Who Has The Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in Colorado?

We looked at renters insurance rates in 56 cities throughout Colorado to determine which cities had the highest and lowest annual cost for renters insurance. Based on our sample policy with $30,000 of coverage, we found that renters in Colorado pay an average of $222 per year for renters insurance for their home or apartment. State Farm uniformly had the best rates, while Nationwide had the most expensive, on average. Below, we profile the most and least expensive cities for renters insurance. Read on for our findings, or use our quote tool above to find renters insurance quotes in your area.

Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies in Colorado

We collected renters insurance quotes for a one-person household across 56 cities in Colorado. We then averaged the quotes for a picture of which companies had the best renters insurance rates across Colorado. The graph below shows the average annual cost to insure our sample household by company, alongside the state average:

Most Affordable Renters Insurance Companies in Colorado

Top 5 Most Affordable Cities for Renters Insurance in Colorado

1. Trinidad, CO

Trinidad is located in southeastern Colorado, near the Santa Fe Trail and the New Mexico border. Trinidad was originally a coal town, but a new boom industry in recent years has been marijuana tourism, as it's located near the New Mexico border. It is also known for the A.R. Mitchell Museum, a gallery of Western and Native American Art.

Trinidad is the cheapest city in the state of Colorado for renters insurance, with its average rate of $183 per year coming in at 18% less than the average cost in the state. The best rate was offered by State Farm, at an annual cost of $125. The most expensive insurer was Nationwide, at $225 per year, which is still only $3 more per year than the overall Colorado average.

Least Expensive Renters Insurance in Trinidad

2. Windsor, CO

Windsor is a city in northern Colorado, near Loveland and Fort Collins, both of which also make our list of cheapest cities for renters insurance. Windsor was historically a farming town, though manufacturing is now the city's main industry. The city has hundreds of acres of parkland, and Winsor is home to an annual harvest fair which includes a parade, concerts, and a hot air balloon festival.

According to our research, Windsor had the second most affordable renters insurance in the state. We found that the average annual rate of $195 was 12% cheaper than the state average, which translates to a savings of $27. Windsor residents looking for the best deal should start with State Farm, which offered renters insurance for $125 annually. Nationwide offered the most expensive quote for our sample policy, coming in at $260 each year.

Most Affordable Renters Insurance Companies in Windsor

3. Loveland, CO

Loveland is a city in Northern Colorado, near the eastern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. The city is named for WIlliam A.H. Loveland, and is home to the Benson Sculpture Park. Loveland is also famous for its valentine re-mailing program, where senders can have their valentine cards postmarked from Loveland for a romantic touch, then sent on to their final destination.

Loveland residents had the third cheapest renters insurance rates in Colorado, with an average of $196 per year. This is 12% less than the state average, saving Loveland residents $26 annually. Our research found that the least expensive quote for our sample policy was available from State Farm, at $125 per year, with Farmers coming in second at $151.

Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies in Loveland

4. Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is the largest city in northern Colorado and the home of Colorado State University. Built along the La Poudre River, Fort Collins is famous for its Main Street, which helped to inspire Main Street, USA, inside Disneyland theme parks. It's also home to beer breweries of all sizes, including Budweiser, New Belgium, and the Odell Brewing Company.

Fort Collins had the fourth most affordable renters insurance rates in the state of Colorado. We found that the average annual rate for renters insurance in the city was $198. This is $24 cheaper than the state average. The most affordable provider we came across was State Farm, which offered rates of $125 per year. Meanwhile, the highest quote for renters insurance in Fort Collins was at Nationwide, which charged $260 per year.

Best Renters Insurance Rates in Fort Collins

5. Boulder, CO

Boulder is a city located in central Colorado, 25 miles northwest of Denver. It is home to University of Colorado Boulder, the largest university in the state. Boulder has a rich history associated with the American frontier. It's also home to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which operates the atomic clock that sets the official time for the United States.

Based on our research, the average renter in Boulder can expect to pay $201 annually for renters insurance covering their apartment or house. We found that the cheapest renters insurance quote for our sample policy was available from State Farm, at $125 annually, while Nationwide had the most expensive at $275 each year.

