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How To Use Car Insurance Discounts to Save on Your Bill

Insurance companies offer numerous discounts which drivers can use to reduce their bill. Discounts range from benefits for having a certain type of car, your lifestyle, driving habits and even how you manage your policy. Bottom line there are lots of ways to save. So what discounts can you qualify for?

Car insurance is expensive. A full coverage policy can cost well over $2,000 per year in many states. To have the best car insurance price, you need to apply for car insurance discounts.

Discounts for Driving Habits

If you are a good, safe driver, you will likely find yourself with a few discounts when renewing your policy. Companies like GEICO and State Farm reward drivers for being accident-free for a period of a few years. Discounts for being accident free usually save you around 10% on your monthly premium. Taking a defensive driving course is also a great way of saving. Taking classes through the National Safety Council or I Drive Safely can save you around 10 to 15% on your premium.

Other driving habit discounts also come from keeping your yearly miles low. Drivers who drive only a few thousand miles a year are less likely to get into an accident, thus less likely to cause the insurance companies money. As a result the insurance companies are happy to give you a break on your premium. At companies like State Farm, Progressive and Allstate, you would need to sign up for those companies' telematics programs like the Drive Safe and Save, Snapshot, and Drivewise. Usually drivers who travel less than 7,500 miles per year can find savings up to 20%

Discounts for Lifestyle Habits

Whether you were part of the armed forces, work for a certain group or even have a good student for a child, you can find good savings on your discounts. GEICO and Esurance are two companies that give discounts for former military members. If you belong to a alumni association or even a fraternity, GEICO offers a small discount to members of several organization like those.

Your child, while making your policy more expensive overall, can also end up saving you some money on discounts. If your child averages a B or 3.0, or does well on their SAT or ACT, you can actually qualify for a discount worth up to 20%. As well, if your child is away at school, specifically 100 miles away--without their car--you would get a discount.

Discounts for Features on Your Car

When you can prove to your insurance company there is a less likely chance of your car breaking down or getting stolen, they will reward you with a discount. Car with anti-theft devices such as Lo Jack will get you a small discount on the comprehensive part of your policy. If your car comes with anti-lock brakes, you will also see another small discount. Some companies like Allstate also give you a lesser premium if your car is brand new.

Discounts for How You Manage Your Policy

The ways in which you manage your policy can also fetch you some savings. If you have multiple vehicles and insure them all under the same plan, you can see a discount worth up to 25%. As well, if you bundle your homeowners policy with your auto policy at the same company, often you can see a nice discount. Other small things you can do for a discount include opting to pay all of your bills online, signing up for your policy a week before it begins, and even pay your bill in full up-front.

Mark Fitzpatrick

Mark Fitzpatrick is a Research Analyst at ValuePenguin focused on the insurance industry. He previously worked in Country Risk Management at State Street Corporation.

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