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Renters Insurance is relatively cheap, but some companies are more affordable than others. Enter your information to get quotes from the best available insurers.

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Renters insurance provides important protection, whether you’re renting an enormous single-family home or a 400-square-foot apartment. Our guides help you understand what coverage you need so you can rest easy in your rental.

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We analyzed hundreds of renters insurance quotes across the U.S. Some states had significantly higher rates than others. See who pays the most to insure their rental.

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North Carolina
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Familiarize yourself with the protection, or test your knowledge you think you have.

Every Roommate Needs Their Own Renters Insurance Policy, Just Ask This Fraternity

Members of a fraternity at a Sacramento-area college badly damaged a house they were renting and since the landlord doesn’t know who put...

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Short-Term Renters and Insurance

We’re here to help you navigate the use of services like Airbnb and others as a renter.

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How to Buy Renters Insurance

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