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Renters Insurance is relatively cheap, but some companies are more affordable than others. Enter your information to get quotes from the best available insurers.

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Renters insurance provides important protection, whether you’re renting an enormous single-family home or a 400-square-foot apartment. Our guides help you understand what coverage you need so you can rest easy in your rental.

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We analyzed hundreds of renters insurance quotes across the U.S. Some states had significantly higher rates than others. See who pays the most to insure their rental.

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North Carolina
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Familiarize yourself with the protection, or test your knowledge you think you have.

Every Roommate Needs Their Own Renters Insurance Policy, Just Ask This Fraternity

An anecdote on why renters should always purchase renter's insurance—even if your roommate has it, you probably aren't covered.

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Short-Term Renters and Insurance

We’re here to help you navigate the use of services like Airbnb and others as a renter.

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