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To give drivers a better idea of Country Financial's auto insurance offering, we've put together a review of their coverage, quote comparison, and a selection of discounts. 

Country Financial Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

To give you an idea of how Country Financial's rates measure against other insurers, here are a few samples from the company, State Farm, and GEICO for three kinds of drivers.

Profile Country Financial State Farm GEICO
30 yr old, single male $852 $792 $492
45 yr old, married couple $852 $768 $540
20 yr old, single female $1,056 $1,308 $1,128
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*Sample quotes are for the driver of a 2010 Toyota Camry in Chicago, IL

How do Country Financial's quotes compare? Measured against some of the largest national insurers, Country Financial's quotes tend to be on the higher side, with the exception of single females. For the first two profiles, State Farm and GEICO premiums are 8% and 39% cheaper compared to Country Financial. For young single female drivers, however, Country Financial is the better company. The quotes we got for that profile were about 24% and 7% cheaper at Country Financial versus the two insurers. This underscores the point that the best rates for you will be difficult to find without trying out at least three companies. Type your zip code below to start with a list of cheap insurers in your area, and submit quote forms at a few places.

Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes In Your Area

Currently Insured?
Currently Insured?

Review of Country Financial's Auto Insurance Offering

In addition to the seven standard types of coverage, there are a number of options offered by Country Financial Insurance to supplement your policy. There are: safety glass coverage, vehicle travel & tow, the Keeper, tenants coverage, and additional personal umbrella protection. 

Pros Cons
Great for owners of new cars: special program called "the Keeper" preserves the value of your new car for up to four years No nationwide coverage (e.g. does not insure cars in Florida, Texas, California, New Jersey, Ohio, and New York)
Good discounts on auto insurance available for select first responders and teachers, as well as newly engaged couples Online quote system appears limited

The Keeper - Better Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

The company has a nifty benefits package that you can add to a car insurance policy for your new car called "the Keeper". The Keeper is basically a more generous comprehensive and collision coverage. If anything happens to your new car that would typically fall under collision and comprehensive coverage, Country Financial will either repair the damage to your car (even if the repair work would enhance the value of your car), or replace it with a brand new car of the same make and model (if the repair and market value of the car exceed the cost of a new car). This is above and beyond the typical scope of a standard collision or comprehensive package, which only provides some fallback up to the market or cash value of your car. Furthermore, it is commonly accepted that the market value of a new car depreciates dramatically after it is driven off the sales lot. The Keeper package will essentially extend the value of your new car up to four years after.

Industry Ratings for Country Financial

As this table shows, Country Financial gets all-around great ratings from service and industry organizations, and much lower complaint ratio compared to the industry average.

Metric Rating
Better Business Bureau (2013) A+
NAIC Complaint Index (2012) 0.34 (Better than Average)
AM Best Financial Strength Rating (2013) A+

Auto Insurance Discounts for Country Financial Customers

The company also has a number of discounts that customers can be eligible for. In addition to the ones below, where ranges of the discount amount and percentage were available, Country Financial also provides savings for multi-policy and newly engaged couples. The multi-policy in particular can add up as the insurer sells a wide range of insurance and investment products. Outside of its personal vehicle insurance, the firm also sells crop insurance and farm & ranch insurance to annuities, trusts, and managed accounts.

Discount Type Discount Amount
Defensive Driver Course 5%
Driver Training / Education Course / New Teen Drivers 10%
Good Student Up to 25%
New Vehicle 10%
Occupation: First Responders Discount
(Firefighters, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Paramedics)
Occupation: Teachers Discount (full-time, teaching K - 12th grades) 10%

How to File a Claim with Country Financial

Telephone Number: (866) COUNTRY

  • Press 1 for Claims and Roadside Assistance
  • Press 3 for Auto, Home, and Farm Claims (Press 1 for Roadside Assistance, or 2 for Windshield and Auto Glass Claims)

To speak to a customer representative: (866) COUNTRY

  • Press 4 for All Other Questions
  • Press 1 to speak with an Auto Insurance representative 

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