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Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) everyone is now required to have some form of healthcare coverage. Here you can shop for insurance plans or find interactive tools, analysis and research about insurance and the regulations that govern it.


The Affordable Care Act introduced a number of regulations towards health insurance coverage in the United States. These guides discuss the many changes to the marketplace enacted by the legislation.

Understanding Health Insurance

Our guides on how different parts of health insurance plans work and what you need to know before choosing a health insurance provider. These articles will walk you through the various benefits and terms you will need to understand when evaluating an insurance plan.

Health Insurance Research & Advice

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Proof of your health insurance coverage is provided for you through the IRS Form 1095. The form outlines the details of your policy from... Read More Hasn't Updated SHOP Marketplace Rules for 2016

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COBRA Insurance

COBRA temporarily continues job-based health insurance offered by an employer. Large employers are generally required to offer coverage to... Read More

Closing of Kentucky’s Healthcare Exchange Appears Imminent

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