coverages will receive extra benefits from NJM, which could make the added expense worth it. Additionally, drivers can find lots of coverage options with NJM, including rideshare and classic car coverage.

Homeowners insurance takeaway: NJM is a great option for home coverage. The company's quotes are cheaper than its competitors, especially for high-value homes. In addition, NJM offers useful coverage add-ons, like protection against mold and coverage that extends to relatives in assisted living.

Renters insurance takeaway: Renters should consider NJM for insurance coverage. It offers cheaper-than-average rates and the ability to add roommates to your policy.

In addition to great prices, NJM provides an excellent customer experience. The company receives very few complaints, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which means that policyholders are typically happy with the service they receive from the company.

The main downside to NJM is its limited availability — you have to live in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio or Pennsylvania to purchase a policy.

NJM auto insurance

NJM auto insurance quotes

NJM offers very affordable car insurance. The average cost for a minimum-coverage policy from NJM is $833 per year, or $69 per month, the cheapest quote we found.

Full-coverage car insurance from NJM costs $1,731 per year, or $144 per month. That's 11% cheaper than average.

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Currently insured?

Drivers who purchase comprehensive and collision coverages from NJM get extra coverage perks at no additional cost, making it an excellent choice for those shopping for a full-coverage policy.

Although State Farm has cheaper rates for full coverage, drivers may find these extra perks to be worth the additional $14 per month.

NJM car insurance rates vs. competitors

Minimum coverage
Full coverage
State Farm$927$1,558

NJM auto insurance discounts

NJM's standard rates are already affordable for most drivers, but the company's range of discounts means that drivers could reduce their premiums even further.

Many drivers can qualify for discounts from NJM by:

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NJM also offers a good student discount for young drivers who maintain a GPA of at least 3.0, and a mature driver discount for people over the age of 65.

NJM car insurance coverages

Besides the personal injury and property damage liability coverages that are required by law, NJM Insurance offers a variety of extra types of protection drivers can add to their policies.

Additionally, drivers who purchase comprehensive and collision coverages from NJM receive a few extra perks for free.

  • New car replacement pays for you to purchase a brand-new car if your new car is totalled in an accident.
  • Pet coverage helps pay your pet's medical bills if you're involved in an accident while they're riding in your car.
  • Transportation expense reimbursement covers your transportation costs up to $20 or $30 per day while your car is in the shop after a covered loss.

Most insurers charge extra for these coverages, which is why NJM is a great option for drivers shopping for full-coverage insurance.

Drivers can also add the following coverages for an additional cost:

Collision and comprehensive coverage

These coverages are separate but often referenced together. Collision protects against damage from a car accident — no matter who's at fault — while comprehensive coverage guards against other sources of damage, like hail or vandalism.

NJM rental car coverage

If your car is unavailable, this coverage pays for you to rent a car, use a rideshare service or hire a taxi, up to the limits you select. Drivers who purchase comprehensive and collision coverages automatically receive $20 or $30 per day of coverage. You can purchase additional coverage to bring your limit up to $100 per day, with a $4,000 maximum.

Gap insurance

Pays for the difference between the balance of your loan or lease and the amount that the insurance provider reimburses you if your car is totaled.

NJM roadside assistance

Covers emergency services such as towing, lost or damaged keys and refueling for up to $75 or $125 per covered emergency.

Trailer and camper coverage

Offers liability coverage for campers and trailers while they're being towed by the insured vehicle. Some insurers include this as part of your base policy, so it's important to note that you'll need to purchase extra coverage from NJM to protect yourself while towing your trailer or camper.

Classic and collector car insurance

Protects special vehicles for an agreed-upon value that's fully payable if the car suffers damage from a covered peril.

Rideshare coverage

Provides coverage to fill the gap between your personal car insurance policy and the commercial policy provided by your rideshare company.

Accident forgiveness

This coverage is only available to drivers in Pennsylvania. Accident forgiveness from NJM is a complementary feature that ensures your rate won't go up after a single at-fault accident. Drivers can earn this perk after five years of no paid claims and three years without a moving violation.

NJM home insurance

NJM home insurance quotes

Homeowners insurance from NJM is very affordable — a policy from NJM is 15% cheaper than average. That's a savings of about $102 per year.

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Currently insured?

NJM's home insurance rates are particularly attractive for higher-value homes. A policy with $350,000 of dwelling coverage costs $785 per year, which is $175 less expensive than average.

Homeowners insurance quotes by dwelling coverage amount

State Farm$542$736$899

NJM homeowners insurance discounts

NJM offers a handful of discounts to help homeowners reduce their rates. Homeowners can receive NJM discounts by:

  • Insuring both your home and car with NJM
  • Protecting your home with smoke alarms or a sprinkler system
  • Installing a generator, storm shutters or hurricane glass
  • Paying your premium in full or signing up for automatic payments
  • Receiving bills and policy documents electronically

NJM also offers discounts to non-smokers and homeowners over the age of 65.

NJM home insurance coverages

NJM offers all of the standard coverages you would expect from a home insurance policy.

