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Country Financial Insurance: Is It Worth It?

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Country Financial is a good insurance company that will provide decent value to many drivers, though probably not all. In this review we explain this more and evaluate Country Financial Insurance on its affordability, claims handling, policy offerings, discounts and shopping experience.

In This Review

Country Financial Review: Good Value, Not Great

Country Financial Insurance is a small insurance company that can offer decent value to drivers in the states where it operates. We wouldn't outright say Country should be your first choice, but we would definitely recommend most drivers weigh it as an option. That's because we found Country to be more affordable than some of the largest insurance companies. For the three driver profiles we surveyed, Country even managed to out price GEICO on all three.

ProfileAllstateProgressiveState FarmGEICONationwideCountry
30 Year Old Male, No Accident$1,570$1,260$1,327$1,112$1,346$977
20 Year Old Female, no accident$8,269$6,926$4,521$5,138$4,115$2,411
30 Year Old Male w/ Accident$2,491$1,605$1,788$1,904$2,389$1,383

A great price is not the only thing to consider though. We believe that your auto insurance company derives most of its value from its pricing as well as its ability to handle claims. We found Country tends to offer one of the other, and not always both. In Oregon for example, yearly premiums were much more affordable than they were in Illinois. In Illinois though, Country offers stellar claims handling while just average service in Oregon. It is for that reason we recommend drivers get a quote from Country and then compare it to other insurers in your area. If you pay for average claims handling, you will want to have a low price. For a full breakdown on how we rate Country Financial, take a look at the table below:

CompanyAffordabilityClaims SatisfactionCoverageShoppingDiscountsTotal
State Farm4.

To apply for a Country Financial quote, you may click here: Country Financial Quote. To compare auto insurance quotes with multiple companies, input your zip code in the box above or below.

Country Financial Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

Country is often one of the most affordable insurers in the states it sells policies. In the 313 cities from Oregon, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and Illinois in which we found Country, it was the cheapest car insurance company 16% of the time, the 2nd cheapest 24% of the time, and 3rd cheapest 12% of the time.

Graph shows how Country Financial Insurance prices range in five states

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Currently Insured?

Based on the quotes we got, Country turned out to be one of the most affordable insurers in Oregon and Georgia. Though it Country looks like it offers low cost auto insurance in Illinois compared to other states, it was one of the less affordable insurers in that state. Overall, Country Financial is available in 18 states and our data is just a sample. Generally you should expect similar prices if your state is nearby one of the states above. To see if Country is available in your state, read on below to the geography section.

Country's Car Insurance Rate Hikes

Auto insurers have been raising premiums at higher rates in the past five years than they had for the previous decade. Country is no exception, compared to the largest carriers however, Country has increased rates far less. Only once since 2012 has Country raised rates by more than 1% in a year, opting for a 3% raise in 2016.

Country Financial0%1%0%1%3%1%
State Farm1%2%3%2%5%4%

In Georgia, where rates have increased 54% (the highest in the country), going with Country Financial may be a smart way to avoid steep yearly hikes.

Country Financial Claims Satisfaction Review

On a national level, Country Financial only had average claims handling according to the survey takers of the 2016 J.D. Power study. It was the 11th best for claims handling out of the 28 companies surveyed by J.D. Power, putting it roughly in line with Allstate's service.

CompanyInitial Claim ReportingServiceAppraisalRepairRental CarSettlement
Country Financial333343
State Farm333323

In the north Midwestern states like Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois, Country is rated as having the 2nd best claims satisfaction however. In those states only Auto Owners is considered to have better service. In the other 15 states where Country operates, you should probably expect service more along the lines described in the national J.D. Power survey.


There were only 30 complaints about Country Insurance recorded by NAIC in 2016, which, even in spite of its small size is significantly less than the industry average. It seems even if the claims handling was not superb in most states, it was not bad enough for customers to file formal complaints.

Country Financial Coverage Options

Despite being a relatively smaller insurer (25th largest in US), Country offers a good deal of extra coverages many drives can find use for. One coverage offered by Country is actually unique, as it folds a renters insurance policy within your auto policy. Below you can see every coverage Country has.

