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Who Has The Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in Wisconsin?

To see how the cost of insuring a rented apartment varied in Wisconsin, our study gathered data for one sample property (a rental property with roughly 1,000 square feet of living space and $100,000 in liability coverage). For that reason, the rates have comparative value, and won't be what tenants can expect to pay for their renters insurance. Across the 71 cities and towns, we found that renters insurance premiums in Wisconsin could vary by 25% between the most expensive and the cheapest. Read more below, or enter your zip code to find a list of insurance companies.

Cheapest Renters Insurance in Wisconsin

We conducted a study that examined renters insurance providers to find which company offered the cheapest renters insurance in Wisconsin. We found that Allstate had the most affordable rate at $116 for our sample renters policy for a 1,000 square-foot residence. This rate is about 34% cheaper than the average annual rate for Wisconsin. Here are the annual rates for five major companies, ranked from most affordable to least affordable:

RankCheapest Renters Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rates
1 Allstate $116
2 State Farm 141
3 Farmers 174
4 Nationwide 211
5 Liberty Mutual 235
Average 176

These rates were for a sample property. To find the best rates for yourself, look for quotes from various companies and compare them.

Best Renters Insurance Rates in Wisconsin: by City

The cheapest places for renters insurance in Wisconsin are all located in the vicinity of Lake Winnebago, near the southeast corner of the state. Residents in the five cheapest places in the state have rates nearly 9% lower than the study average for Wisconsin.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate*% Difference vs State Average
1 Appleton $160 -8.9%
2 Fond du Lac 160 -8.9%
3 Green Bay 160 -8.9%
4 Manitowoc 162 -8.2%
5 Beaver Dam 162 -7.9%

*The Average Annual Rate has been rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Appleton, WI

As home of Harry Houdini, Appleton has since become host to all things magic and illusion, including the annual Houdini Days Magic Festival. The city has multiple other claims to fame, as well. For example, it had the first indoor mall and electric cable car and is also the center of the paper making industry. In addition to the above, Appleton has the cheapest renters insurance rates in Wisconsin, according to our study. Quotes for the sample property are 8.9% lower there than the average for the state of Wisconsin.

Fond du Lac, WI

The town was given its french name meaning “farthest from the lake” because of its location at the south of Lake Winnebago. The location features the Outagamie Museum and the Houdini Historical Center as well as Fox Cities Children's Museum. We found the second most affordable renters insurance quotes in Wisconsin at Fond du Luc, with premiums for the sample property also 8.9% lower than the average for the state.

Green Bay, WI

As Wisconsin's oldest city, Green Bay is known for multiple accomplishments including the invention of the first splinter-free toilet paper. It is also the smallest city to host an NFL football team - the Green Bay Packers - which also happens to be the only publicly-traded team. Costs to insure our sample unit in Green Bay are 8.9% cheaper than the sample property average for the state, which places Green Bay with the third lowest renters insurance rates.

Manitowoc, WI

The city at the mouth of the Manitowoc River on Lake Michigan is home to more than 33,000 renters and homeowners, and got its name from the local Native Americans, which called it “Home of the Good Spirit.” With rates 8.2% lower than the average sample property rate in the state, Manitowoc has some of the cheapest renters insurance rates in Wisconsin.

Beaver Dam, WI

Named by English settlers, the first dam built in the city was in 1842 but the city itself was officially established and incorporated in 1856. Though a considerably small town, it has experienced a resurgence over the years with shops, dining and employment. Orion Energy, a solar technology company in Beaver Dam, was the first place President Barack Obama visited after his initial State of the Union address. The city has some of the best renters insurance rates, with sample property premiums 7.9% lower than the study’s average for the state.

Most Expensive Renters Insurance in Wisconsin

Unlike the five cheapest places for renters insurance listed above, the cities with the most expensive renters insure are scattered throughout Wisconsin. Looking at the most expensive places, rates as much as 12.4% higher than the state average for the sample property might seem high. However, renters insurance in Wisconsin is relatively inexpensive compared to other states. The difference between the same property rates for River Falls compared to the average was only $25.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate*% Difference vs State Average
1 River Falls $201 14.2%
2 Rhinelander 197 11.8%
3 Superior 197 11.8%
4 Rice Lake 197 11.7%
5 West Allis 195 10.9%

*The Average Annual Rate has been rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

River Falls, WI

The town itself was founded in 1848-49 by Joel Foster, a veteran of the Mexican-American War who heard about the beauty of the area. At the time, the land was also inhabited by two Native American Indian tribes, which valued the falls so much that neither had claimed the area. Today, the city has a college, The University of Wisconsin River Falls and is the most populated town in Pierce County. It has the most expensive renters insurance rates in Wisconsin, with premiums to insure our study’s sample property 14.2% higher than the state average.

