Who Has The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Quotes In Pennsylvania?

The Keystone State is a popular place for motorcycle riders because of the scenic Appalachian Mountains that run through it. We got quotes from five major carriers for a 45-year-old male rider seeking bodily injury protection of $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident. Our study showed the most expensive company cost more than 2.2x the carrier with the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates in Pennsylvania. 

Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Pennsylvania

To find the best motorcycle insurance rates in Pennsylvania, we gathered quotes for a 45 year old rider from five major carriers. GEICO ranked as the cheapest motorcycle insurer, quoting our rider $346 - 14% cheaper than the next most affordable company and 32% lower than the average.

This graph shows which companies in Pennsylvania had the best motorcycle insurance rates, based on our sample rider.

Two other companies, Nationwide and Dairyland, also quoted rates below the Pennsylvania average. The annual premiums in our study for Nationwide and Dairyland were $401 and $469, respectively. Progressive quoted an annual premium for the sample policy of $574. Esurance had the highest quotes, by far. The Allstate company's average rate was $768 for our 45 year old rider - roughly 50% higher than the state average.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Rates In Pennsylvania: By City

The five places where motorcycle insurance rates were the best were in two distinct regions of Pennsylvania. Some were located north of Pittsburgh and others were north and west of Scranton. Based on our study, the spot in Pennsylvania with the cheapest motorcycle premiums was New Bethlehem.

RankCityAverage Annual RateDiffereence vs. State Average
1 New Bethlehem  $383 -25.3%
2 Cranberry  414 -19.2%
3 DuBois  414 -19.2%
4 Clarks Summit  420 -17.9%
5 Dallas  426 -16.8%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

New Bethlehem, PA

New Bethlehem took the top spot in our research with the lowest motorcycle insurance rates in Pennsylvania. A city of about 1,000 residents northeast of Pittsburgh, its named was changed to New Bethlehem to differentiate it from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in the western half of the state. Residents in New Bethlehem had the most affordable motorcycle insurance rates with quotes for our sample policy costing 25.3% lower than the average cost of motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania.

Cranberry, PA

Just north of Pittsburgh is Cranberry Township, a suburb of the city with more than 30,000 residents. It is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the local area and the population is expected to continue to grow over the next 15 years. Residents of Cranberry also have some of the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania. Premiums for our sample policy were 19.2% lower than the state average.

DuBois, PA

DuBois is about 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh and has about 8,000 residents. It has a growing reputation as a place for the arts and theater, which are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Treasure Lake is a semi-private residential community and park known for its beauty and outdoor recreation. Motorcycle insurance rates in DuBois rank as the third best in our data at 19.2% lower than the state average.

Clarks Summit, PA

The borough of Clarks Summit is just north of Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was named after William Clark, who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolutionary War and was awarded a sizeable amount of land for his service by Congress. The borough also is home to Summit University and affordable motorcycle insurance policies. Rates in Clarks Summit were 17.9% lower than the state average. 

Dallas, PA

Northeast of Wilkes-Barre is the borough of Dallas, Pennsylvania. It has almost 3,000 residents and has little in common with the better known Dallas, Texas beyond the name. The borough was named after a prominent Scottish lawyer who practiced in Philadelphia and served as a district court judge appointed by Thomas Jefferson in 1801. Today, Dallas residents have cheap motorcycle insurance rates, amongst many other things. Quotes for our sample rider's coverage were 16.8% lower than the state average. 

Most Expensive Motorcycle Insurance in Pennsylvania

The most expensive places to have a motorcycle insurance policy in Pennsylvania include and are near the city of Philadelphia. It is common for the cost to insurance bikes to be higher in large cities and the surrounding areas. We’ve seen similar distribution of policy pricing in places such as Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas. The place with the most expensive premiums in Pennsylvania was Philadelphia, where rates were more than 2x the state average. 

RankCityAverage Annual RateDiffereence vs. State Average
1 Philadelphia  $1,330 159.8%
2 Levittown  708 38.4%
3 Primos  699 36.5%
4 Havertown  640 24.9%
5 Waynesburg  623 21.6%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania’s largest city had the most expensive motorcycle insurance premiums, according to our study. Philadelphia is known for its rich history and long list of significant places but today, it has more than 1.5 million people and was home to many firsts, including the first stock exchange, business school, zoo and library. Motorcycle insurance premiums for our sample property were more than 2x the state average. 

Levittown, PA

Levittown is a census-designated place near Trenton, New Jersey with a population of more than 52,000 residents. It’s part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area and has been a residential community since the mid-20th century. William J. Levitt, who developed many homes in the area, is often credited as the creator of the modern American suburb. Our sample motorcycle insurance policy in Levittown was 38.4% higher than the state average.

Primos, PA

Primos is a minor civil division within the township of Upper Darby in Delaware County. It’s a suburb of Philadelphia and home to the Primos train station along the SEPTA West Chester Line. Residents have some of the most expensive motorcycle insurance rates in the state. Quotes for our profiled rider's policy were 36.5% higher than the state average.

Havertown, PA

The unincorporated community within Haverford Township is a suburb of Philadelphia. It was founded by Welsh Quakers on land purchased by William Penn. Today, it is known as the birthplace of Swell Bubble Gum, which closed in 2004 and has since been demolished. Motorcycle insurance rates in Havertown are some of the most expensive in Pennsylvania - premiums are 24.9% higher than the state average.

