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One-Third of Americans Workers Admit to Lying on Their Resumes

Many are fired or lose their job offer once they're caught, according to new survey findings Read More

The U.S. Independent Workforce Increased by 34% Since 2020

Younger workers and women made up a large share of this increase Read More

68% of U.S. Employees Prefer Remote Work Over In-Person Work

Companies that don't offer remote work options will fall behind, survey respondents say Read More

Majority of College Students Will Comply With Campus Mask Mandates

Respondents show overwhelming support for mask and vaccine mandates on campus Read More

48% of Younger Americans Spending More in 2021

Shoppers across generations saw upticks in online spending during coronavirus pandemic Read More

52% of Employers Expect to Implement Workplace Vaccine Requirements by End of 2021

Many are considering financial incentives or surcharges to encourage workers to get vaccinated Read More

74% of Pet Parents Anticipate New Pet Care Costs With the Return of In-Person Work

Others plan on finding a new job that allows them to take better care of their furry friends Read More

54% of Unvaccinated Caregivers Would Risk Losing Their Job Than Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Unvaccinated caregivers are also less likely to follow standard COVID-19 safety protocols than their peers Read More

31% of Americans Have an Online Addiction

Still, many remain lax about device security and password hygiene Read More