Rhinelander, WI

Originally known as Pelican Rapids, but was later renamed after Frederic W. Rhinelander, a former president of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railroad. The town hosts the Hodag Country Music Festival, which previously has included musicians such as Kenny Rogers. Additionally, Rhinelander is responsible for the Oneida County Fair. Renters insurance for our study’s sample property is 11.8% more costly in Rhinelander than the state average.

Superior, WI

Established in 1853, the area is best known for what it is named after: Lake Superior. The lake is the largest of the Great Lakes and is the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area. Like Rhinelander, renters insurance premiums for the sample home are 11.8% higher than the average for the state.

Rice Lake, WI

With a population of approximately 8,000 residents, Rice Lake is located adjacent to the body of water with the same name and within the Red Cedar River Valley. The river is included in a state park and is a tributary of the Chippewa River. The city has the fourth highest renters insurance quotes in Wisconsin for our sample property, with premiums 11.7% higher than the average.

West Allis, WI

Every year West Allis welcomes crowds of visitors for the Wisconsin State Fair in - where else - Wisconsin State Fair Park. West Allis also has one of the only two indoor speed skating rinks in the USA, Pettit National Ice Center. Renters insurance rates for the study sample property are 10.9% higher than the state average.

Average Cost of Renters Insurance: by City

Our study included renters insurance quotes for a sample property from five major carriers, across 71 cities in Wisconsin. The data was used to calculate a mean rate of $176 then compared to the individual rates calculated for each city, determining which were the cheapest and which were the most expensive. In other states, where the identical sample property was tested, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive property is far greater. In the state of California, for example, premiums in the most expensive place are 2x as expensive as the cheapest. 

This graph ranks the cities and towns in our Wisconsin analysis from the least expensive to the most.

Study Methodology

Our study examined renters insurance quotes for a 1,000-square-foot residence with at least $25,000 in personal property coverage and $100,000 in liability coverage. We then collected quotes for that sample residence from five of the major carriers that offer a renters insurance product in the state of Wisconsin. We averaged rates for the sample home in each city as a benchmark to show which cities are relatively cheaper or more expensive. Individual renters' rates are going to differ based on their profiles and insurance needs, so these rates are furnished only for comparative purposes.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
34 Antigo $175 -0.7%
1 Appleton 160 -8.9%
53 Ashland 182 3.5%
32 Baraboo 172 -2.1%
5 Beaver Dam 162 -7.9%
18 Beloit 167 -5.0%
16 Brodhead 165 -6.5%
21 Brookfield 168 -4.4%
51 Chippewa Falls 181 2.6%
24 Cudahy 169 -3.9%
12 De Forest 164 -6.9%
41 Eau Claire 177 0.6%
6 Fitchburg 163 -7.2%
2 Fond du Lac 160 -8.9%
8 Fort Atkinson 164 -7.0%
19 Franklin 168 -4.4%
52 Glendale 181 3.0%
3 Green Bay 160 -8.9%
39 Greenfield 177 0.6%
50 Hudson 180 2.4%
14 Janesville 164 -6.5%
9 Jefferson 164 -7.0%
29 Kenosha 171 -2.9%
26 La Crosse 170 -3.5%
31 Lake Geneva 172 -2.3%
10 Lake Mills 164 -7.0%
13 Madison 164 -6.9%
4 Manitowoc 162 -8.2%
40 Marinette 177 0.6%
38 Marshfield 176 0.3%
22 Menomonee Falls 169 -3.9%
30 Mequon 171 -2.7%
42 Merrill 177 0.7%
7 Middleton 163 -7.2%
11 Milton 164 -7.0%
65 Milwaukee 192 9.0%
15 Monroe 164 -6.5%
20 Muskego 168 -4.4%
27 New Berlin 170 -3.5%
49 New Richmond 180 2.0%
25 Oak Creek 169 -3.9%
46 Oconomowoc 179 1.5%
35 Oshkosh 175 -0.5%
55 Plymouth 183 4.1%
23 Port Washington 169 -3.9%
17 Portage 166 -5.9%
28 Racine 170 -3.3%
33 Reedsburg 172 -2.1%
69 Rhinelander 197 11.8%
68 Rice Lake 197 11.7%
36 Ripon 175 -0.5%
71 River Falls 201 14.2%
61 Shawano 188 6.9%
37 Sheboygan 176 0.2%
57 South Milwaukee 184 4.7%
60 Stevens Point 188 6.8%
47 Stoughton 179 1.6%
48 Sun Prairie 179 1.9%
70 Superior 197 11.8%
62 Tomah 188 7.1%
44 Verona 178 1.2%
43 Watertown 178 1.0%
54 Waukesha 182 3.7%
45 Waunakee 178 1.2%
58 Waupaca 185 5.4%
64 Wausau 191 8.5%
66 Wauwatosa 194 10.4%
67 West Allis 195 10.9%
56 West Bend 184 4.5%
59 Whitewater 187 6.1%
63 Wisconsin Rapids 190 8.1%

*The Average Annual Rate has been rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

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