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Best Cars to Insure

We found the car which you drive can cost you upwards of $260 per year more on your insurance. Surprisingly, the most expensive cars are not always the most expensive to insure.

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Average Yearly Insurance Rate

$ 1695
Volkswagen Golf
$ 1892
Ford Taurus
$ 1919
Jeep Cherokee

Types of Auto Insurance

Obtain an understanding about the different types of car insurance and what aspects they cover. We explore the typical cost, and how much coverage you should have.

What is the Minimum Car Insurance Required in Your State?

Each state has a minimum required amount of car insurance for drivers. The value of those minimums varies greatly across the country...

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Filing a Car
Insurance Claim

Find out what to do when you need to file a car insurance claim. Learn about the steps and how to negotiate with your insurer after getting into an accident.

Car Insurance Discounts and Extras

Get to know the different types of discounts car insurance companies offer to get a better rate on your yearly premium.

Auto Insurance Research & Advice

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