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Who Has the Cheapest Renters Insurance in Louisiana?

Who Has the Cheapest Renters Insurance in Louisiana?

State Farm has the cheapest renters insurance quotes in Louisiana. A policy costs $24 per month, on average.

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When shopping for renters insurance, you should look for a company that offers affordable rates, practical coverage and reliable customer service. To help you find the best renters insurance in Louisiana, we compared quotes from five top companies across the largest cities in the state.

Find cheap renters insurance in Louisiana

The cheapest renters insurance in Louisiana comes from State Farm. Coverage from State Farm costs $288 per year — $145 per year cheaper than the statewide average.

The average renters insurance cost in Louisiana is $433 per year, or $36 per month.

Graph comparing renters insurance rates from top companies in Louisiana

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Louisiana has the most expensive renters insurance quotes in the country. A typical policy costs $194 per year more than the national average.

Monthly cost
State Farm logo
State Farm$24
Liberty Mutual logo
Liberty Mutual$28
Allstate logo
Farmers logo
Assurant logo

Best renters insurance for most people: State Farm

State Farm offers inexpensive renters insurance coverage paired with customer service Louisiana renters can rely on.

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The good:

  • Most affordable quotes in Louisiana
  • Dependable customer service

The bad:

  • Coverage options are lacking

State Farm offers the best renters insurance in Louisiana for most people. A standard renters insurance policy from State Farm costs $24 per month, which is 33% cheaper than the state average.

Louisiana renters can count on State Farm's customer service to make the claims process quick and easy. The company receives fewer complaints than competitors of a similar size, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). It was also awarded an above-average score on J.D. Power's annual customer satisfaction survey.

The coverage offered by State Farm is basic. Renters can raise their coverage limits or add identity theft protection. However, the company doesn't offer popular options like replacement cost coverage or water backup coverage.

Best insurance for Louisiana renters living on the coast: Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has affordable renters insurance rates and offers lots of discounts to help Louisiana renters save money.

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{"bannerDisclaimers":[],"buttonColor":"primary","buttonIcon":"lock","buttonText":"Get a Quote","category":"auto_insurance_companies","cloudinaryImageName":"referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/libertymutual-3","description":" Liberty Mutual has affordable renters insurance rates and offers lots of discounts to help Louisiana renters save money.\u003C\/p\u003E\n\n\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan\u003E\u003Ca class=\"ShortcodeLink--root ShortcodeLink--black\" title=\"Liberty Mutual Insurance Review\" href=\"https:\/\/\/liberty-mutual-insurance-review\"\u003ERead the full review\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/span\u003E.\u003C\/p\u003E\n\n\u003Cp\u003E","details":[],"disclaimer":"","featuredTitle":"","link":"https:\/\/\/zero-click.html?cu=https:\/\/\/&carrier=Liberty%20Mutual;TKzt2XWu22mNOdQNJ2a4RzoV6BRPpNDUopJCfh7rAsgYilC61MaFepVn5p1L6_mIOJTZIazfFd3kcRBYBf9NIndYo-7WqA","name":"Liberty Mutual","hideBanner":false,"hideDescription":false,"hideDetails":true,"hideDisclaimer":false,"hideTitle":true,"title":"Liberty Mutual"}

The good:

  • Cheap renters insurance quotes
  • Numerous discounts
  • Sells flood insurance

The bad:

  • Unreliable customer service
  • Limited coverage for your belongings

Louisiana renters living near the coast should consider purchasing a policy from Liberty Mutual. At $28 per month, coverage from Liberty Mutual costs $8 less per month than the state average.

Liberty Mutual also offers a number of ways for renters to customize their policy, like water backup coverage, identity theft protection and replacement cost coverage. However, renters can only purchase a maximum of $25,000 of personal property coverage from Liberty Mutual. That may not be enough coverage for people who rent a larger home or have expensive belongings.

In addition, renters living on the coast can purchase a separate flood insurance policy from Liberty Mutual. Flood insurance can protect your belongings from rising waters due to hurricanes and heavy rainfall. Having both policies with one company will make your life easier if you have to make a claim.

