Average Motorcycle Insurance Cost for a 21-Year-Old

Average Motorcycle Insurance Cost for a 21-Year-Old

The average cost of motorcycle insurance for 21-year-olds is $53 per month, or $634 per year.


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The cheapest motorcycle insurance company we found, Dairyland, offers an average rate of $41 per month. Your motorcycle insurance quotes are primarily based on your location, driving history, bike model and coverage.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost for 21-year-olds?

The average motorcycle insurance cost for 21-year-olds is $634 per year, or about $53 per month.

A 21-year-old's motorcycle insurance cost will depend largely on where they live. For example, in Pennsylvania rates are 24% cheaper than in California.

Georgia's average price is the closest to the average cost of coverage for 21-year-old riders — at about $663 per year.

Cheapest states for motorcycle insurance for 21-year-olds

Average monthly rate
New York$46

Gender can affect motorcycle insurance rates for 21-year-olds, but it's not a significant factor nationwide. It only costs 21-year-old female riders $6 more per year than male motorcycle riders.

Depending on the state, the cost disparity can be higher: In Pennsylvania, motorcycle insurance costs 6% more for women than for men. California, New York and Texas all have the same rates regardless of gender.

Cheapest motorcycle insurance for 21-year-olds

On average, the company that offers the cheapest motorcycle insurance to 21-year-old riders is Dairyland. A full-coverage policy from Dairyland costs $41 per month, or $494 per year, which is 22% cheaper than average.

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Cheapest motorcycle insurance companies for 21-year-olds

Average monthly rate
Dairyland logo
Geico logo
Allstate logo
Progressive logo

Since rates vary by region, the only way to ensure you get the cheapest rates in your area is to compare quotes from multiple companies.

For example, in Texas, Dairyland's motorcycle quotes are 58% cheaper than the average cost for 21-year-olds in the state. However, in California, Geico offers the cheapest rates for 21-year-olds — a policy costs $135 per year less than the same coverage from Dairyland.

How to save on motorcycle insurance rates as a 21-year-old

How are your rates decided?

Insurance companies consider many factors when setting motorcycle insurance prices, including your age, where you live and the bike you ride. Any detail that signals a higher risk can raise your premiums.

One of the best ways to save money on your motorcycle insurance is to compare quotes from multiple companies. Many large providers, such as Geico, Allstate and Progressive, have online forms that allow you to receive a quote, adjust your coverage and purchase a policy within minutes.

When you compare motorcycle insurance companies, you should also consider the discounts offered by each provider. We've found that Allstate and Progressive tend to offer the most discounts of large providers, while Geico offers the fewest.

Typically with each company, there are a number of ways to qualify for a discount, such as:

  • Receiving your policy information and bills electronically
  • Paying your bills automatically or purchasing a policy in full
  • Completing a safety course on your bike
  • Renewing a policy or switching from another provider
  • Bundling with your car, home or renters insurance provider

Why is motorcycle insurance so cheap compared to car insurance?

Insuring a motorcycle costs about one-fourth as much as insuring a car, which costs $2,977 per year for a 21-year-old driver, on average. That's mainly because claims are often much smaller for motorcyclists than for car drivers.

The cost of bodily injury and property damage liability, which are the most commonly required motorcycle insurance coverages, is cheaper for motorcyclists than for car owners because bikers are less likely to cause substantial damage to other motorists and their property. This is mainly due to the fact that motorcycles are much smaller and lighter than cars.

Frequently asked questions

What is the average motorcycle insurance cost for a 21-year-old?

A 21-year-old rider can expect to pay $53 per month, or $634 per year, on average for full-coverage motorcycle insurance.

Who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance for a 21-year-old?

Dairyland offers the cheapest quotes for 21-year-old bikers. A policy costs $41 per month, or $494 per year, on average.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Texas for a 21-year-old?

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in Texas is $56 per month, or $672 per year, for a 21-year-old rider.


We collected motorcycle insurance quotes for 21-year-old male and female riders with a clean driving record who operate a 2020 Harley-Davidson Street 500 and have had a motorcycle license for five years.

Rates are based on the following coverage limits:

Bodily injury liability$25,000 per person/$50,000 per incident
Property damage liability$25,000 per incident
Comprehensive and collision$500 deductible

Quotes were sourced from California, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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