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Here’s What You Need To Know About the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program

Prescription drug prices are a burden for many Americans. Negotiating with Medicare aims to help — but you may not have to wait for relief Read More

Delta Air Lines Cuts Flights to Maui, Offers Flight Deals on Other Routes

While it will take longer for some flyers to get to Maui, travelers can take advantage of low prices to help the island's economy Read More

Is Human Genome Sequencing "The Future of Health Care"?

Health care tech companies are swarming to offer insights on your genetics, often directly through your mailbox. The direct-to-consumer... Read More

Spirit Airlines to Pay $8.25 Million in Class Action Lawsuit Surrounding Baggage Fees

Some travelers who flew with Spirit between 2011 and 2017 may be able to apply for a refund Read More

Southwest Airlines to Offer Free Standby for All Customers, Plus Free Internet for Business Select Passengers

The new benefits add incremental — though not astounding — value to flying Southwest Read More

Black Women 2.5 Times More Likely to Suffer Harm or Death During Pregnancy Than White Women

Implicit bias and systemic racism can lead to disastrous outcomes for Black mothers Read More

Walmart+ Rolls Out New Travel Benefit

Walmart+ members can now earn up to 5% cash back on travel Read More

Menopause: The Surprising Cost of Care

More than 1 million women enter menopause each year, yet medical providers are significantly underdiagnosing this ubiquitous condition.... Read More

Delta Increases Value of Miles for Delta Vacations Program

Miles are worth at least 15% more when redeemed for Delta Vacations — but is this a good value? Read More