Waynesburg, PA

The borough of Waynesburg was named after General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, lieutenant of George Washington during the American Revolutionary War. It’s about 60 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, has roughly 4,200 residents and is home to Waynesburg University. It also had some of the more expensive motorcycle insurance quotes in the state. Rates for our sample motorcycle insurance policy were 21.6% higher than the state average. 

Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance In Pennsylvania: By City

This comparative study of motorcycle insurance premiums in Pennsylvania was conducted by gathering and analyzing quotes from five major carriers across 94 cities and towns in the state. Our analysis showed premiums quoted for the most expensive place were more than 3.5x the cost of the cheapest. Keep in mind that even among the best motorcycle insurance companies, your rates will vary based on much more than just location. Other factors that will impact your motorcycle insurance rate include: the motorcycle your insuring, your driving record, and your claims history.

A study by ValuePenguin found the average motorcycle insurance rate in Pennsylvania for a sample policy and rider was $512.

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Study Methodology

Our study analyzed motorcycle insurance quotes for a sample policy and rider across 94 municipalities and census-designated places in the state of Pennsylvania. The quotes we gathered were from five major carriers - Progressive, Nationwide, GEICO, Esurance and Dairyland. The rider we gathered quotes from was a 45-year-old male who was married and had completed a motorcycle training course. He also had a clean driving record. The policy itself included bodily injury protection $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident and $50,000 in property damage coverage. The deductibles for both Comprehensive and Collision coverage were $500.

We based our quotes off of a Harley Davidson Street Glide (1690cc) with no anti-theft device installed.

RankCityAverage Annual RateDiffereence vs. State Average
74 Altoona  $520 1.6%
88 Ardmore  616 20.4%
54 Beaver  506 -1.2%
31 Bradford  486 -5.1%
15 Brookville  474 -7.5%
18 Butler  478 -6.7%
38 Carlisle  490 -4.3%
83 Carnegie  598 16.8%
60 Chambersburg  513 0.2%
36 Clarion  487 -4.9%
4 Clarks Summit  420 -17.9%
16 Clearfield  474 -7.5%
21 Coudersport  478 -6.6%
2 Cranberry  414 -19.2%
5 Dallas  426 -16.8%
66 Doylestown  515 0.5%
3 Dubois  414 -19.2%
8 East Stroudsburg  438 -14.4%
6 Easton  431 -15.8%
55 Ellwood City  506 -1.2%
17 Emlenton  474 -7.5%
61 Erie  513 0.2%
72 Fayette  517 1.0%
87 Fort Washington  609 19.0%
62 Gettysburg  513 0.2%
63 Greencastle  513 0.2%
10 Greensburg  446 -13.0%
64 Hanover  513 0.2%
80 Harrisburg  533 4.0%
91 Havertown  640 24.9%
89 Hawley  616 20.4%
82 Hazleton  582 13.8%
9 Honesdale  442 -13.7%
39 Hummelstown  490 -4.3%
42 Indiana  494 -3.5%
65 Johnstown  513 0.2%
32 Kane  486 -5.1%
23 Kittanning  479 -6.4%
67 Lahaska  515 0.5%
76 Lancaster  523 2.1%
75 Lansdale  522 1.9%
70 Latrobe  516 0.7%
81 Lebanon  550 7.3%
86 Lehighton  605 18.2%
93 Levittown  708 38.4%
19 Lewistown  478 -6.7%
13 Lock Haven  472 -7.9%
49 McConnellsburg  500 -2.2%
35 McKeesport  486 -5.1%
26 Meadville  482 -5.9%
46 Millersburg  499 -2.5%
47 Milton  499 -2.5%
48 Monessen  500 -2.3%
12 Mountain Top  470 -8.1%
1 New Bethlehem  383 -25.3%
7 New Castle  433 -15.4%
68 Norristown  515 0.6%
24 Oil City  480 -6.3%
Pennsylvania Average 512 0.0%
94 Philadelphia  1,330 159.8%
11 Phoenixville  447 -12.7%
71 Pittsburgh  516 0.9%
27 Pittston  484 -5.5%
78 Plum  523 2.2%
69 Pottstown  515 0.7%
45 Pottsville  497 -2.9%
92 Primos  699 36.5%
14 Punxsutawney  472 -7.9%
79 Reading  532 3.9%
25 Ridgway  480 -6.3%
30 Saint Marys  486 -5.1%
43 Sayre  495 -3.3%
22 Scranton  479 -6.4%
28 Shamokin  484 -5.5%
29 Sharon  484 -5.5%
37 Somerset  488 -4.7%
20 State College  478 -6.7%
50 Stroudsburg  500 -2.2%
41 Sunbury  491 -4.2%
59 Tarentum  510 -0.4%
33 Titusville  486 -5.1%
51 Towanda  502 -2.0%
40 Tunkhannock  490 -4.3%
58 Uniontown  509 -0.6%
34 Warren  486 -5.1%
56 Washington  506 -1.2%
84 Wayne  599 17.0%
73 Waynesboro  518 1.2%
90 Waynesburg  623 21.6%
53 Wellsboro  504 -1.6%
57 West Chester  508 -0.7%
44 Wilkes Barre  497 -2.9%
52 Williamsport  502 -1.9%
85 Wyalusing  600 17.2%
77 York  523 2.1%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

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