How to Get Motorcycle Insurance Online

How to Get Motorcycle Insurance Online

Find Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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When shopping online for motorcycle insurance, you should have information about your bike, your driving record and your insurance history ready. You should also be prepared to shop around to find the best price for the coverage you need — plus any discounts you might qualify for.

Before you purchase motorcycle insurance, you should check your state's insurance requirements to make sure you get enough coverage. Motorcycle insurance is required in every state except Florida. However, even Florida residents should consider purchasing insurance for their motorbikes to avoid paying for property damage and injuries out of pocket.

You can often satisfy your state's insurance requirements by purchasing bodily injury coverage. However, each state has different limits on coverage you must purchase.

How to get an online motorcycle insurance quote

Find Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Currently insured?

It's easy to get online quotes for your motorcycle if you prepare beforehand. Most well-known providers' websites provide an estimated price after you fill out an online form. You can also get started by entering your info in our form above. Typically, you'll need to provide:

  • Details about the bike, including the make, model and engine size of the bike you want to insure.
  • Information about your driving history, such as previous accidents, how long you've been driving your motorcycle, and whether you drive your bike for pleasure or competitively.

After submitting an online form, you may need to talk with an agent if you're looking to insure a classic or customized motorcycle. That's because online forms aren't thorough enough to calculate a price that accounts for all of the possible customizations you might have done to your motorcycle.

Even if you'd rather buy a quote online, you may find it worth talking to an agent if you have questions about your coverage or aren't sure how to get the best price.

How much is motorcycle insurance?

The average price of motorcycle insurance is $519 per year, or around $43 per month.

But your premium depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • Coverage limits
  • Optional protections
  • Whether you buy comprehensive and collision coverage
Depending on where you live and the insurance company, optional protections may include uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, total loss coverage, carried contents and roadside assistance. Comprehensive and collision coverage protect your own motorcycle from nearly all causes of damage. Any of these additions will increase the price of your policy.

When you shop for motorcycle insurance online, be sure to check which coverages and limits you're matched with before you finalize your purchase. If you feel like your coverage isn't exactly right for you, you can usually add or subtract optional coverages individually to customize your price if you're shopping online.

Motorcycle insurance discounts

Fortunately, even though each motorcycle insurance provider prices policies differently, nearly all insurance companies offer ways for you to save money on your policy. When shopping for motorcycle insurance online, be sure to check each provider for a list of discounts.

You could qualify for discounts if you:

  • Get a quote before buying a policy.
  • Buy coverage for multiple vehicles.
  • Have a motorcycle license or endorsement.
  • Maintain a history of responsible driving.
  • Are an older motorcycle rider.
  • Own a home.
  • Complete a safety course.
  • Renew an existing policy.

Typically, a provider's quote form asks you a series of questions that will determine whether you're eligible for discounts. You could also see indirect discounts if your insurer includes optional coverages in a standard policy.

For instance, Progressive's motorcycle policies include $3,000 for customized repair protection and uninsured/underinsured coverage with no additional cost.

You might find this enticing, since these types of coverages typically cost extra with other providers.

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