Roost Renters Insurance Review: Exclusive Coverage but Poor Customer Satisfaction

Roost Renters Insurance Review: Exclusive Coverage but Poor Customer Satisfaction

Roost Renters Insurance give you standard coverage with guaranteed replacement cost coverage included, but its lack of transparency and poor customer satisfaction reviews make it hard to recommend.

Good for

  • Getting guaranteed replacement cost coverage at a value
  • Someone looking to add a roommate to a policy
  • People with less than $75,000 of property

Bad for

  • People with high-value property
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Comparison shopping

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Roost Renters Insurance is only available to renters whose landlord uses a property management software program distributed by Roost's parent company, Appfolio. Once your rental unit is in Appfolio's database, you'll be able to view Roost's terms of use and buy coverage.

Unfortunately, due to these restrictions, Roost doesn't allow the public to view much of its information online. From what we're able to see, Roost provides fairly standard coverage with some perks to a small number of people. Its electronic-only interface adds ease of use. However, depending on your state, user reviews about its underwriters raise some questions about customer satisfaction.

Roost Renters Insurance: Poor customer satisfaction and lack of transparency undercut guaranteed replacement coverage

Based on the limited information we can find about Roost, it's an average insurance provider for most people. Its policies come with guaranteed replacement cost protection, but it has poor customer satisfaction. Due to Roost's restrictions on who can view its policy details, it's difficult to make a comprehensive account of Roost's insurance products. Most of the information that's available to you if you're not in Appfolio's network is too general or vague to be very valuable for specific cases.

Roost's coverage is fairly standard. For most renters, Roost provides sufficient coverage. Personal property coverage ranges from $10,000 to $75,000, so you'll get the most use out of Roost if you don't have a large amount of property or property that's exceptionally valuable.

The most attractive part of buying renters insurance from Roost is that each policy comes with guaranteed replacement cost protection. This means that when you make a claim, Roost won't consider your property's depreciation when deciding your compensation. Typically, you must pay an additional charge to get this type of protection from other insurers.

What's covered by Roost Renters Insurance?

Roost's renters insurance policies come with $100,000 of liability coverage in addition to your personal property protection and additional living expenses. Roost also allows you to add roommates to your coverage. You can purchase earthquake insurance if you live in California, and pet insurance is available throughout the country.

It's unclear what Roost's prices are or what freedom you have to adjust them based on your needs. The average price of renters insurance in the United States is $187 per year. But Roost's unwillingness to make public its costs makes it impossible to compare its prices with this figure — or even to compare its prices across one city or state.

However, like other insurance providers, Roost offers multiple pricing options depending on the coverage you desire. After you input your property's information, you can select from one of three prices and coverages. In any case, after you pay an initial fee, you're responsible for payments only 10 months out of the year.

Roost's three underwriters operate in most of the country's states. However, you're only able to purchase coverage if your building's landlord or property manager uses Appfolio. Only the following states fall outside of coverage:

  • Alaska
  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Vermont

Roost Renters Insurance: customer reviews

The companies that finance and provide Roost's insurance policies don't have positive customer feedback. Roost's underwriters have an average score on the NAIC's complaint index of 2.84. This means that when dealing with Roost's insurance providers in 2018, customers made almost triple the amount of complaints compared to other similar-sized companies.

Even if your landlord requires you to get renters insurance, you don't have to get Roost if it's available for you. Due to the relatively high amount of complaints that Roost's affiliates get, it could be a good idea to search for other providers in your area once you see Roost's prices.

If you're not satisfied with Roost's pricing, but you're still interested in trying out an insurance provider with a primarily digital customer interface, you might consider checking out Jetty and Lemonade, two new insurance providers that sell policies that are typically cheaper than their competitors.

Retrieving quotes while shopping from both of these insurers' apps takes about three minutes. Plus, with both providers you can easily customize your coverage levels to get a price you want. However, like Roost Renters Insurance, Jetty and Lemonade are only available in select states, so you'll have to make sure coverage is available in your area.

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