How Cities in West Virginia Ranked Based on Car Insurance Costs

In this study we take a look at the Mountain State, West Virginia. We analyzed 31 cities and towns from across the state to determine where was the most expensive and least expensive spot to buy car insurance. We found a statewide average of $1,925 for our sample driver. The most expensive was Williamson with a yearly premium 34% greater than the state average and the least expensive was Moorefield with an average premium 9% cheaper than the state average for our sample driver.

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Least Expensive

The least expensive cities in West Virginia come from the states northeastern section close to the Pennsylvania and Virginia borders. They mostly consist of small towns of less than 5,000 people, and ranged from 9% to 8% less expensive than the state average.

Graph showing how the top five least expensive cities in West Virginia for auto insurance stack up


Moorefield, the county seat of Hardy, is the least expensive place in West Virginia. Home to over 2,500, the town boasts many historic houses and architecture. Our sample driver was quoted $1,747 per year.


Known as The Mountain State City, Petersburg is the second least expensive city in our study. The city of 2,500 is flocked every year by tourists for its nature, wildlife, and historic tours. Our driver was quoted $1,761 per year, which was about 9% less than the state mean.


Shepherdstown, located along the Potomac River, is the third least expensive place in our study. With more than 1,500 locals, the town has shaped itself into a haven for culture and arts. It has many historical buildings that not only store archives but also serve as venues for shops and cafes. Our driver was quoted $1,761 per year, the same as Petersburg.

Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs is the fourth least expensive town in West Virginia. Tourism to the town is fueled by its famous mineral water springs. While Berkeley Springs is popular as a resort area, the abundance of artists in its population of just 600 has allowed Berkeley Springsto be named in the 100 Best Art Towns in America year after year. Our sample driver living in Berkeley Springs was quoted $1,764.


Romney is the oldest town in West Virginia, and the fifth least expensive in our study. The town of 2,000 is known for its Civil War history. Our driver was quoted $1,769 per year, or about 8% less than the state average.

Most Expensive

The most expensive cities come from the opposite side of the state, its southwest region. Mostly bordering Kentucky, the cities are all small towns of less than 5,000. The absence of any of West Virginia's most populated cities like Charleston is notable since the most expensive cities in a state are usually its most populated ones. Premiums ranged from 34% to 4% greater than the state average.

Graph showing how the top five most expensive cities in West Virginia for auto insurance stack up


Williamson is the largest and most populous city in Mingo county, and the most expensive spot in West Virginia for car insurance. The town of about 3,000 is largely fueled by the coal mining. Our sample driver was quoted a yearly premium of $2,580.


Logan of Logan County is only a thirty minute drive from Williamson, and takes the title as second most expensive in this study. Costs in Logan were about 33% higher than the typical WV city or town. Our driver from the town of 1,800 was quoted $2,561 per year.


Only eight miles from the Kentucky border is the town of Wayne, the third most expensive city in our West Virginia analysis. Our sample driver from the town of 2,000 was quoted $2,239 per year, 16% more expensive than the state average.


The ‘Gateway to the Coalfields’, or Madison, is the fourth most expensive city in West Virginia based on insuring a car. Our driver from the town of about 3,000 was quoted $2,162 per year, 12% more than the state average.


Grantsville, the fifth most expensive city, is the furthest inland city of any of the previous cities. Popularity for the town comes from its annual West Virginia Wood Festival and its natural park. Our driver from the very small town of only about 600 was quoted $2,011 per year.

How Cost Differs by Place In West Virginia

In this study we analyzed 31 cities and towns across West Virginia where we found a statewide average of $1,925 per year -- based on our sample driver. The least expensive cities came from the states northeastern region, while the most expensive came from the southwestern part of the state near Kentucky. The state's largest cities were on neither extreme of the ranking.


CityAverage PremiumPercent Difference from Average


4Berkeley Springs$1,764-8%
10Charles Town$1,802-6%

26Point Pleasant$1,9753%

How We Conducted This Study

We collected quotes from a variety of insurance companies across 31 towns and cities in West Virginia. Our sample driver was a 30 year old male who drove a Toyota Camry. To obtain quotes, we kept parameters for getting coverage the same, such as that he was single, had a good credit score and a clean driving record. The only parameter that changed was the zip code where he lived in West Virginia. The amount of coverage we opted for gave our driver bit more than what is required of state minimums. Below you can see the state required limits as well as the coverage used in our study.

Coverage TypeWest Virginia MinimumStudy Limits

Bodily Liability

$25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident$50,000 per person/ $100,000 per accident

Property Damage

$10,000 per accident$50,000 per accident

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist BI

$25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident$50,000 per person/ $100,000 per accident

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property

None$50,000 per accident

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)


Comprehensive & Collision

None$500 Deductible

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