Least Expensive Renters Insurance Companies in Boulder

Top 5 Most Expensive Cities for Renters Insurance in Colorado

1. Denver, CO

Denver is the capital and largest city in Colorado, and is located near the center of the state. Popularly known as the "Mile-High City," Denver is home to numerous professional sports teams, breweries, and museums. It is also only a few miles east of the Rocky Mountains, giving residents easy access to year-round activities like hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Denver is the most expensive city in Colorado for renters insurance, with an average quote of $266 per year. Our research found that State Farm had the cheapest rates by far, at only $125. Even the next-cheapest competitor, Farmers, quoted a rate that was twice as much for a year of renters insurance coverage, at $250. And the most expensive renters insurance provider in Denver, Nationwide, charged a premium of almost triple State Farm’s rate, at $365.

Best Renters Insurance Companies in Denver

2. Littleton, CO

Littleton is a city in central Colorado, located in the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. It was chartered during the 1849 gold rush, and is named for its founding family, the Littles. The South Platte River runs through central Littleton, and the city is home to Hudson Botanical Gardens. Littleton is also known for its annual Western Welcome Week festival.

Renters insurance rates in Littleton are the second highest in the state, with the city’s average annual premium of $245 lagging behind Denver by $21 per year. The best price for renters insurance we found in Littleton was at State Farm, at $125 per year. This was a marked difference from the most expensive quote we received—Liberty Mutual provided a rate of $350 per year, a 180% increase over State Farm's rates.

Least Expensive Renters Insurance in Littleton

3. Gypsum, CO

Gypsum is a small town in northwestern Colorado. Gypsum is primarily a mining community, and its name draws from the nearby gypsum stone mines. Located at the northern edge of White River National Forest, Gypsum is home to a wide range of natural scenery. The town is also a short drive from Aspen and Beaver Creek ski mountains.

Gypsum ranks as the third most-expensive city for renters insurance in Colorado. On average, Gypsum residents pay $243 per year for renters insurance. Our research found the lowest rates at State Farm, at $160 per year, offering a savings of $83 from the city average. And the most expensive quote was from Nationwide, at a whopping $391 per year.

Average Renters Insurance Premiums in Gypsum

4. Eagle, CO

Eagle is a small town in northwestern Colorado, just west of the Rocky Mountains, as well as Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts. Eagle was founded in 1905, and is a year-round tourist haven, with skiing, hiking, and mountain biking popular among visitors. It is host to the annual Eagle Outside Festival, featuring live music, mountain bike racing and a bonfire block party.

Eagle was the fourth least affordable city for renters insurance in Colorado, with an average annual cost of $243. The cheapest renters insurance quote for Eagle residents we received was from State Farm, at $125 per year, or 51% of the average annual rate for renters insurance in Eagle. The most expensive quote was from Nationwide at $393 per year, or 162% of the city average.

Best Deal for Renters Insurance in Eagle

5. Commerce City, CO

Commerce City is located near Denver in central Colorado. Commerce City was officially incorporated in 1952, though its history goes back to the 1850's. It was originally a ranching town, and as the Denver metropolitan area expanded, it became a residential as well as thriving industrial community. Commerce City is home to the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer team, and borders the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

Commerce City ranked fifth in our study of the most expensive cities for renters insurance in Colorado, with an average rate of $242 per year. The cheapest quote we received was from State Farm, which offered a one-year renters insurance policy for $125. Meanwhile, the most expensive company for renters insurance in Commerce City was Nationwide, which quoted $359 for a one-year policy.

Renters Insurance Rates in Commerce City


For our study we surveyed 56 cities across Colorado to determine which cities had the best prices for renters insurance in the state. The sample policy for which we collected quotes included $30,000 of coverage. We gathered data from five renters insurance companies: Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, and State Farm. We then averaged the quotes to determine a mean value for each city, insurer, and the state as a whole. See below for an alphabetical list of all the cities we included in our comparison analysis. Each city is listed with the average cost per year for our sample policy, and how that city compares to the statewide mean.

RankCityAverage Insurance RateCost Compared to State Average
29Castle Pines North2241%
33Castle Rock2272%
19Colorado Springs216-3%
43Federal Heights2356%
4Fort Collins198-11%
22Fort Lupton217-2%
21Glenwood Springs217-2%
38Grand Junction2314%
45Greenwood Village2356%
8La Junta206-7%
49Lone Tree2376%
26Steamboat Springs2230%
13Wheat Ridge210-6%
25Woodland Park2210%

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