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Only Half the Country Receives the Flu Vaccination, Leaving Work to be Done

Flu vaccines have become commonplace within the United States, but that wasn't always the case. A decade ago, less than half of the U.S.... Read More

Social Security Survivors Benefits Only Cover About Half of Lost Earnings for Young Families

As many as 6 million Americans rely on Social Security survivors benefits to replace lost income after a loved one has died. Whether you're... Read More

Nearly 1 in 5 Consumers Experienced Package Theft Since the Start of Quarantine

With home delivery orders increasing by nearly 40% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, package thefts have surged. Read More

What Are the Different Types of Health Insurance Networks and Organizations?

A health insurance network is a group of doctors, hospitals and care providers that the health insurance company contracts with to provide... Read More

Comparing 2021's Marriott credit cards: Is one right for you?

Consider a co-branded Marriott Bonvoy credit card for its bounteous point earnings opportunities and Marriott's fast track to elite status. Read More

Flooding Has Caused $1.4 Billion in Damage to Noncompliant Homes Since 2010

The effects of Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Harvey on underprepared homes presage the scale of damage that could await properties built... Read More

As Summer Begins, COVID-19 Has Slowed Driving Levels Overall. But People in Some Areas Are Returning to the Road.

This study examines how driving trends have changed amidst COVID using Apple Mobility Trends data. Read More

Although States Are Reopening, 40% of Americans Are Still Delaying Medical Care

More than 2 million people in the United States have been infected with COVID-19. And while some areas of the country have begun to see... Read More

Health Insurance: Decade in Review

Health insurance can change drastically over the course of a decade. For this reason, ValuePenguin decided to explore how health insurance... Read More

4 Best Health Insurance Companies for 2021

Compare the best health insurance companies and options so you can find the right plan for your situation. The best health insurance... Read More

10 Best Search Engines for Your Cheap Flight Search of May 2021

There are many flight search engines to choose from. After analyzing dozens of flight search engines, we narrowed it down to the top 10... Read More

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance (2021)

We found the companies with the cheapest motorcycle insurance. Click to read our analysis and compare quotes. Read More

More Than 7 Million Injuries Were Caused by Outdoor Activities in the Past Two Years

Warming weather and expiring quarantines could fuel an increase in injuries across the country as people return to popular summer pastimes. Read More

The Most Searched Cars in the U.S.

According to ValuePenguin's latest study, the Ford F-150 is the most searched car in America, though results vary from state to state. Read... Read More

As Florida Drivers Get Back on the Roads, Drivers in Certain Counties Need to Be Wary of Speeding Tickets

In an abnormal time, Florida drivers may still face a very normal risk: speeding violations. As the state reopens, we've ranked which... Read More

The Coronavirus Is Showing How Little Americans Know About Their Health Insurance

Americans are surprisingly misinformed about how health insurance works, during the time when they need it most. Read More

Speeding in Virginia Skyrockets on Empty Roads — Charlottesville Among Cities With Highest Increase in Speeding Collisions in Recent Years

While there are fewer cars on the road in the era of social distancing, Virginia law enforcement has reported a significant increase in... Read More

Under Lockdown, Californians Consume More Alcohol and Drive Differently: Orange County Residents Most Likely to be Penalized for a DUI

Orange County is the place in California where you're most likely to be penalized for a DUI violation. But penalization rates differ widely... Read More

Nearly Half of Americans are Struggling With Loneliness Amid Social Distancing, and Many Don't Know Where to Find Help

With stay-at-home orders in place across America, ValuePenguin's goal was to better understand how Americans are coping with the lack of... Read More

Auto Insurance Makes up 2.2% of Drivers' Budgets in the Average City, but City-Dwellers in Florida and Michigan Are Really Feeling the Squeeze

Minimum rivers insurance costs represent 2.2% of income on average. But certain cities are much more expensive than others, especially... Read More

How Many Americans are Uninsured?

ValuePenguin evaluates uninsured rates across the United States and their impact on the health of the nation. Read More

Best Credit Cards for Food Delivery Services

Food delivery can be convenient, simple and allow you to maximize your credit card benefits and rewards. Read More

56% of Americans Have No Idea If Their Health Insurance Will Cover Coronavirus

Covid-19, or novel coronavirus, has spread throughout the globe and is now in the U.S. For this reason, many Americans are wondering what... Read More

Best Travel Credit Card for Students

We offer some of the top options for students traveling with their first credit card. Read More

The Most Expensive Cities in California to be a Driver

According to ValuePenguin's latest study, cities in Southern California — especially near Los Angeles and the surrounding metropolitan area... Read More

Over 197 Million Americans Worry About Their Health Insurance

Health insurance in the United States has been a critical cornerstone of Americans' financial and health situation. For this reason, many... Read More

3 Best Medicare Advantage Plans for 2021

We researched the largest and top-rated Medicare Advantage companies, with the best options for Part C coverage so you can find the best... Read More

4 Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021

Medicare supplement plans are additional health insurance policies that you can purchase to complement Original Medicare plans. Read More

5 Best Car Rental Credit Cards of May 2021

The is the best car rental credit card. Get primary car rental insurance coverage and earn bonus points on car rentals. Read More

States with the Highest Healthcare Workforce Shortages

The quality of health care within the United States has steadily risen throughout time. However, despite increases in innovation, it is... Read More