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90% of Men Trust in Their Health, But Lack Health Knowledge, Regular Doctor Visits

Women play a large role in getting men to see their doctors for health issues and concerns Read More

26% of Parents Feel Financially Unprepared to Raise Their Children Amid Pandemic

Parents invest more in protections like life insurance, estate plans and medical expense funds Read More

Remote Workers Lost Over $9,800 From Delayed or Denied Promotions During Pandemic

To maintain their status in the workplace, many employees overwork themselves Read More

73% of American Adults Improved Self-Care Habits During Pandemic

Consumers return to pre-pandemic activities, despite concerns Read More

Americans Planning Dream Vacations for First Post-Pandemic Trip

Over half of survey respondents said their "bucket list" trip is up next Read More

Pandemic Fuels Changes to Consumer Financial Habits

Americans are working more hours, spending less on credit cards and saving for emergencies more Read More

Majority of Unemployed Seeking a Return to Full-Time Work

Survey points to lack of job availability, COVID-19 concerns as obstacles Read More

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Consumers Feeling Better About Finances, Jobs; Worse About Homebuying

High home prices and low supply driving real estate pessimism Read More