The company also has lots of discounts to help renters pay less for insurance, including discounts for:

  • Bundling renters and car insurance
  • Signing up for automatic payments
  • Being claim-free
  • Purchasing a policy before your old one expires
  • Buying insurance online
  • Installing an alarm system

Unfortunately, renters may find Liberty Mutual's customer service to be frustrating. It receives five times as many complaints as similar-sized competitors, according to the NAIC. Most complaints involve a long claims process and low payouts. That means Liberty Mutual may take longer to replace your belongings in an emergency.

Best renters insurance for military families: USAA

Renters with ties to the military can take advantage of exceptional customer service and get extra protection at no additional cost.

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The good:

  • Top-rated customer service
  • Flood protection is included

The bad:

  • Not available to all renters

USAA is an excellent option for members of the military, veterans and their families who are renting a home in Louisiana. Unfortunately, the company only offers insurance to those groups, so many people aren't able to buy a policy.

A major benefit of purchasing a policy from USAA is that its standard renters insurance includes flood coverage. That means you don't have to pay extra to protect your belongings against flooding from hurricanes, storms and rising waters. Other coverage perks include free replacement cost coverage and protection for your military uniforms and gear while you're on duty.

USAA has an excellent customer service reputation, so policyholders can feel confident that they'll be taken care of in an emergency. The company earned the highest score on J.D. Power's customer satisfaction survey. Additionally, it only receives half as many complaints as other insurers based on its size, according to the NAIC.

Cost of renters insurance by city in Louisiana

Renters living in Shreveport pay the cheapest rates in Louisiana. The most expensive quotes in the state can be found in Harvey, Marrero and Metairie.

Louisiana renters living in coastal cities can expect to pay much more for insurance than those living further inland. People living in Harvey, Marrero and Metairie pay an average of $44 per month for renters insurance. Renters in Louisiana's largest city, New Orleans, also pay a lot for coverage — rates are 15% higher than the state average. In comparison, the average rate in Shreveport is just $29 per month.

Average annual cost
Difference from state average (%)
Baton Rouge$421-3%
Bossier City$376-13%
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Shreveport is the cheapest major city in Louisiana for renters insurance. However, the cost of coverage is still $11 per month more expensive than the national average.

Best renters insurance in Louisiana

USAA and State Farm are the best-rated renters insurance companies in Louisiana when it comes to customer service.

Both companies receive fewer complaints than other insurers of a similar size, according to the NAIC. USAA and State Farm also earned high scores on J.D. Power's annual customer satisfaction survey.

State Farm
Liberty Mutual

It's important to consider a company's customer service reviews before buying a policy. Great service makes a big difference if you ever have to make a claim. A company with excellent customer service can help ease your stress during an emergency and get your life back on track quickly.

Frequently asked questions

How much is renters insurance in Louisiana?

The average cost of renters insurance in Louisiana is $433 per year, or $36 per month.

What does renters insurance cover in Louisiana?

A standard renters insurance policy should always include personal property coverage, liability protection, medical payments for guests and loss of use expenses. Lots of companies also offer extra coverage options to customize your policy, like replacement cost coverage. Louisiana renters living on the coast should look for an insurer that offers flood insurance, too.

Does Louisiana require renters insurance?

Renters insurance is not legally required in Louisiana. However, your landlord or property management company may require you to purchase a policy as a part of your rental contract.

How much does renters insurance cost in New Orleans?

Renters insurance in New Orleans costs $41 per month, on average. That's 15% more expensive than the Louisiana state average. State Farm offers the cheapest rate for New Orleans renters at $28 per month.


To compare renters insurance quotes in Louisiana, we gathered rates from addresses across 19 of the most populous cities in the state. Quotes are based on a 25-year-old single man with no history of claims.

Rates are based on the following coverage limits:

Personal property$30,000*
Personal liability$100,000
Medical payments$1,000

*Rates from Liberty Mutual are based on $25,000 of personal property coverage, which is the highest limit available.

To find the best renters insurance companies in Louisiana, we evaluated three key measurements of customer service:

  • NAIC complaint index: Calculates the number of complaints a company receives relative to its size.
  • J.D. Power Homeowners Insurance Study - Renters Insurance: Evaluates national providers according to a survey of their policyholders.
  • ValuePenguin editor's rating: Scores companies based on the availability of coverage options, customer service reviews and the overall value provided to customers.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.