In addition, homeowners can add:

Scheduled personal property

Scheduled personal property provides coverage for expensive items, like jewelry and artwork. A basic homeowners insurance policy limits the amount of coverage for these items, so adding this protection ensures you'll be able to replace them if they're damaged, stolen or lost.

Credit card fraud protection

NJM's basic home insurance policy includes $500 of credit card fraud protection. This add-on expands that coverage to include forgery and counterfeit money coverage for up to $50,000.

Identity fraud coverage

This coverage pays up to $15,000 to cover expenses related to identity fraud.

Earthquake insurance

Homeowners in Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania can add this coverage to protect their home and personal belongings from earthquake damage.

Fungi, wet or dry rot protection

This coverage pays for the testing and removal of fungi, like mold. It also covers repairs for any damage you incur trying to access the fungi.

Supplemental loss assessment coverage

An NJM home insurance policy covers up to $1,000 if your homeowners association (HOA) is sued for bodily injury or property damage. This endorsement gives you the ability to raise that limit if you're concerned about paying HOA assessments.

Water backup coverage

This coverage pays for water damage due to backed-up plumbing and sump pump discharge or overflow.

Assisted living care coverage

If you have a relative living in an assisted care facility, this coverage allows you to name them on your policy. That means they would be covered against property damage or personal liability claims.

Increased storage items coverage

A basic NJM policy covers personal property located in a storage facility at up to 10% of your personal property limit, or $1,000, whichever is greater. By adding this endorsement, you can upgrade your coverage if you have valuable belongings in storage.

NJM renters insurance

NJM renters insurance quotes

NJM doesn't have the cheapest renters insurance rates. However, its quotes are still very competitive. On average, renters insurance from NJM costs $152 per year, or $13 per month. That's 18% cheaper than average, which equals $41 per year.

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Currently insured?

The only insurer that we found to be cheaper than NJM is Lemonade. A policy from NJM costs $34 more per year, or $3 more per month.

NJM renters insurance rates vs. competitors

Average monthly rate
Average annual rate

NJM renters insurance discounts and coverages

Most renters insurance companies don't offer many discounts. However, NJM is an exception — you can earn up to seven discounts to help make your renters insurance more affordable.

  • Generator discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Non-smoker discount
  • Paid-in-full or automatic payment discount
  • Paperless billing discount
  • Safety discount
  • Senior discount

The renters insurance coverages offered by NJM are the same as its home insurance offerings. In addition, NJM gives you the ability to extend your renters insurance coverage to roommates.

NJM customer service

NJM offers an excellent customer service experience.

The company receives far fewer complaints for claims settlements and service quality than competitors of a similar size, according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). That usually means that policyholders are happy with their experience with NJM.

Additionally, NJM received a very high score for overall customer satisfaction in J.D. Power's annual auto insurance survey. The company was ranked second out of 15 mid-Atlantic insurers — only USAA received a higher score.

Finally, the insurer earned an A+ financial strength rating from A.M. Best, which means its policyholders don't have to worry about NJM's ability to pay out claims, even in difficult financial situations.

Contact NJM Insurance customer service

The best way to contact NJM is by phone.

man on cell phone
  • Call the NJM customer service phone number at (800) 232-6600 to purchase a policy, ask questions or contact roadside assistance.
  • Call the NJM claims phone number at (800) 367-6564 to file a car, home or renters insurance claim.

Policyholders can also email NJM via the form on its website.

Frequently asked questions

What does NJM Insurance stand for?

NJM stands for New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance.

What states does NJM cover?

NJM Insurance is available in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Does NJM have accident forgiveness?

NJM offers accident forgiveness, but only to drivers in Pennsylvania. Drivers can earn this complementary feature after three years without a moving violation and five years without a paid claim.

What is NJM's roadside assistance phone number?

The number for NJM's roadside assistance is the same as its general customer support number: (800) 232-6600. Policyholders can contact roadside assistance any time — it operates 24/7.


To compare car insurance rates, we gathered hundreds of quotes from ZIP codes across New Jersey, where NJM is among the state's largest insurers. The sample driver was a single, 30-year-old man with a clean driving record and average credit score who drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX. Quotes are based on the following policy coverage limits:

Minimum-coverage limit
Full-coverage limit
Bodily injury liability$15,000/$30,000$50,000/$100,000
Property damage liability$5,000$25,000
Uninsured motorist bodily injurywaived$50,000/$100,000
Personal injury protection$15,000$15,000
Comprehensive and collision deductiblewaived$500

Speeding ticket rates were calculated using full-coverage limits.

To compare homeowners insurance rates, we gathered quotes from ZIP codes across New Jersey based on a 45-year-old married man with average credit living in a home built in 1977. We compared quotes with dwelling coverage limits of $150,000, $350,000 and $550,000. Sample policies also included coverages with the following limits:

Personal property50% of dwelling limit
Medical payments$5,000
Loss of use20% of dwelling limit
Other structures10% of dwelling limit

To compare renters insurance quotes, we compiled quotes from eight of the largest cities in New Jersey. The sample renter was a 25-year-old man who lives alone and has no history of claims. Quotes are based on the following coverage limits:

Personal property$30,000
Personal liability$100,000
Medical payments$1,000
Loss of use$9,000

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