Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Jacksonville, Florida

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Jacksonville, Florida

Find cheap auto insurance quotes in Jacksonville

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Jacksonville drivers can find the most affordable car insurance policies through Geico, for about 50% less than the city average.

Minimum coverage auto insurance in Jacksonville, the most populated city in Florida, averages $2,275 per year, or around $190 per month, while the average cost of a full coverage policy is $3,171, or $264 per month. Jacksonville’s car insurance costs vary significantly depending on your driver profile, background and, most importantly, your insurer.

In fact, the cheapest insurer charges an average of $2,925 less than the most expensive insurer for minimum liability coverage, emphasizing how important it is to shop around for multiple quotes.

Cheapest minimum coverage auto insurance in Jacksonville: Geico

The Jacksonville insurer with the cheapest minimum liability policy is Geico with an average annual cost of $1,136.

An alternative insurer you should get a quote from is State Farm, which is only $130 more expensive, on average, than Geico.

A minimum auto insurance policy is the lowest amount of coverage a driver must obtain to legally drive in the state.

This graph identifies and ranks the three companies in Jacksonville, Fla. with the best rates for insuring our sample drivers' cars

Find cheap auto insurance quotes in Jacksonville

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Florida has the second most expensive minimum insurance policy and the fifth most expensive full coverage policy in the country. Jacksonville, like many densely populated cities, has insurance rates that are higher than the state average.

Given the high insurance price tags, drivers may decide to purchase the minimum amount of coverage to save money. However, this may not be the best option for your needs. A minimum liability policy covers the cost of damages to other people's property as well as medical expenses for you and your passengers. It does not offer coverage against damage to your own vehicle, which means you can still end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars as a result of an accident.

Average annual premium
2State Farm$1,266
3Direct General$1,934

Cheapest insurer for a full coverage policy: Geico

Geico has the most affordable full coverage policy. Its full coverage policy is only $533 more expensive than its minimum coverage policy at $1,669 annually.

The second-cheapest insurer, State Farm, has a full coverage policy that is $449 more expensive than Geico’s but is still cheaper than the average cost in Jacksonville.

Average annual premium
2State Farm$2,118
3Direct General$2,742

Full coverage is more expensive than a minimum liability policy because it includes comprehensive and collision coverage.

  • Comprehensive coverage: Financially protects you from damage to your car caused by factors outside of your control. This includes thefts, natural disasters and broken windshields.
  • Collision coverage: Financially protects you from damage to your car caused by driving into something else. This includes crashing into another car, driving into a ditch and running into a pole.
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We recommend you invest in additional coverage or higher limits if your car is less than 10 years old or worth more than $3,000.

Cheapest insurance company for young drivers: Geico

The insurance company that offers the cheapest rates for the average 18-year-old driver in Jacksonville is Geico with an average annual premium cost of $3,187.

The next most inexpensive option is Direct General, which is priced, on average, at $3,832 annually.

Young and new drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident than older drivers. Insurers see young drivers as high risk and, as a result, charge them higher insurance premiums.

Average annual premium
2Direct General$3,832
3State Farm$3,904

If you find that rates are still too expensive after comparing multiple quotes, there are additional steps you can take to obtain cheaper coverage:

  • Combine policies with your family members. The cheapest way for a young driver to get insurance is by combining policies with an older family member. If you combine policies with a relative who is older and has a less risky profile, you will be paying less than if you had a separate policy.
  • Ask about discounts. Most insurers have a comprehensive list of discounts on their website. You can redeem discounts for obtaining good grades in school, attending a defensive driving class and having safety devices installed in your car.
  • Contact insurers outside of our list. Big insurers don’t always offer the best prices. Research and contact small insurers around Jacksonville to see if they have better deals or prices.

Cheapest rates for drivers with an accident history: State Farm

Any driver who’s been in an accident knows how much it affects insurance costs.

Allstate, the most expensive insurer for minimum and full coverage policies, increased rates by an average of $2,122 after an accident. The best action you can take to avoid a massive price hike following an accident is to compare rates at different companies.

State Farm increased prices the least after an accident, with a $382 difference. Geico, the company with the cheapest full coverage and minimum coverage policies, increased prices by an average of $715. Direct General is another option to check out. Although it isn't as inexpensive as Geico or State Farm, its price hike was less than $1,000.

Annual quote after at-fault crash
Increase in rates after crash
2State Farm$2,500$382
3Direct General$3,666$924

Best insurance company for customer service in Jacksonville

According to our survey of customer satisfaction, the Jacksonville insurance company with the best service ratings is Allstate with 64% of policyholders stating that they are satisfied with their customer service experience.

A close second is State Farm, with 59% of customers being satisfied with their experience.

In our survey, companies rated the highest in customer service typically had fast response times, a 24/7 claims center or helpful representatives.

Auto insurer
% of respondents extremely satisfied with experience
% of respondents who saw customer service as excellent
2State Farm59%46%

Best auto insurers in Florida by complaints

In addition to our survey, we examined the feedback collected by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which measures customer service by the frequency of customer complaints. The Jacksonville companies with the best customer service based on NAIC’s complaint index are Amica,Farm Bureau, Southern-Owners and Progressive.

Complaint index
2Florida Farm Bureau0.07
6State Farm0.12
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Insurers were selected based on market share and quote availability. Complaint index information is drawn from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The national median for the complaint index is 1.0, meaning companies with a lower index provide better customer service compared to the median company.

Average rates by Jacksonville neighborhood

Crime rates, population density and accident rates are all reasons why insurance rates vary by neighborhood.

Residents of Downtown Jacksonville, the city’s business district and one of the most expensive areas, had auto insurance quotes that averaged $2,387 per year. Mayport, the cheapest area of Jacksonville and one of its smallest areas, had an average insurance cost of $2,099 — a $288 difference.

ZIP code
Average annual car insurance rate
32204Brooklyn / Mixon Town / Riverside$2,359
32205Hillcrest / Normandy Village / Avondale$2,372
32206Fairfield / Springfield / East Side$2,420
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Minimum auto insurance requirements in Jacksonville, Fla.

Auto insurance minimums are set by each state. Florida law requires all Jacksonville drivers to have insurance coverage of at least the following:

Coverage type
Minimum limit
Personal injury protection (PIP)$10,000 per accident
Property damage liability (PDL)$10,000 per accident

Although the minimum coverage policy is the cheapest option, it may not sufficiently meet your individual needs. If you get into an expensive accident, the damage to your car will not be covered under a minimum policy, and you will have to pay out-of-pocket costs. Always consider your background and individual needs before deciding whether to purchase more or less coverage.

No-fault state

Florida is one of 15 no-fault states in the U.S. No-fault insurance requires insurers to provide coverage for medical costs regardless of who is at fault in an accident.

PIP covers up to 80% of medical expenses and 60% of lost income if you are unable to work, with a combined limit of $10,000. PDL reimburses property damage to other drivers' vehicles in an accident, with a limit of $10,000.

Drivers found to be at fault in an accident can still be sued if the accident resulted in serious injuries or death. It’s recommended that you have bodily injury liability (BIL) coverage to pay for the costs of people injured in an accident and to pay for legal defense fees if you are sued.

  • Bodily injury liability: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability: $50,000 per accident


We analyzed quotes from six insurance companies located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our sample driver is a man who owns a 2015 Honda Civic EX, has a poor credit history and is searching for a policy that meets Florida’s minimum auto insurance coverage requirements. During instances where we state he is looking for a full coverage policy, the following limits were applied:

Coverage type
Study limits
Bodily liability$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Property damage$25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision$500 deductible

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.