CoverageDoes Country Financial Have It?
Physical Damage
Uninsured Motorist

Rideshare Driver Coverage*

Rental Reimbursement
Gap Insurance
Pet DamageX
Locksmith ServicesX
Personal Items Coverage
New Car Protection
Custom Parts and ReplacementX
Rate LockX

*Only available in Oregon

Country Special Tenants Coverage

When you get your auto insurance, you can at the same time purchase renters insurance. The purpose of the coverage is to provide you a convenient way of getting renters insurance without having to buy a separate policy. The coverage is basic: $20,000 for your belongings and a $250 deductible. The price will be slightly cheaper you would find similar policies at other companies as you will have to pay anywhere from $120 to $180 per year.

While it may be convenient, we would only recommend renters get this policy if they do not own anything particularly valuable. A normal renters policy will give you the flexibility to choose higher limits if you own many expensive items. You can also purchase endorsements for certain items like jewelry on a standard policy, but can't on the policy offered with your auto insurance.

The Keeper - New Car Coverage

Country offers what it calls "The Keeper," which gives you the option to purchase replacement cost value rather than actual cost value should your car be totaled. With the Keeper, you would be reimbursed up to an amount that would allow you to buy a new car, with the same make and model as the one you totaled. Without "The Keeper", if your car is totaled, you would be reimbursed for the value of the car at the time of its destruction, not what you paid for it. If several years have passed since you bought the car, that difference could be tremendous.

There are some limitations. Generally only low-risk drivers can qualify for the coverage. The protection also won't apply if your car is damaged in a fire or is stolen. Your car also has to be less than four years old to qualify. Finally, you will have to pay for it. Price will vary depending on the driver. We would only recommend buying the endorsement if you have a car that depreciates quickly. If you stand to lose a lot of money should you total the car in a couple years, the "Keeper" may be worth it.

Buying Country Financial Insurance Auto Policy

We found buying an auto policy with Country to be fairly straightforward. They have a easy to use website where you can put in your information and get a quote. Like with most other companies, you will not be able to buy the quote online. You will have to send it to a local agent who you can either see in person, or have them call you to finalize the policy. They are forthcoming with the discounts they offer (which we discuss more below) making it easier for potential customers to save money.

One issues we found was that not every driver may be able to get an online quote. We went to get a quote for a 30 year old male who drove a Toyota Camry from Illinois, but received a message that we would need to speak to an agent to get a quote. When we tried for a 30 year old male from Oregon who drove a Kia Forte, we were quoted. While it may not make a big difference—since you need to speak to an agent regardless—it does make it more inconvenient to comparison shop multiple companies should you not be able to be quoted online.

Auto Insurance Discounts at Country Financial

Country Financial lacks some crucial discounts found at most other insurers, but also has some unique discounts that can greatly benefit young drivers. Country does not offer discounts like Passive Restraint, or Day-time running lights, which usually save drivers upwards of 10% on their rates. For a full list of discounts offered by Country see below:

DiscountAmountDiscounted Coverage
Anti-TheftUp to 15%Comprehensive Insurance
Defensive Driver Discount5%All Main Coverages
Engaged Driver DiscountNAPremium Discount
Good Student Discount4% to 35%All Main Coverages

Multi-Car PolicyUp to 15%All Main Coverages
New Vehicle DiscountUp to 7%All Main Coverages
Select Customer DiscountUp to 25%Premium Discount
Simply Drive DiscountUp to 10%All Main Coverages
Occupation DiscountUp to 10%All Main Coverages

*Main Coverages include BI, PD, Coll, Comp, PIP/MedPay and UIM

Occupation Discount

The occupation discount would be great for drivers who are K-12 educators, police officers, EMTs or firefighters. If you are either of those professions you can get a 10% discount on your rates.

Where is Country Financial Insurance Available?

One of Country's biggest drawbacks is its limited geographical availability. None of the most populated states offer Country Insurance. The company's largest market is Illinois, where it is the third largest insurance company.

Map shows where Country Financial Insurance is available


Our score for Country was derived by our assessment of the company's affordability, claims handling, coverage, shopping experience and discounts. Affordability and claims handling were weighed out of 30 points, coverage out of 20 points, and shopping and discounts out of 10 points for a total of 100.


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