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4 Steps To Preventing Motorcycle Theft And Insurance Rates From Going Up

Preventing your motorcycle from being stolen is very important, regardless of whether your motorcycle insurance will pay for a new bike. A policy might replace or pay a rider the cash value of their stolen motorcycle, but that could mean an increase in the cost of premiums for a coverage that is already expensive relative to standard motorcycle insurance policies.

As an owner, filing an insurance claim for a stolen motorcycle should be a last resort. Here are four easy steps you can take to prevent thieves from stealing your bike (or moped). A combination of some or all of these is key – the longer it takes to steal a motorcycle, the less inclined thieves will be to try.

Buy A Good Bike Chain

Do not just buy any old lock and chain. A bike chain is not going to do much good. To deter and keep thieves from stealing a motorcycle, owners should secure their bike with a high-quality lock and chain. 

Most chains designed for motorcycles are at least 14mm thick and cannot be easily cut or broken. A thief would need a powerful set of bolt cutters to make it through a 14mm chain made to secure a motorcycle. 

Owning the correct chain is only half of this step. The second half is using a good motorcycle chain appropriately. It is widely recommended that a chain wrap around the frame of a bike rather than a wheel, which can be removed. Chains should also lock around an immobile object.

Get A Disc Lock Or A U-Lock

Disc locks and U-locks are another layer of security motorcycle owners should consider. U-locks are shaped so a motorcycle owner can secure either a wheel or the bike to something else. They are different from a chain which, if broken at any point, can be pulled through whatever it was secured around and rendered useless. U-locks are designed so that two points must be cut or broken to remove the lock, adding a step a thief would need to take to disable one.

A Disc lock is a larger version of a U-lock that attaches to the brake of a motorcycle, preventing anyone from driving the bike unless it is removed. 

Install An Audible Alarm Or Tracking Device

There are a number of alarm systems designed for motorcycles that owners can install on their bikes. Most of them are passive and activate themselves if someone tampers with or sits on a motorcycle. Others are more sophisticated and will sounds when someone is in close proximity to the motorcycle. 

The benefits of an alarm are pretty obvious: They make noise and draw attention to a motorcycle when anyone besides the owner is on a bike. Remember, thieves want to steal a big as quickly as possible without being noticed. An alarm will scare many away.

Some anti-theft systems include alarms and tracking and disabling features. For example, a system by Scorpio uses GPS to track the location of motorcycle.

Use Common Sense And A Bike Cover

Bike owners and former thieves say no motorcycle is safe. Do not think that a bike parked in a garage or in a nice neighborhood is less likely to be stolen. In fact, the opposite might be the case. Motorcycle thieves like to “shop” for bikes to steal in nice areas, where owners are wrongfully assume their bike is safe and might not use security locks or devices.

One way to deter thieves is to simply cover a motorcycle. Some are more desirable to thieves than others, and a cover prevents them from scouting your bike to steal from a distance. If a thief has to go out of their way just to determine if a motorcycle is worth stealing, they might not bother in the first place.

No matter where you park your motorcycle, make sure it is within sight of others, a camera or yourself. That common sense can go a long way. 

Michael Thrasher

Michael is a former research analyst at ValuePenguin covering property and casualty insurance, including homeowners and renters insurance.